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Maybe you're not religious. Or maybe you are. Let's imagine for now that you are, but something about your religion – besides the wine and wafers – just isn't sitting right. Maybe your questions about texts haven't been answered to your satisfaction, or your minister likes the wrong football team, or you have reservations about that part of the service where your heart gets ripped out. Now, imagine you've put your soul into the religion market and found a buyer, and are ready to make the conversion to this new faith which corrects everything you hated about your old religion.

I have a little bit of experience doing this. At a point in my lifetime, I leapt from a religion I grew up following to a religion which was more resonant to me. Like most things in life, though, there were a few odd side effects of it which no one told me about, and I didn't see coming. So before you put on the robe and shave your head, you might want to be aware of the following reasons why the divine light you're envisioning might be the lamp of an oncoming train.

You'll Try to Convert Everyone
You know those people who annoy you because they feel the need to tell everyone how awesome their religion is? Not necessarily evangelizing, mind you, but they just want to tell the world how cool it is to be them. When you first switch your religion, that's you. Basically, you're going to be that pothead who uses every excuse he can to tell you why pot should be legalized, except this time there isn't going to be a legion of people who think the same thing. You'll be trying to pimp your awesome new faith in every conversation you get into, no matter what the topic. Someone discussing who would win, Batman or Teddy Roosevelt? The winner is going to be your new god or prophet of choice. Duh!

While we know your newfound conversion is a real party for you, others aren't going to share your feelings, and soon after the conversion ceremony – maybe like an hour or so, tops – they're going to start getting fed up with your blatant attempts to bait them. When they start conveniently forgetting to send you the party invitations, there's no shortage of heathens to turn to, and you're suddenly going to be talking the theological talk to clerks, waiters, and that crazy homeless guy who wears his pants on his head. And those people don't have the social protocols your friends and family have that prevents them from repeatedly punching you in the face screaming "WHERE'S YOUR GOD NOW?"

You don't need any of them, though, because you're making plenty of new friends in your brand new congregation! Right?

Your Congregation Expects You to Follow Their Version of Your Religion
Unless your potential new religion practices the ancient art of sadism, the first thing that will strike you upon your conversion is the love-bombing. Across all religions on the planet, this is one aspect that's pretty universal. Love, peace, respect for life, and all those nice little things that make life worth living outnumber machete slaughter religions by a really, really big ratio. And if the people in your new congregation are any good at practicing the "be nice" messages, they'll love you before the conversion ceremony. Hell, they'll love you the second you make your first visit to the worship house as their guest.

The problem with changing your religion, though, is that to everyone who is a frequent visitor at your new religious temple, you're just the n00b. Since you don't have the years of practice behind you that most of them do, you don't know anything. This is going to apply whether you converted after reading every book ever written on your new religion or you simply walked into the religious gathering place looking for directions to the local brothel. Even if your congregation is incorporating ceremonies into its services which clearly go against one of the religion's main beliefs, you're always the one who's wrong.

Your fellow congregants are going to expect you to be on their side of every issue, political or religious, and it doesn't matter how much evidence they have to support their views. If you have the audacity to even consider an opposing viewpoint, be prepared for a good, long lecture about how wrong the other guys are. It can boil down to one of the little religious differences that splits everyone into sects, or it can be political – one of my most vivid memories from my adopted religion is receiving the mother of all anti-gay rants after having the gall to express my political belief that gays should be treated like human beings.

Of course, this isn't such a huge problem for converts to mainline religions. If one congregation decides you don't follow your religion the right way, you just keep going until you find the congregation that thinks you do. It's a wee bit more problematic for those who convert to less popular or understood religions – like I did – whose followers are well aware of the fact that they are frequently the only game in town. It's their way or the highway, and if it's the highway, you could be stuck without anyone to teach you the basic practices and rituals.

You'll be Presented as The Convert
Whether or not they like you, there's a reason your fellow congregants want you to sit down and shut up: You make a better spokesperson if you do. If you convert to a non-mainstream faith which is misunderstood and needs to hold occasional getting-to-know-you rallies to show everyone how they don't actually demand firstborn sacrifice, you're suddenly slipping into the role of the happy man who saw the light. In layman's terms, you're the mascot.

Being a good follower of a religion you weren't raised practicing puts a real emphasis on that word, "follower." Around people who don't know anything about your new religion, you're the guy who everyone will point to as a sterling example of a believer, because you made a choice to follow your new religion. If you say challenging or confrontational things about aspects of your religion that you haven't been able to come to terms with, it's easy for the other congregants to shrug you off. You're just the brand new convert, after all, and you don't know everything yet. Or you don't understand what you know.

In extreme cases – like evangelical religions – you're basically supposed to act the role of a salesperson. You're saved now, right? And don't you want everyone else you know to be able to share in your heavenly bounty? Sure, maybe you really did convert because you decided the promise of a nice afterlife was only available to the guys next door, but I can guarantee no one switches religions because the aspect of bugging the heathens appeals to their sense of morality. Unfortunately, lifelong followers of evangelical religions all seem to think an ex-unbeliever's lost-soul-found-soul story is a dynamic sales pitch.

You Won't Learn About the Small Rules Until After Conversion (and you'll try to adhere to them, and they'll make you crazy)
You may already know that Hinduism is a major world religion with over 900 million followers, and that Hindus hold cows in very high regard. You might not know that Hindus make a major deal out of getting their ears pierced. They have a big party called Karnavedha where they shove a thorn through someone's ear and ease the pain by spreading hot butter across it. Taoists seek harmony with nature by taking the occasional aimless walk.

Religions love to dish out reward, punishment, karma, and whathaveyou. They love doing it so much that each one has an endless list of regulations and approved practices for everything from prayer absolution to shoelace tying. There are so many that following them all is impossible, and not all of them are culturally savory – even the strictest members of the congregation put fingers to ears and yell "lalala I can't hear you!" when you mention the less popular ones. Some of them can't be followed because new discoveries and thoughts have been made through time. Others have been wiped out because local laws decided they weren't humane enough. Some actually contradict other laws in the scriptures. But none of that is enough to stop you from trying to follow them all.

This really isn't your fault. The thing about religious converts is that they tend to be sincere about their practices, at least if they're not converting for familial reasons. The little rules that tell you how to practice, no matter how strange they sound, are among the things that make your religion a way of life for its followers. More importantly, if a religion is afterlife-based, heaven's landlords will love you for doing what they like and hate you for doing what they hate, and since you're bent on them liking you, who are you to argue? It's exactly why Cat Stevens quit music and didn't denounce the Ayatollah's fatwa on Salman Rushdie after becoming a Muslim – it's possible he just didn't know any better. If the scriptures say thou shalt suck alcohol through nose straws, you're not going to think twice about shoving those fast food bendy straws right into your schnozz.

Some of these rules tend to get obsessively minute. They'll give you commands about thoughts, bathroom behavior, pet ownership, and which side to sleep on. After my conversion, I frequently ate right-handed despite not only being a lefty, but having a deformed right arm which has trouble pulling off certain day-to-day duties. Eventually, there comes a point where you have to trust your god, your universe, or whatever higher power you believe in is forgiving enough to let your reward actions cancel out your sin actions. If they're not, you'll be in for an obsessively crazy life as well as an unpleasant afterlife.

People You Know Won't Get Over Their Stereotypes
Stereotypes, for better and worse, are a fact of life. There are stereotypes for everything – race, body type, kind of sex partner, the list just goes on. So you better believe there are stereotypes to attribute to those of faith! Everyone knows that if you become a Pagan, you have to spend copious amounts of time explaining to your neighbor that you do not, in fact, worship the devil. If you're a Confucian, you have to tell everyone that you don't actually worship (or even necessarily believe in) a god. If you turn to Sikhism, it's time to prepare those lectures about how you're not a Muslim, and if you're a Muslim, you have to assure your neighbors that you're not planning to blow up their houses.

It's a free country, so you're free to follow whatever religion you want and tell your peers all the great things about your faith. Then they'll be free to ignore everything you say and insist to everyone that you've joined the religious psycho squad. What about the children?!

Yeah, people in general just aren't the learning sort. Be prepared to face the evil eye a lot if you're not involved with a mainstream religion. After all, learning lessons involves going out and, you know, learning and expanding your mind. Who wants to do a silly thing like that when you can just place a person you've known and trusted for years into a mental "us against them" compartment under the "them" section?

There are conversion stories written by people who have even been disowned by their own families. I was lucky in that my own family – who raised me practicing a mainstream religion – was really cool about my conversion. My mother even says that it was a learning opportunity for her which she wouldn't change. The rest of my neighborhood, well, let's just say they didn't share that same outlook.

You Won't Stop Thinking Up New Questions
So okay, you've taken the eternal sacred vows of your new religion, and you know the practices now. You're finding good and decent folk over at the local worshipping hole, and they don't seem to mind your holdover heathen characteristics. You're surviving all of the initial conversion waves and everything looks bright as the divine light for a long and productive stay in your new soul home, and possibly its afterlife.

