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Elite XC: Renegade

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  • Apr 29, 2013


This event would take place in Corpus Christi Texas so you know I was all about it. This was an excellent event that would see finishes in all fights minus one. This would also be the event where Kimbo Slice would debut for EliteXC as well as a title fight between K.J. Noons and Nick Diaz. There were also other big names here and it would prove to be a great event.

1.ANTONIO "BIGFOOT" SILVA VS JONATHAN WIEZOREK-this fight would see Bigfoot really outclass Jon and make quick work of him ending it in the first round. Jon looked sloppy throwing punches and ducking in for the takedown. It took only a few attempts of that until he ate some big shots from Bigfoot. Once that happened Bigfoot got on top and kept pounding on him until he Jon gave up his back and got chocked out.

2.DR. SETH KLEINBECK VS KYLE NOKE-there is some cool trivia about Noke, he was a
personal security guard to Steve Irwin and his family. Irwin even had a cage built for him so he could train full time and still work at their zoo. Any way this was a really good fight with the first round seeing Seth take down Noke only for Noke to attempt submission after submission. Enough in my opinion to take the round even though he was on the bottom but that is just me. The second round is very competitive with both guys looking really good, there was even a near finish with Noke taking his back. But it would be Noke dropping a vicious elbow that would see the doctors stop the fight after he received a cut from said elbow.

3.JAKE SHIELDS VS MIKE PYLE-this fight was all Jake Shields as right from the beginning went for the takedown. Jake ate a knee at first but kept grinding and eventually got it. From there he kept working for position and finally got his back and choked Pyle until he tapped. The thing was this was supposed to be for the Welterweight Title but Pyle was leaving so it was not to be.

4.KIMBO SLICE VS BO CANTRELL-this was the fight that was to feature Kimbo in his debut for the company. Well it was indeed a great debut for him as he won the fight within seconds. He nails him a couple of times and then throws an elbow. Bo goes down and then taps out to strikes. Now there was some controversy here as people say it doesn't look like a real fight and that Bo was paid off. I myself can't say, I would like to think Bo wouldn't do that.

5.[LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE]K.J. NOONS VS NICK DIAZ-I was so looking forward to Nick loosing here and I got my wish. The round starts out pretty even between the two but as it goes on Noons started piecing Diaz up. At one point he even drops Diaz and it is all Noons from there. After the round the doctors stop the fight due to Diaz being badly cut.


1DANIEL PINEDA VS JAE SUK LIM-the first fight of the night was a dominant performance for the fighter that won. Right from the start it did not take long for Jae Suk Lim to get his opponent down. From there he worked for and achieved a rear naked choke and got the win.

2.RALPH KELLY VS BRETT ROGERS-the next fight was just as dominate and quick for the victor. Kelly starts off well enough but Rogers eventually muscles Kelly down and beats on him. This is one of those rare moments when a fighter taps out to strikes, nice win for Rogers.

3.JON KIRK VS MATT LUCAS-we had an interesting opening round between these two as Lucas spends most of it inside Kirk's guard dominating him. Lucas cuts Kirk up and looks very good until close to the end when Kirk got Lucas's back and almost ends it. The next round is a completely dominate round for Lucas as he takes him down immediately. From there he drops some hands on him and easily takes the round. Same thing for round three that we got in round two, with Lucas on top the whole round. The ref stands them up a few times but Lucas takes the round and the UD easily.

4.NICK GONZALES VS YVES EDWARDS-one of my favorite fighters ever Yves Edwards is for some reason on the prelims, whatever. Any way this was a pretty good fight as they both landed and kept it standing for a while. But they eventually take the fight down. Yves works for a kimura but does not get it, but moments later after taking the back he gets that rear naked choke that one of the commentators predicted.

5.ROBERT RUIZ VS GEOFF BUMSTEAD-much like the first two fights this one ends in the first round. They start trading and make their way to the cage but from there they hit the ground. It does not take long after that for Geoff to sink in the rear naked choke.

We get some good special features in the behind the scenes especially seeing Jason Miller interview Jake Shields after his win. They were once friends and it was cool to see this before all the drama with them.



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April 30, 2013
looks awesome, man.
April 30, 2013
It is indeed
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