Then one day, as you're about to step into the artificial lightning machine for a ceremony, you hear a familiar soft whisper: "Psst, hey kiddo, something's not right about this, and you know it!" That would be the manic raving of your conscience, here to spoil the party again. It's not very comfortable following this Nikola Tesla religion, which is odd, because it's the thing that talked you into giving it a shot in the first place.

If you're converting to a new religion because you had problems with your old one, chances are you started listening to those voices in your head saying your old religion wasn't working out and that you needed to break up with it. When you set sail toward the religious horizon, you're doing it to get those voices to shut up. Inner peace or the search for a greater spiritual plane and anything else is basically a side effect to that; will a new religion answer questions about your old religion in an acceptable way? Despite the obvious logic failure in play here, you can't help it because if you were raised in your old religion, it's the only guiding philosophy you're familiar with.

After conversion, everything will be great for awhile. Then people from your new congregation will start showing their human sides, scriptures will be bickered over, and sometimes people will start preaching values which go against what they were saying back when you were just a religion shopper. Scriptures will raise questions not answered to your satisfaction. The minister will be a fan of the wrong hockey team. You'll have reservations about the part of the service where you stick your hand in a cage with an angry cobra. You've now gone full circle, and are right back where you started. Yes, there are plenty of people who find happiness and fulfillment in the religions they converted to, and some religions don't make such taxing demands. But before you commit your eternity to a brand new religion, be sure you can weather out a few waves of doubt, or you'll learn that eternity's timespan is surprisingly limited.]]>
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This was the first ever Battleground event and I was actually happy that they came with a new name. It has been a while since they have done, the last was “Capital Punishment” I believe.


1.[HARDCORE WORLD TITLE MATCH]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS RVD-very tough match to kick off the event with a rematch from “Night of Champions”. This was more RVD’s style so it seemed he was the favorite here. There are various highlights and spots during this match and Ricardo gets involved at one point. In the end Del Rio actually got the submission here with the cross arm breaker. This was a great opening match.

2.THE REAL AMERICANS VS ANTINO MARELLA & THE GREAT KHALI-this was a good tag match that was meant to put over the Real Americans. The action is good and the match is short but it is the ending that most will remember. Cesaro displays so power here that the crowd loves and leads to the victory for the Real Americans.

3.[I-C TITLE]CURTIS AXEL VS R TRUTH-this was a good match in which I fell Truth looked the strongest and got over well. Axel did well as well and kept the belt but Truth looked very good here. This was not the best match on the card but it was a good one over all.

4.[DIVAS TITLE]AJ LEE VS BREE BELLA-this was your typical Divas match with AJ continuing her quest to get rid of the “Total Divas” show. This was a decent bout between the two that would see Tamina get involved. AJ keeps the belt as most of us thought she would.

5. ROMAN REIGNS & SETH ROLLINS VS GOLDUST & CODY RHODES-this was the match I was most looking forward to. I am a big fan of all these guys so I was all about this one right here. Dusty was in his boy’s corner while Rollins & Reigns had Dean Ambrose of course. In my opinion this was the best match of the night. From the in ring action to the fan response. The Rhodes family was fighting to keep their jobs so this was an emotional match that the fans really got behind. All six guys were excellent here with Dean and Dusty getting in on the action. This was a fast paced encounter that would see the crowd explode when Cody got the pin over Rollins.

6.BRAY WYATT VS KOFI KINGSTON-this was a match that was added on Smackdown and I was all about that. I really am enjoying the Wyatt Family and Bray in particular. This is a good match with Kofi utilizing his quickness. But when Bray gets a hold of him he uses his size to his advantage. After a good but short match Bray picks up the win, also I love his entrance every time.

7.CM PUNK VS RYBACK-this match came about after Ryback saved Heyman at “Night of Champions. This was a physical one from the start with Punk being relentless with his attacks. Of course Ryback is a powerhouse and it showed here. Then of course when you have Heyman on the outside you know he is getting involved somehow. This one of the best matches these two have had together regardless of how the crowd reacts to Ryback. Punk gets the win after delivering a low blow, Ryback tasting his own medicine maybe.

8.[WWE TITLE]DANIEL BRYAN VS RANDY ORTON-this was a good match much like their last one at “Night of Champions”. I say this a lot but the action was back and forth which makes for a good pace. Both guys deliver here as there are several memorable moments but know as much as that ending. The Big Show makes his way down and just KO’s everybody here.


1.GOLDUST, CODY RHODES & DANIEL BRYAN VS THE SHIELD-this was a good match from RAW that overall was fun. I love all these guys and they all delivered. The match ended at one as a DQ win for the Rhodes boys and Bryan but Triple H restarted it. The match last only minutes afterwards with The Shield getting the win. Afterwards the brawl would start which would lead to Big Show coming out and knocking Hunter out.

You get an interview with RVD after his title match as well as interviews with Randy and Daniel. Then you get an interview with Big Show the next night on RAW. This was a good event with some good matches, particularly the tag match with The Shield and the Rhodes family.

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This was the annual night that would see all the titles on the line. I have always


1.[I-C TITLE]CURTIS AXEL VS KOFI KINGSTON-great opening bonus match between these two. Triple h started the night out coming to the ring and was interrupted by Axel and Heyman. This prompted him to make this match right here since it was night of champions. So the US title had to be put on the line. The story here was that Axel now had to compete in two matches as he would face CM Punk later on that night. The action here is really good with Kofi as usual bouncing all over the place showing his athleticism. Axel would ground him though throughout the match like landing that dropkick while Kofi came off the top. Axel keeps the belt here despite some close calls, great opener.

2.[DIVAS TITLE]AJ LEE VS NATALYA VS BRIE BELLA VS NAOMI-this was a better match than we usually get from the Divas. Of course Natalya is always great and even sinks in a double sharpshooter here. But it would be AJ keeping the belt after taking advantage of situations throughout.

3.[WORLD TITLE]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS RVD-this was a good match up with RVD being the home town boy. The action is back and forth with a quick pace. RVD looks really good here with more of the high flying maneuvers. Del Rio works RVD over when he gets the chance and ends up getting DQ’d giving RVD the win.

4.THE MIZ VS FANDANGO-this was one of those filler matches that most events have now a days but in all honesty I liked it. This match is better than it gets credit for as both men do very well here. Fandango may not have taken off like expected but he is good. As far as Miz I have always been a fan of his and both deliver a good match. Of course Miz wins by figure four like he has been doing lately but prior it was a competitive match.

5.[NO DQ]CM PUNK VS CURTIS AXEL & PAUL HEYMAN-this match was just pure fun. The story was Punk wanted to get his hands of Heyman and had to face both guys to do it. Throughout the match Punk would deal with Axel to then go after Heyman only. This of course lead to Axel always going back to blindside Punk. Eventually though since this was an elimination match Punk was able to get rid of Axel and chase Heyman all over the place. He lit him up with the kendo stick and even cuffed him but Ryback would come from nowhere to save the day. The best thing about this match was Heyman’s reactions and facial expressions throughout, I loved it.

6.[US TITLE]DEAN AMBROSE VS DOLPH ZIGGLER-two of my favorite wrestlers do battle with each other here and deliver a really good match. There were a lot of high spots here including a top rope x-factor that nearly took Ambrose out. This was a back and forth affair that ended up being one of the best of the night. Dean gets the win here and keeps the belt for The Shield.

7.[TAG TITLE]SETH ROLLINS & ROMAN REIGNS VS THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS-since The Shield was already out there they stayed at ringside to wait for the match to start. The Players won a match earlier in the night to get the title shot so along with Axel they competed twice in one night. This was a really good tag match in which The Players did a great job here. Titus looked like a beast at points and Young is great so they gave The Shield a run for their money. But Rollins and Reigns were too much along with Dean and retain the titles. Still this was a really good tag encounter.

8.[WWE TITLE]RANDY ORTON VS DANIEL BRYAN-possibly the best match of the night with these two going at it. The action is great and the story is fun with Triple H not letting anyone get involved in the match. This rivalry felt real to me so the match seemed important although the next night on Raw was crazy. Bryan of course wins the belt here after a hard fought match. Randy was vicious as always and Bryan just kept on fighting going back and forth. Great match to end the night on.


1.[TAG TEAM TURMOIL MATCH]THE USOS VS PRIME TIME PLAYERS VS TONS OF FUNK VS REAL AMERICANS VS 3MB-the match starts out with 3MB against Tons of Funk and it goes well until a big mishap has the fans booing. After 3MB is out the Real Americans get to ring and shortly take the big boys out. This brings out the Usos who do very well at first but they are soon eliminated. Next we get the final team being the Prime Time Players and like the rest it does not take long for them to win this one.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Night_of_Champions_2013-232-1895806-246648-PRETTY_GOOD.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Night_of_Champions_2013-232-1895806-246648-PRETTY_GOOD.html Fri, 9 May 2014 05:32:49 +0000
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UFC 159



1.PAT HEALY VS JIM MILLER-in the first round here Miller was looking really good timing Healy and landing. He gains the takedown and eventually goes for Healy’s arm, almost getting it. Once back up Pat gets a takedown of his own and goes for Miller’s back. Healy also lets loose with a big belly to back suplex but eventually miller ends up on top. The second round is mostly Healy as he gets Miller down and keeps him there for most of the round. But like the last round towards the end Miller ends up reversing the position. The third round stays standing for a while with Miller trying to avoid the takedown. Healy stayed relentless and finally got it and eventually sunk in a rear naked choke getting the win by submission. But it would later be overturned to a no contest when he tested positive for “the marijuana”.

2.PHIL DAVIS VS VINNY MAGALHEAS-this was a good fight with the first round being somewhat even until Phil rocks Vinny. He landed a head kick and a follow up flurry that gave him the round even though Vinny had Phil’s back at one point. The second round is a close one with both landing a few good shots but it was a very close round. The third round sees a more active Davis take the round out striking Vinny and getting the UD.

3.ROY NELSON VS CHEICK KONGO-the fight I was most looking forward too as I am a “Big Country” fan. I knew going into this what was going to happen. After spending some time in the clinch once they are broken up it isn’t long until Roy knocks Kongo out cold. He drops him with a big right then knocks him straight out when Kongo was getting back up.

4.ALAN BELCHER VS MICHAEL BISPING-the first round was a close one that slightly went to Bisping. The second round is mainly Bisping as he peppers Alan with punches and leg kicks. Belcher starts to come alive a little towards the end but it is Bisping’s round. The third round is much of the same until we have less than a minute to go. Belcher gets poked in the eye and his eye starts gushing blood, the fight is stopped and awarded to Bisping.

5.JON JONES VS CHAEL SONNON-this fight goes exactly like many thought it would and I was not one of them. I really wanted Chael to win this. In fact I want any and everybody to beat Jones since I can’t stand that disrespectful guy. Still you can’t take away from the guy and his abilities and he controls this fight. The fight sees Jones take Sonnen down repeatedly and eventually get the TKO victory. After the fight you realize he had a nasty broken toe.


1.STEVEN SILER VS KURT HOLOBAUGH-the first fight of the night opened up well with Kurt getting cut in the first round. The first half was mostly spent in the clinch until Siler got Kurt down and was working for a rear naked choke that he almost finished with. The second round was a great one with Kurt coming back and making it a big round for him this time. He worked for various chokes and there was one point where on his back he pushes Siler off then gets up and immediately takes Siler down, highly impressive. It was one and one going into the third and both of these guys wanted it landing some big shots with elbows and knees and such. But it would be Siler who takes the round and the UD after getting on top and dropping bombs.

2.LEANORD GARCIA VS CODY MCKENZIE-Cody had a big opening round as he followed an initial takedown with a big slam on Garcia and spent the rest of the round on Garcia’s back. He ends the round with a tight triangle that goes to the bell. The second round is just the same although it takes a bit longer for Cody to get to Garcia’s back. The final round except for the very end is all on the feet and is a bit closer. But the judges see it rightfully so for Cody by way of UD.

3.BRYAN CARAWAY VS JOHNNY BEDFORD-good first round between these two with both guys hitting each other with some good shots. But I give the round to Caraway after he takes Bedford’s back and ends up on top again later. The second round is another close while on the feet but Bryan gets it down and controls for the last half of the round. The third round looked just like the last two but Bryan wanted the finish and he gets it with a guillotine choke.

4.SARA MCMANN VS SHEILA GAFF-now I am always looking forward to the women’s fights because I am a huge fan of females in general. But I love WMMA because they always come to fight. Right from jump the Olympic silver medalists McMann takes Gaff down and works over Sheila’s body until the stand up. They move into the clinch and Sara gets it back down, from there she moved into side control. She then put Gaff in the crucifix and pounded her out for the TKO win, big win for McMann.

5.OVINCE ST PREUX VS GIAN VILLANTE-the first round here sees both guys land some good kicks, high and low. Still it was OSP that took the round after a nice flurry that kinda rocked Gian. We get a close second round that the fans voiced their displeasure in. now thirty three seconds into the final round OSP pokes Gian in the eye. Then instead of Gian getting his time to recover the ref calls it in a bad miscommunication moment. OSP gets the Majority Technical Decision.

6.RUSTAM KHABILOV VS YANCY MEDERIOS-this was shaping up to be an excellent fight as they were throwing heavy leather and the grappling exchange that happened before the end was excellent. Mederios ends up dislocating his thumb and Khabilov gets the TKO in the record books.

For special features we get the weigh-ins, a feature with Rogan and the post fight press conference. This was a weird event with some crazy things happening in it. Over all it was good with the women’s fight and Roy getting the knock out.

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The road to Wrestlemania continues as this event is set up to get the challenger for which ever title challenger was not determined by the Royal Rumble.

1.[WORLD TITLE]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS THE BIG SHOW-this was a really good opening match as these two went at it once again. Show was all over Rio with power moves and holds while Del Rio countered a lot here and kept going for that arm-bar. Show even landed a Vader Bomb for those that remember that but Del Rio was too much for him as Show had to tap to another arm-bar.

2.[US TITLE]ANTONIO CESARO VS THE MIZ-this was a good match for the US title with two guys who don’t get enough credit. Miz had been injured on Raw so he came to the ring bandaged up. This of course meant Cesaro targeted that shoulder of Miz’s. But Miz would fight back to the point where Antonio would have to resort to saying he was kicked with a low blow to retain his title.

3.[ELIMINATION CHAMBER]CHRIS JERICHO VS KANE VS DANIEL BRYAN VS RANDY ORTON VS MARK HENRY VS JACK SWAGGER- Jericho and Bryan started this match out and have a good back and forth before Swagger enters the fray. Things get a little more physical from there and all three battle it out until Bryan’s partner Kane comes in. This leads to an interesting moment for the tag team which as always is entertaining. Orton enters next and starts taking to everyone that is until Mark Henry smashes him through one of the chamber pods. The action is fast paced of course and once the eliminations start they keep coming. The ending happens fast and Swaggers gets the very quick win in the end.

4.JOHN CENA, SHEAMUS, & RYBACK VS THE SHIELD-this may have been the most fun match as one of my favorites. Both teams did well here and went back and forth with The Shield controlling a little more so than Cena and company. The Shield of course is the better team here and works together better isolating Cena for most of the match and working him over. The ending gets wild and leads to a great spear that takes out Ryback giving The Shield the win here.

5.KOFI KINGSTON VS DOLPH ZIGGLER-this was an added bonus match after Dolph came out stating he should have had a match on this card. Booker T gave him his wish as he brought out long time rival Kofi to square off against him. This was a quick fast paced match that made both guys look god. Dolph would end up winning it after Big E and AJ get involved.

6.[DIVA’S TITLE]KAITLYN VS TAMINA-this was your typical quick Diva’s match in which Kaitlyn kept the belt [Texas represent]. It wasn’t a bad match but was nothing special either to be honest.

7.[WWE TITLE]THE ROCK VS CM PUNK-the rematch that everyone knew was just one more match to get Rock to Mania against Cena. That of course made me mad since I still feel Punk should have still been champion. Any way this is a good match with Punk going all out here to get the belt back. He even delivers a Rock bottom onto Rock through the announcer’s table. The action is back and forth but in the end The Rock retains the title as we all knew he would.


1.TEAM RHODES SCHOLARS VS BRODUS CLAY & TENSAI-this was the free match on the countdown that night that led into the PPV. This was a good match and I actually was happy to see TRS back in action. Clay and Tensai get the win here in a quick but fun match.

2.JOHN CENA, SHEAMUS, RYBACK VS 3MB-this was a squash match that help put over Cena’s team. They basically smash 3MB but there was a cool moment at the end. They all did their finishers at the same time to end the match, that was cool. This was on the RAW before the PPV

3.ALBERTO DEL RIO VS DAMIEN SANDOW-this while quick was actually a good match. Sandow looked good here for a short time before he had to tap out to the armbar. This was another quick match from that same RAW.

4.BIG SHOW VS CHRIS JERICHO-this match was the main event from Smackdown before the PPV. This is a good one that sees Jericho doing well against the big man. There is a choke slam that Show delivers here that is nasty but it is his knockout punch that secures him the win.

For other bonus features you get an interview with Swagger that night and various moments from RAW and Smackdown. Over all this was a good event and any wrestling fan should pick it up for the collection.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Elimination_Chamber_2013-232-1895803-246643-GOOD_EVENT_OVER_ALL.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Elimination_Chamber_2013-232-1895803-246643-GOOD_EVENT_OVER_ALL.html Fri, 9 May 2014 05:11:08 +0000
<![CDATA[WCW War Games: WCW's Most Notorious Matches Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WCW_War_Games_WCW_s_Most_Notorious_Matches-232-1894256-245585.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WCW_War_Games_WCW_s_Most_Notorious_Matches-232-1894256-245585.html Thu, 10 Apr 2014 13:09:56 +0000 <![CDATA[ BRINGS ME BACK]]> WAR GAMES

Man I miss WCW and I never realize it until I start watching these things. This set chronicles the “War Games” matches that we all know and love.

1.DUSTY RHODES, THE ROAD WARRIORS, NIKITA KOLOFF, & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, LEX LUGER, ARN ANDERSON, TULLY BLANCHARD & J.J. DILLION-Dusty and Arn would start this off and you will notice that that becomes a pattern. These two go back and forth putting on a great match until the next man enters. The heels would win the coin toss [another pattern] and so momentum would switch between teams depending. The action here is great and for the time I am sure was hardcore. This was a great first showing on this set for this match with great talent in the ring. The crowd was so into this and into Dusty’s team. This match came about due to Dusty feuding with the Horsemen. Dusty’s team would go on to win after The Road Warriors broke Dillion’s collarbone for real] and he gave in shortly after that. This match took place at the Great American Bash 7/2/87.

2.DUSTY RHODES, THE ROD WARRIORS, NIKITA KOLOFF & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, LEX LUGER, ARN ANDERSON, TULLY BLANCHARD & THE WAR MACHINE-taking place later that same month as part of the Bash tour on 7/31/87 we would again kick it off with Arn and Dusty. War Machine was in this time to replace Dillion after his injury. Once again the action was great with a quick pace and like the last we get some blood. This one would end after one of the Road Warriors pads was used to make Machine submit.

3.THE ROAD WARRIROS, STEVE WILLIAMS, RON & JIMMY GARVIN VS KEVIN SULLIVAN, MIKE ROTUNDA, AL PEREZ, RUSSIAN ASSASSIN & IVAN KOLOFF-were the last two matches were two rings with one big cage this one was a single ring with three cages getting larger as they go down called the ‘Tower of Doom”. This took place at the Great American Bash 7/10/88 and was one of those crazy WCW matches. The wrestlers had to make their way down and out of all three cages with trap doors opening up every two minutes to let the contests move around. This was a good match and fun for the most part as the Road Warriors team would end up winning it.

4.DUSTY RHODES, LEX LUGER, STEVE WILLIAMS & PAUL ELLERING VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, BARRY WINDHAM, TULLY BLANCHARD & J.J. DILLION-the return of War Games came about on 7/16/88 with Dusty and the Horsemen looking to do battle once again. Dusty and Arn start us off again on this commentaryless match. Once again this is a great match with fast paced action and a good story being told. In the end the good guys win again. But after the match Dusty tells a hilarious story about JJ and Hawk.

5.THE ROAD WARRIROS, THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS & STEVE WILLIAMS VS THE FREEBIRDS & THE SAMOAN SWAT TEAM-Bash 89 and this one would crack me up every time I watch it thanks to Paul Heyman and Michael Hayes. Another fun match with some good and hard hitting action with fans really into. They really blow when the Road Warriors get the win here. But Hayes was the best here as he did not want to enter the match and kept getting his teammates to go in before him.

6.RIC FLAIR, SID VICIOUS, BARRY WINDHAM & LARRY ZBYSZKO VS STING, BRIAN PILLMAN & THE STEINER BROTHERS-this next match took place at WCW Wrestlewar 91. This was one of those matches that seemed like it was there to put someone over. That someone in my opinion was Brian Pillman as he jumped in to start the match even when he was told not to. So Pillman would have to survive the entire match as the smallest guy there. That story would also continue all the way to the end. Pillman takes two nasty power bombs from Sid, the first one looked like it could have broken his neck. That led to a heel team win.

7.STING, NIKITA KOLOFF, DUSTIN RHODES, RICKY STEAMBOAT & BARRY WINDHAM VS ARN ANDERSON, BOBBY EATON, STEVE AUSTIN, LARRY ZBYSZKO & RICK RUDE-what a talented group of participants we had in this one here from Wrestlewar 92. Man I miss Heyman’s Dangerous Alliance, look at that line up. This is one of the absolute best matches on the set and I am sure you can tell why. The action stays moving and everyone looks great here. I love Steamboat man and it was great to see him here in this match. But he takes a sick spinebuster from my boy Arn [one of my all time favorites] and the action just picks up from there. Sting’s team takes the win here after a mistake from the Dangerous Alliance.

8.STING, DAVEY BOY SMITH, DUSTIN RHODES & THE SHOCKMASTER VS SID VICIOUS, VADER & HARLEM HEAT-now we are at Fall Brawl 93 which is where most of today’s fans may know this match from. Once again a match full of great guys including the one and only Shockmaster who fell on his face when he was announced for this match, literally on his face [look that up]. War Games veteran Animal was in Sting’s corner here. I am a huge Vader fan and this match is wonderful to watch. I love the way he throws his punches, especially his shots to Dustin’s ribs here and then goes to the head. Dustin was a big story here as he was injured and despite Animal not wanting him to go in he went first. Also it was great to see Harlem Heat again and Sid was back. Also the late British Bulldog was on board in this battle. This one ends quickly after all guys are in with the Shockmaster getting the win for his team. Not the best of endings but I can see what they were trying to do.

9.DUSTY & DUSTIN RODES & THE NASTY BOYS VS TERRY FUNK, ARN ANDERSON, BUNKHOUSE BUCK & ROBERT PARKER-Fall Brawl 94 would see Arn and Dusty in the Games again but actually not starting against each other. Arn would instead start against Dusty’s kid Dustin and it was a fun new chapter in the Horsemen/Rhodes rivalry. For some reason while this was not the best match on the set I liked the camera work on this one, don’t know why I needed to say that. It should be noted that Dusty tells a great story about something that happened during this match. It is that moment that led to Dusty getting the win for his team.


1.RANDY SAVAGE, HULK HOGAN, STING & LEX LUGER VS KAMALA, THE SHARK, THE ZODIAC & MENG-finally a match with Randy Savage. This was from the 1995 Fall Brawl event and would see Hulk’s team going to war [hence the war paint and camouflage] against the Dungeon of Doom. It was great watching Randy again here as he went crazy in there. This match also kinda promoted the rivalry with Savage and Luger despite being on the same team. In the end you know Hulk’s team wins.

2.SCOTT HALL, KEVIN NASH, HULK HOGAN & NWO STING VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, LEX LUGER & STING-this was right at the beginning of the NWO angle so this was a big time match right here. The thing was that WCW may have been able to stop the NWO with a win here. But in the weeks leading up to the event Team WCW would come to think that their teammate Sting was turning to the NWO. As it turned out that would be a big mistake as the NWO had an imposter. This match was great with the talent that was in it. The last person in for WCW was the real Sting who came in and cleared house, only to leave. Team WCW takes the loss some time later at the 1996 Fall Brawl event.

3.KEVIN NASH, BUFF BAGWELL, SYXX & KONNAN VS RIC FLAIR, ARN ANDERSON, CHRIS BENOIT & CURT HENNING-the following year at the 1997 Fall Brawl WCW and the NWO would go to war again. This time the WCW team was the Horsemen. The thing was Arn Anderson had to retire before this event and the NOW would infamously mock him on Nitro. This lead to Curt Henning linking up with the Horsemen and taking Arn’s “spot”. The match is full of great moments and highlights like Syxx being launched to the top of the cage for one. Of course the ending here is what most people remember and of course that was Henning’s turn. He comes out with an injured arm after being attacked earlier in the night. Once he enters he turns on WCW and helps the NWO win once again.

4.RODDY PIPER, DDP & THE WARRIOR VS BRET HART, STEVIE RAY & HULK HOGAN VS KEVIN NASH, STING & LEX LUGER-this may have been the most talent filled “War Games” or at least name wise. I remember being so excited for this back then because Bret Hart was finally in the “War Games” plus The Warrior had returned. The match had three teams with the NWO, the Wolfpack, and WCW with the winner getting a title shot the next month. The match started with DDP against Bret Hart, one of my all time favorite rivalries. As the match progressed more would come out representing the three teams with the stipulation also being that the match could end at anytime. This meant that there actually were no teams if you wanted that World title shot. The WCW team was really the only ones that kinda fought each other. Things get interesting when the Warrior enters the match and how they pulled that stuff off. This match actually made Warrior look unlike the match he would have with Hogan at Halloween Havoc. After Warrior leaves DDP picks up the quick victory pinning Ray.

5.STING, BOOKER T, GOLDBERG & KRONIK VS JEFF JARRETT, KEVIN NASH, SCOTT STEINER, THE HARRIS BROTHERS & VINCE RUSSO-now this brought back that three cage thing with the cages getting smaller as the go up. This was called the “War Games 2000” and in this one you had to make your way up the cages and grab the belt. Once you do that you have to make your way down and out of the structure to win. Now of course the action is all over the place with who are involved and yes Russo is really in this match things are really hectic and the action is messy but still kinda fun. Goldberg almost wins this one but gets laid out by Bret Hart. This leads to Nash keeping the belt in another swerve for him that most probably saw coming.


1.BRIAN LEE, JINNY GOLDEN, RICKY MORTON, ROBERT FULLER & ROBERT GIBSON VS KEVIN SULLIVAN, KILLER KYLE, TAZMANIAC, STAN LEE & TOM PRICHARD-this is a match from Smokey Mountain Wrestling that we join in progress. Half the people are already eliminated from the match when we join as you had to cuff your opponents to the cage. The match is good from what we get to see with a brawl at the end.

2.TOMMY DREAMER, PUBLIC ENEMY & THE PITBULLS VS RAVEN, STEVIE RICHARDS, THE ELIMINATORS & THE HEAVENLY BODIES-this match was from ECW’s December to Dismember 1995 and is excellent. This is what I think of when I hear the term War Games. Two teams battling it out in violent fashion with the rule being if Dreamer’s team wins he gets 5 minutes with Richards. The action here is all over the place spilling out onto the floor like any good ECW match would. Various weapons were used and even after the match the brawl continued. Tommy would get the win but afterwards his team got beat down.

3.THE DUDLEYS & MUSTAFA SAED VS NEW JACK, AXEL ROTTEN & BALLS MAHONEY-another violent match that was a war, this one at CyberSlam 1999. At first it looked like New Jack backed out of the match so it was two on three for the first part of this match. But New Jack would appear towards the end of the match but it would not help as his team lost. This was a fun match that was a good addition to the set. Also it was good hearing Joey Styles on commentary.

This was a great set that brought back all kinds of memories. I miss WCW so much and I never realize how much until I bust out these sets or old tapes. I do recommend this set to any wrestling fan out there. There matches that are not as good as others but there are some classics here. You also get Dusty picking a dream "War Games" match.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WCW_War_Games_WCW_s_Most_Notorious_Matches-232-1894256-245584-BRINGS_ME_BACK.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WCW_War_Games_WCW_s_Most_Notorious_Matches-232-1894256-245584-BRINGS_ME_BACK.html Thu, 10 Apr 2014 13:08:57 +0000
<![CDATA[UFC 160 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_160-232-1893079-244723.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_160-232-1893079-244723.html Tue, 4 Mar 2014 05:05:23 +0000 <![CDATA[ BIG NIGHT FOR THE HEAVYWEIGHTS]]>

UFC 160

This was a big night for the heavyweights as the title was put on the line in a rematch and the co main event was to determine a new number one contender. Also there was a fight on the card that determined the next challenger for the lightweight title, or at least was supposed to. Over all this was a good event that was held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada.


1.DONALD CERRONE VS KJ NOONS-I was incredibly excited for this fight and that first round showed why. They both went at it crazy with Cerrone coming out on top in the round. The second round was fun as well with Donald gaining some takedowns and landing some great shots. Noons lands a few of his own as well especially that spinning back fist but once again a round for Cerrone. The third round starts out with them trading but Donald gets another takedown and dominates from there, this leads to a UD for “Cowboy”. In the end both guys look beat up, fun fight.

2.GRAY MAYNARD VS TJ GRANT-we get another Lightweight fight here with this one having title implications. This ended up being an excellent fight that lasted just one round. Gray comes out strong landing some big shots like that lead uppercut. But TJ would come back and drop Gray multiple times jumping all over him. This win set him up as the next contender, but injuries would keep him out.

3.GLOVER TEIXEIRA VS JAMES TE HUNA-another first rounder right here as they come out banging but it eventually goes to the ground. From there Glover works to make it out of the guard passing and such. When Huna makes it back to his feet Glover goes for the guillotine and gets the tap out win.

4.JUNIOR DOS SANTOS VS MARK HUNT-this was the fight we all wanted to see, my whole group are big fans of Hunt and we wanted him to win this so bad. Both guys throw some heavy leather in this one but JDS lands the biggest shot dropping Hunt with an over hand right. The second round is just as fun with big shots being thrown and landing from time to time. JDS takes this round though after a big flurry from hunt which makes JDS take him down and controls from there. The third round was mostly JDS as he controlled with the strikes and clips Hunt with a left hook. That was followed by a spinning head kick that sent Hunt to the mat, from there JDS got the win. This fight won the fight of the night and rightfully so.

5.CAIN VELASQUEZ VS ANTONIO SILVA-this was the rematch from the slaughter that was the first fight. “Bigfoot” Silva wanted revenge here and starts out looking good stuffing the takedowns. But shortly into the first round Cain lands a short right that sends Silva to the mat. From there he pounces and retains his Heavyweight title.


1.JEREMY STEPHENS VS ESTEVAN PAYAN-great first round with Stephens coming out on top and taking the round with a takedown and controlling for most of the round. The second round is Stephens once again and he bloodies Payan, there was so much blood. The third round was much of the same and that cut opens up once again, a UD for Stephens.

2.BRIAN BOWLES VS GEORGE ROOP-two really good guys go at it here with a good back and forth. But it is Bowles who takes the round as he drops Roop and even choked him out leading to him taking the mount to end the round. The second round comes to a close pretty quickly after Roop drops Brain, from there he lets loose and gets the TKO.

3.STEPHEN THOMPSON VS NAH-SHON BURRELL-good first round that seems a bit even and well matched for both guys. The second round is another close one but Thompson edges it out in my opinion with his strikes, particularly the ones to the body. The final round goes to Burrell as he finds his strikes landing more often, but it is not enough. Thompson takes the UD win.

4.KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV VS ABEL TRUJILLO-excellent first round here that is all about the ground game. The back and forth and escapes and near submissions make this a classic. The second round followed in the first’s footsteps giving us a great grappling battle. The final round is another ground battle for the most part with Khabib coming out on top.

5.COLTON SMITH VS ROBERT WHITTAKER-great opening round right here with some great moments for both guys. Colton drops Robert a few times and takes the round in my opinion. The second is another good one with Whittaker taking the round rocking Smith. The third ends just 41 seconds in as Smith gets dropped and the ref steps in soon after giving Robert the TKO victory.

6.DENNIS BERMUDEZ VS MAX HOLLOWAY-the first round here was a big one for Holloway as he landed some great spinning back kicks including one to the head. Round two is another fun round with both guys landing and Holloway getting slammed. We close with another excellent round with Dennis coming out on top in that one which led to his split D win.

7.MIKE PYLE VS RICK STORY-this fight starts out strong with Story dropping Pyle and almost finishing him. Prior to that Story was on top for the first half of the round. Story ends up on top again in the next round but Pyle threatens with various submissions. The final round is Pyle’s as he lands some great shots including some nasty elbows. He also tried for some submissions and that led to his SD win.

This was a really good event that had some great fights on it. The Hunt fight broke my heart but it was a great fight so it takes nothing away from him. Also it was great seeing KJ back in there and his fight with “Cowboy” was excellent. With this set you get the countdown show, weigh-ins and the post fight press conference as bonus features. I recommend this set to anyone who is a MMA fan.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_160-232-1893079-244722-BIG_NIGHT_FOR_THE_HEAVYWEIGHTS.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_160-232-1893079-244722-BIG_NIGHT_FOR_THE_HEAVYWEIGHTS.html Tue, 4 Mar 2014 05:04:21 +0000
<![CDATA[UFC 144 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_144-232-1893077-244720.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_144-232-1893077-244720.html Tue, 4 Mar 2014 04:48:00 +0000 <![CDATA[ GREAT RETURN TO JAPAN]]>
UFC 144

This was the UFC’s first time back in Japan since UFC 29 in 2000 so this was a big deal. There were so many fights I was looking forward to on this card. There were a lot of guys on this card that I am a huge fan of so this was a big event for me. I was looking forward to seeing Edgar lose the Lightweight title to Ben Henderson, but there was a guy I loved in every fight so this was going to be great.


1.ANTHONY PETTIS VS JOE LAUZON-I was looking forward to this fight because I knew both of these guys come to fight. Joe is one of the most skilled guys out there and Pettis is a killer. It turns out I was right as both guys go straight into it and it does not last a round. After trading for most of the time Pettis lands a huge kick to Joe’s head and drops him. He finishes it with punches and gets the win that set him on his path to the Lightweight title.

2.HATSU HIOKI VS BART PALASZEWSKI-the first round here is dominated by Hioki as he dropped Bart early and then got him to the ground. He spends the rest of the round on top and goes for some close submissions. The second round was all on the feet with both guys landing every now and then. The final round looked much like the first with Hioki getting the fight to the ground and dominating. Towards the end he gets Bart’s back but is unable to finish, he wins by UD.

3.TIM BOETSCH VS YUSHIN OKAMI-this was another fight I was looking forward to since I am a huge fan of Okami. I wanted him to beat Anderson Silva in his fight before this but he fell short on that one. This was the rebound fight and Okami took the first round with the crisper strikes. Boetsch does hold his own and land some good shots as well though. The next round was another one for “Thunder” as he landed the cleaner strikes. There was one point in which Boetsch tried to sink in a guillotine choke but Okami fought out of it and dominated on top. He landed big shots and threatened with a kimura. Going into the third Boetsch knew he was down two rounds and had to go for broke, and that is exactly what he did. He came out throwing some big shots with hooks and head kicks, but once on the cage he lands some HUGE uppercuts that end the fight. Watching it live I was very upset but Boetsch is a cool dude, great fight.

4.JAKE SHIELDS VS YOSHIHIRO AKIYAMA-I am a huge fan of both of these guys so this one was going to hurt me regardless. My girl on the other hand although she is a fan of Akiyama she LOVES Jake Shields. Shields is a top level Jiu-Jitsu guy and Akiyama is an elite Judo guy so this fight was going to be good. This was Akiyama’s Welterweight debut and he looked excellent. The first round was great as both guys landed and Akiyama got off some great trips. The second round was another great one with Shields and Akiyama traded shots throughout the round. Akiyama landed a huge throw towards the end making that the biggest moment of the round. The final round is another good one with Shields finally getting that takedown. He would end the round on Akiyama’s back and ends up getting the UD.

5.MARK HUNT VS CHEICK KONGO-my brother’s main guy Mark Hunt was going against big Kongo here. I am also a huge fan of Hunt so I was excited about this one. This fight showcases how great of a kick boxer that Hunt is, he is a K-1 champion. His strikes are so pin point it is amazing, there is a left that is so well timed and drops Kongo. It is shortly thereafter that Hunt lands some BIG rights that put Cheick out, we loved it.

6.QUINTON JACKSON VS RYAN BADER-the story going into this fight was that Rampage missed weight and this was one of the last fights on his contract with the UFC. Rampage came out to the “Pride” theme that this crowd remember him for from those days. With that we all thought for sure this fight was going to be fireworks. But the first round was mostly a feeling out thing and battles for position. The second round has one of the scariest looking moments ever. Jackson goes vintage Rampage and SLAMS Bader and Ryan lands so awkward on his neck and arm, looking like both might have been broken. But Bader fights back and ends up getting the takedown and controlling the rest of the round. The final round is mostly Bader as he gets the takedown and stays on top. Bader gets the UD here in a fight that upset us all since Quinton lost.

7.BEN ENDERSON VS FRANKIE EDGAR-this was the fight for the Lightweight title and based on these guys’ styles we knew it would be a good one. Of course all of us were behind our boy from the WEC Benson Henderson. The first round is great with both guys constantly moving and striking. Edgar does well catching Henderson’s kicks which leads to a cool looking moment. This was a close round but Edgar got a few takedowns. The second round keeps the fast pace with Edgar ending up on top on Ben. The big moment of the round is when Edgar stands Ben lands a nasty up kick to end the round that bloodies Edgar. The third round sees both guys going at it fast again and constantly moving. It would be Henderson that gets the first takedown this time but Edgar answers with one of his own at the end. We follow that with another fast pace go round with Ben almost sinking in a guillotine choke here. Edgar battles out of it and the round ends close again. The final round is just as close with both guys keeping that crazy pace. Ben gets dropped here but comes back at the end to almost finish Frankie, in the end my pick became the new champ. Ben Henderson gets the belt and defeats Edgar for the first of two times.


1.TIEQUAN ZHANG VS ISSEI TAMURA-this opening fight of the night was a great one especially for Tamura. He controlled the first round with relative ease as he landed some big shots and also controlled from the top when it went to the ground. The second round lasts only 32 seconds as Tamura blasts Zhang with a right that knocks him out cold.

2.TAKEYA MIZUGAKI VS CHRIS CARIASO-one of the fights I was looking forward to since I am a big fan of Mizugaki. The opening round was a great one with both guys looking good but I think Mizugaki took the round getting the takedown and controlling a bit more. The second round sees both men come out hard but it is Mizugaki who gets the takedown again and keeps it there until Chris is able to reverse it but Mizugaki gets right back up after spinning out. The third round was a completive one with Chris looking a little better here but Mizugaki still ends up on top. This one ends with Chris getting the decision although I still feel Mizugaki won this.

3.RIKI FUKUDA VS STEVE CANTWELL-we get a great first round with both men landing some great shots and Fukuda getting a takedown and letting loose some ground and pound. We follow that up with a great second round with Fukuda getting put in a guillotine as he went for the takedown. Once on the feet they both land some good shots but Cantwell takes the harder ones there. He ends the round on Fukuda’s back. The final round was mostly Fukuda as he let loose some bombs on Cantwell. He hit him with some sick body kicks, he takes the UD.

4.NORIFUMI YAMAMOTO VS VAUGHAN LEE-“Kid” Yamamoto is a heavy hitter and was expected to take this fight in spectacular fashion. It turns out that no one told that to his opponent and this turned into one of the best fights on the card. The legend in “Kid” came to fight and rocked his opponent but that was given back to him as Lee nailed him right back. This led to “Kid” taking him down only to get trapped in an armbar after Lee transitioned to that from a triangle. This was an excellent fight although it lasted only one round.

5.TAKANORI GOMI VS EIJI MITSUOKA-Gomi is absolutely one of my all time favorite fighters so you know who I was behind here. This like the last was a great fight and very competitive as it was back and forth. Mitsuoka who is also a great fighter started to land more as it went on and even had a mounted triangle from the back on Gomi to end the round. The second round is all Gomi as he rushes in and just starts swinging and landing knees. He ends up getting the TKO victory after finishing the very tough Mitsuoka on the ground.

This was a great event full of some great fights and it was cool to see the UFC back in Japan. With this DVD you get behind the scenes, weigh-ins and of course the Countdown show. This is an excellent DVD and worth the purchase.]]>
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<![CDATA[WWE: WrestleMania XXIX Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_WrestleMania_XXIX-232-1893076-244716.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_WrestleMania_XXIX-232-1893076-244716.html Tue, 4 Mar 2014 04:33:39 +0000 <![CDATA[ HOF BRINGS IT UP TO 5]]>


I have to be honest and admit that now a days I get more excited for Wrestlemania for the Hall of Fame more so than the event. Not to say that I don't like the events but you get what I am saying. This year the big story for most was the rematch of the "once in a life time match" or the streak. For me it was mostly as far as the card goes all about The Shield. Of course my boy HBK was back to be in Triple H's corner against Brock Lesnar.

1.THE SHIELD VS SHEAMUS, RANDY ORTON, & THE BIG SHOW-one of the best matches of the night and a great way to start off the show. I personally love The Shield [I always like groups like this] and thought there were going to come away with the victory here. This was a great match with everyone looking great here. The big thing in this match was if Show's team could get along, or really if Show could get along with them. Of course The Shield worked great together from start to finish "making the numbers work for them" as JBL said even with the teams even. That was the story of the match as the other teamed looked like single wrestlers trying to outdo each other. The action was of course fast paced with six men in there but never felt rushed at all. In the end The Shield comes out on top and Show takes it out of his teammate.

2.MARK HENERY VS RYBACK-this was your typical big man versus big man powerhouse match, but the outcome was a little surprising. Mark Henry really controlled most of this match and worked over Ryback's back. Ryback had some spots but for a guy that had been feuding for the WWE title not to long before this I was surprised. Henry ends up winning the match. After the match there may have been a new inductee into the Hall of Pain.

3.[TAG TITLES]TEAM HELL NO VS DOLPH ZIGGLER & BIG E. LANGSTON-another good match that left all four guys looking good here. Langston in his debut looked strong here even taking to Kane and Ziggler was great as always. But it would be the reigning tag champs that came out on top. Kane delivered a big chokeslam here followed by a diving headbutt from Bryan. That lead to the win but it was a back and forth battle and a good match on a good card.

4.CHRIS JERICHO VS FANDANGO-this was the debut of Fandango and I have to say that it was a pretty good one. It was not the best match on the card but it was good and helped put him over. Jericho of course is great and controls most of the match. Still he gets rolled up and Fandango gets that big win at Mania. If it wasn't for Jericho I don't know how Fandango's debut would have gone against someone else.

5.[WORLD TITLE]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS JACK SWAGGER-this was a good match between these two that featured some good back and forth. The submission attempts and counters were great as both tried to outdo the other. Of course Swagger had some help at ringside but it was not enough as he was forced to tap out. This gave Del Rio the victory and he retained his championship.

6.UNDERTAKER VS CM PUNK-talk about a great match and how could it not be with these two guys in there. From the beginning Punk is still as disrespectful as ever to Taker slapping him while Paul still has the urn. They go back and forth the entire match countering and applying each other's signature moves and holds. Of course there are many near falls and highlights throughout the match including Punk going into the table like he did. But fear not Taker fans as he holds on to the streak after defeating Punk with the tombstone.

7.[NO HOLDS BARRED]BROCK LESNAR VS TRIPLE H-I will admit that I was looking forward to this match and a little bit of it was because of HBK being involved. But I also felt that it had a big fight feel to it and honestly looking back that may have been because of Heyman and his mic work. Still this was a good match and felt like a fight especially as the match went on. Both men are brawlers here and the fight went all over the place. But despite Brock being a "beast" Triple H was able to get the victory after a pedigree on the steps.

8.[WWE TITLE]THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA-the rematch of the "once in a life time" match from the previous year's Mania. Now while this match was a good one and maybe even matches last years as far as the performances go it still felt, well not as big as last year's match. The atmosphere here was of course more so for Rock like last time but even then it didn't feel as big and the crowd didn't seem as into it as the last time. That may be just me but regardless it was still a good match with both guys "bringing it". The counters were many and there was a great moment that almost was a repeat of last year. Still Cena comes out on top this time regaining the title, maybe a rubber match is in the future.


1.[I-C TITLE]WADE BARRETT VS THE MIZ-I still have no idea why we got all those commercials and stuff on Mania but this ACTUAL match was on the pre show. Cutting just one of them would have made enough time for the I-C title match as it is short. Both start out strong but it is The Miz that keeps working for that figure four. He eventually locks it in pretty creatively and gets the win and the belt.

You also get the complete Hall of Fame which was excellent this year. It featured the great Bruno Sammartino, one of my all time favorites Booker T, Mick Foley, Trish Stratus, Bob Backland, and Donald Trump. That is one of the best things about this set, maybe the actual best thing. You also get a few other extras like the Q&A with Rock and Cena. This is a great buy for any wrestling fan out there looking to add to the collection. Highly recommended, HOF is always the best on these sets.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_WrestleMania_XXIX-232-1893076-244715-HOF_BRINGS_IT_UP_TO_5.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_WrestleMania_XXIX-232-1893076-244715-HOF_BRINGS_IT_UP_TO_5.html Tue, 4 Mar 2014 04:31:20 +0000
<![CDATA[ Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)]]>
I'm from Buffalo, New York, and when football came to my personal radar, it turned out I had been born at the right time. When I was about seven years old, the Buffalo Bills began a run on which they became one of the most dominant teams in the league, and it lasted for such a long time that onlookers were thinking the Bills were finally about to shed their history as a league doormat for good. Then they went back to being a free victory, and now I scoff whenever I hear the hip, new, young commentators talk about the "once-powerful Buffalo Bills." There's a real illusion of the team's past because the Bills have had great, huge moments of such significance that they tend to overshadow everything else. Unfortunately, that "everything else" is rife with some of the most incredible losing you can imagine.

The Bills were founded in 1959 by insurance salesman and automobile heir Ralph Wilson Jr. as a charter member of the AFL. They named themselves after the old All-America Football Conference team, which was absorbed into the old Cleveland Browns when the AAFC and the NFL merged in 1950. There was no connection between those Bills and the current Bills, but the name - after Buffalo Bill Cody - proved to have staying power, so Wilson went with it. Wilson was the part-owner of the Detroit Lions, and he even had the early Bills teams dressing in their colors. The Bills went 5-8-1 in their inaugural season, and for the first few years, things only got worse. In 1961, the Bills became the only NFL team to play - and lose - a game with a CFL team, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

It wasn't long before Buffalo started stocking up on offensive talent, though, and so the 60's saw the influx of Jack Kemp, Billy Shaw, and Cookie Gilchrist and one of the most stubborn defenses in the league. In the offense-based AFL, the 1964 Bills were known as a defensive team, and they even set an impressive record when they only allowed 913 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns in the year, total. That record still stands. They also registered 50 sacks, which is still the team record. They were the first AFL team to win 13 games in a single season. In the AFL Championship, they smothered the San Diego Chargers, 20-7. That success spilled over into 1965, with the Bills beating the Chargers for their second title, shutting them out in the Championship game 23-0. In 1966, the Bills returned to the AFL Championship once more, but their opponents, the Kanas City Chiefs, were just BETTER. They beat Buffalo 31-7, but that game still stands out as a seminal moment in Bills history and is the subject of many what-could-have-been conversations among old school Bills fans. The 1966 season was the first time the AFL and NFL decided to play their league Champions against each other to see, once and for all, who was better. Today the AFL-NFL World Championship Game is known to football historians as Super Bowl I, and if Buffalo had beaten Kansas City, they would have been the AFL representative. They also would have gotten totally creamed by Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, but that's not something you should try to mention to anyone in Buffalo.

The Bills had a backup quarterback named Daryle Lamonica who was very exciting and very ambitious. Unfortunately for him, Jack Kemp was a great starting quarterback, so Lamonica was shipped to the Oakland Raiders, where he became their template. This proved to be a problem for the Bills in 1968, because Kemp got hurt and their backups at the time were so bad that the team tried to convert one of its wideouts to the position. It didn't end well. The Bills dropped to the league's worst, but hey, high draft picks, you know?

The projected star in 1969 was a gimme: USC had a Heisman man by the name of OJ Simpson, and the Bills won the right to draft him first overall in 1969. It was right in time for the merger, but not enough to help the Bills. While Simpson was able to slice and cut through defenses like nothing nothing anyone had ever seen, the Bills went 3-10-1 in their first NFL season. In 1971, they finished 1-13, scored the fewest points in the league, and allowed the most points. In 1972, they went 4-9-1. Adding to everything, the team's home, War Memorial Stadium, was falling apart and Ralph Wilson started making the first of many threats to move. 1973 was a year of real change: Ralph Wilson Stadium - then called Rich Stadium - opened, and Simpson, behind a world-class offensive line nicknamed "The Electric Company" because they "turned on The Juice," slaughtered every rushing record in the book. He ran for 2003 yards, and is still the only player to ever hit the 2000 mark in 14 games. The team won more than it lost for the next few years, but they were never really, ahem, a contender. They only made the playoffs once, with a 9-5 record, losing the wild card game to the eventual champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Part of this was because the Bills spent the whole decade neatly setting a record by losing to the Miami Dolphins in 20 straight games, which is still the record for consecutive losses by one team to another. The Bills were outright bad again by the late 70's, and Simpson was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 1977 where, his body just about murdered over the previous eight years, he played one more season before retiring.

Things were looking up again in 1980. The Bills beat the Dolphins for the first time in 11 years and won their first-ever division title. The next year, they returned to the playoffs and won a playoff game for the first time ever in their history, against the New York Jets. In the 1983 draft, they picked Jim Kelly, who quickly bolted to play for the Houston Gamblers of the USFL instead. The Bills stank up the league through the mid-80's, but the joke was on Jim Kelly when the USFL collapsed and he was forced to return to Buffalo. In 1986, the Bills hired former CFL coach Marv Levy and general manager Bill Polian, who got right to work and stockpiled talent like Bruce Smith; Andre Reed; Thurman Thomas; Ray Bentley; and Cornelius Bennett, a linebacker who evoked favorable comparisons to Lawrence Taylor. 1987 was a coming out party. The Bills were good; not Good, but GOOD, for the first time ever. They went 12-4 and earned their first trip to the AFC Championship, where the Cincinnati Bengals overwhelmed them with a new offensive form called the no-huddle.

Levy tried to discourage use of the no-huddle, but then the league wasn't buying, he developed a very unique way of throwing a hissy fit: He installed a revolutionary version of it with the Bills called the K-Gun. Jim Kelly called his own plays, and is the most recent NFL quarterback to do that to such a complete level. The Bills rode the K-Gun to the Super Bowl in 1990, clobbering the Los Angeles Raiders 51-3 in the AFC Championship. They went 13-3, which made them the first AFC team to win 13 games in one season. They were unstoppable.... Then, in the Super Bowl, the New York Giants slowed them down. They hogged the time of possession, and put together a gameplan so brilliant that the plan is in the Hall of Fame. During the media junket, Lawrence Taylor confessed that the Giants tricked the Bills into buying into their own hype. The Giants played at their absolute peak level while the Bills played like the season was already over, and yet, the game was STILL the closest Super Bowl in history. The Giants won. The final score was 20-19, and the outcome wasn't sealed until the kick that would have won the game for the Bills flew wide right with eight seconds left in the game. Although the Bills had been favored, it's becoming chic for NFL historians to write cute little revisions trumping how the Bills stood no chance. Anyone with a brain shouldn't be buying that bullshit. The Bills should have dropped 17 on the Giants in the first quarter and cruised through the game.

The Bills weren't discouraged, though. They returned to the Super Bowl every year for the next three years.... And lost them all. The second and third Super Bowls - against Washington and the Dallas Cowboys, respectively - were honest blowouts. The third, however, saw the finest hour in Bills history in the wild card game. Against the Houston Oilers, with Kelly and Thomas out, the Oilers jumped out to a 28-3 halftime lead, which went to 35-3 early in the third quarter. The Bills then went on a 28-point binge while holding Houston to just a field goal afterward. In the fourth quarter, Buffalo took the lead, and they earn the victory in overtime, thus capping The Miracle Comeback, the largest in NFL history. The fourth, against Dallas again, saw the Bills carrying a halftime lead. But after a third quarter fumble, their haunted history got into their heads, and then they just tanked. The Super Bowl teams were out of gas after that, aging. Kelly retired in 1997.

In 1998, fleet, speedy Doug Flutie was signed, and the Bills continued to terrorize defenses for a couple more years. Unfortunately, they made a trade for another quarterback - the Jacksonville Jaguars' Rob Johnson - that same year. Flutie had the keys in 1998 and 1999, taking the Bills to 10 and 11 wins in those years. Flutie was much older, though, and the Bills needed a franchise guy, and Johnson impressed in a few games. So rumor has it that Ralph Wilson told then-coach Wade Phillips to start Johnson in the 1999 playoffs against the Tennessee Titans. The Bills were leading that game 16-15 after a field goal with 16 seconds left, and on the ensuing kickoff, the Titans scored a touchdown that featured a lateral play. That was called the Music City Miracle, but even though science and math have proven that it was totally legit, Buffalo still thinks of it as The Forward Lateral. That's the most recent playoff game the Bills have played in.

The Bills had a chance to turn their historical fortunes around for good in 2001. There was a serious quarterback controversy between Johnson and Flutie. Flutie was dynamic and could win, but old. Johnson was young and showed flashes of greatness, but he was mostly terrible, had a glass jaw, and good at absorbing sacks. The Bills took Johnson. After going 3-13 in 2001, the Bills traded for former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who gets a far worse rap for his Bills years than he deserves. In 2002, he took the Bills to an 8-8 record with the league's number two offense. The next year, instead of capitalizing on that strength, then-coach Gregg Williams stupidly decided to try shifting to a run and defense oriented plan. Receiver Peerless Price left the team because he wanted a chance to be a number one receiver, and couldn't do that with the great Eric Moulds on the other side. Tight end Jay Riemersma - a receiving tight end - was released for blocking tight end Mark Campbell. Receiving fullback Larry Centers was released for blocking tight end Sam Gash. That's over 100 receptions that were cut. 2002 rookie receiver Josh Reed had a great debut year, but no one could have seen his bad sophomore year coming. The 2003 Bills won six games, but a year later, Bledsoe managed to salvage the little receiving talent he still had to lead the Bills to a 9-7 record in 2004, the last time they surpassed seven wins. Everything afterward has been a messy retread. The Bills have the longest active streaks without either a winning record or a playoff appearance.

A few years ago, the Toronto Series was instated, and it's a source of fan embarrassment. The Bills are basically forced to surrender one home game a year to play in the Toronto Skydome. The official excuse is to expand the fanbase, but the fan theory is that Roger Goodell is trying to test the international waters for expansion. The games haven't been selling out, and the reception there is so bad that the league has resorted to giving out tickets literally by thousands. The Bills have won just one game in Toronto, a 2011 match where they beat up always-hapless Washington 23-0. It's no exaggeration to say half the spectators in Toronto show up to root for the other team, so no one - including the Bills players, who have been vocal in their opposition to playing in Toronto - is fooled into thinking it's a home game. The 2013 game against the Atlanta Falcons was a special embarrassment: The Bills choked away a 14-point first quarter lead, gave up a couple of late leads, and blew a couple of surefire touchdowns against a Falcons team worse than they were. Atlanta won in overtime, and their players said it felt almost like a home game for them. The team president is saying he's giving serious thought to axing the series after that.

The Bills, like many other teams, have a Wall of Fame. Among the names on it are OJ Simpson, Jack Kemp, Marv Levy, Kent Hull, Darryl Talley, Joe Ferguson, Steve Tasker, and Bill Polian. Only one number - 12, for Jim Kelly - has been officially retired. Kelly is considered an all-time quarterbacking great, although not quite in the same tier as Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, and Peyton Manning. The numbers of OJ Simpson, Thurman Thomas, and Bruce Smith aren't officially retired, but they're all out of circulation. Simpson still stands out for a very horrible and peculiar reason: He was the face of the Bills, and he never spoke badly of the team or fans. Cleveland sports fans have The Decision, where NBA star LeBron James used a national TV special to say he was leaving his team. That was probably unimaginably embarrassing to Cleveland, but the thing is this: NO ONE DIED. Hell, Cleveland is starting to look like it might embrace James if he decides to return and finish what he started there. OJ Simpson proved to be a true scumbag in private, when a murder arrest in 1994 revealed his true character. While John Law says OJ didn't do it, the public at large thinks he did, and that Simpson got off easy when the race card was played. When Simpson later committed a robbery and was given a disproportionate sentence for that, it was the law making up for what it didn't do years earlier. Buffalo believes to the letter that Simpson is guilty, and a number of petitions have been circulated to have his name removed from the Wall of Fame. The Wall, though, celebrates how good a person played football, and in that respect, Simpson deserves to be up there.

The main rivalry focus has shifted in the last decade. Where most fans of my generation grew up hating the Dolphins, the Dolphins are regularly mired in messes even more absurd than Buffalo's. It's hard to think Miami once played through a whole season completely undefeated, won two Super Bowls, won 20 straight against Buffalo, and that during the years with Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, Bills/Dolphins was a marquee NFL game. Now the hate is reserved for the New England Patriots, who have always had a wild rivalry with the Bills, but one that got almost as one-sided as the 70's Bills/Dolphins after Tom Brady became their quarterback. Since 2001, the Bills have only won two games against the Patriots: A 31-0 blowout in 2003, which the Patriots nevertheless wrote off on their way to their second Super Bowl victory, and a hell of a game in 2011 in which the Bills came back from a 21-0 deficit to win. The Patriots wrote that loss off on the way to a Super Bowl appearance that year, too. There's also a rivalry with the New York Jets, which was the biggest in the Namath era.

The Bills have an intensely loyal fanbase, but their stability has run out. Although the team claims to have made a deal that will keep them in Buffalo for the next decade, anyone with half a brain regarding practical economics knows the Bills are going to bolt soon. The city keeps discussing a new stadium which it can't possibly afford, the team already lent itself to Toronto for extra money, and the Bills are always at the forefront of any and all talks regarding a new Los Angeles team. Ralph Wilson's heirs have already admitted there's no way they can afford to keep the team in Buffalo after taxes. It's a case where the team and city need to leave each other in order to save themselves, but the people don't want to accept that because the Bills are the final hanging thread connecting today to Buffalo's days as a true power. That being said, Ralph Wilson Stadium is highly renowned for its tailgating experience, and the people in Buffalo do know how to grill good meat, so anyone who wants to enjoy great tailgating with some of the best, friendliest, and most knowledgeable fans in the NFL better come to Buffalo and do that while there's still time. Ralph Wilson is the team's only owner, and he's in his 90's.

There are a few good reasons to adopt the Bills if you're looking for a team. If you don't mind the fact that they'll be gone in a few years, then by all means. If you're adopting them for civic reasons, though, you'll have to find someone else. Even though the Bills are the only NFL team in New York (the Jets and Giants are both based in New Jersey), there actually a pretty good chance you'll be better off adopting the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that's just pathetic.]]>
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<![CDATA[ An Amtrak Horror Story]]>
It would have been really cool to run around telling everyone how my Amtrak train pulled a sudden, Transformers-style morph into a charter bus in an effort to chase down Megatron. That fact that that's not what happened, however, probably doesn't make this story any less horrifyingly compelling.

My original train was scheduled to depart from the Buffalo/Depew station at 11:59 PM on Thursday night. In other words, it was scheduled to leave on Friday morning. And what would you figure, I can honestly say that Friday morning was exactly when it left! I like to imagine the thinking of the people in charge of the trains running on time looked at the departure times and said Whatever, Friday morning is Friday morning, right? No one will ever notice the difference! The difference in question ran about nine hours, so midnight was seen and acted upon as a 9 AM departure. You may remember that 9 AM time from the first paragraph up there. So, basically, I was just pulling away from the Buffalo station at the very same time I was supposed to be pulling into Union Station in Chicago. There's barely a difference, right?

Fortunately, I had the sense to call ahead and check my train's running time, so I got to sleep in my own bed before departure. The next slated departure time was supposed to be at 8 AM on Friday morning. Up and ready I was, ever the morning person, eager to get to the station where the inevitable next delay would occur and last for an hour. It was 9 AM, as mentioned, when the train showed itself.

If there was a bright spot in this so far, it was that a million people abandoned their tickets, so the tickets I waited to buy cost about $70 less. They should have been free. Anyway, I took my usual window spot on the Amtrak, wide-eyed and optimistic in eagerness to once again view the rising skyline of Chicago in person. My giddiness lasted until I got up to make my first pit stop. Upon making my way to the back of the train, I pulled on the handle of one of the doors. It was locked. I turned to the other one and pulled it, and it was locked too. When this happens, the first thought that pops into the train goer's head is to just move to the next car and use the bathroom there, but hell, those were locked too! Now, at this point, there still nothing wrong in my own little world. It's unusual for all these bathrooms to be locked at the same time, but there are more people on the train than bathrooms, so hey, it's possible, right? I tried a few more cars before returning to my seat. Odd, yes, but I didn't think anything was off until the second time I got up and three more doors were locked before I finally got into one that was open. It was definitely weird. Were there potheads on the train and they all decided to get high at once?

Further use of the bathrooms resulted in me learning there were only three bathrooms open on this train, and two of them weren't flushing. Amtrak definitely receives a credit for the sheer chutzpah of taking a hundred passengers out somewhere on a double-digit-hour trip, providing ample supplies of coffee, pop, and booze the whole way while subtly telling everyone they had to hold it in. Yeah, it should be pretty easy to guess how the whole episode ended. Two improperly working bathrooms meant two backed-up toilets which apparently no one on the train was qualified to do anything about.

The Lake Shore Limited, however, made steady progress through New York and Pennsylvania. In Cleveland, the usual half-hour stretch break was even waved because there were folks who had to get where they were going. After Cleveland, things slowed down a little bit. After Elyria, they slowed down a lot. Great, so now the passengers were forced to deal with a slow-going train without their bathroom breaks, and the people kept being up to the challenge despite the increasing frequency of train stoppages. I guess the boys at Amtrak were getting a little close to the Union Pacific running time, because the train began making constant stops to let the freight trains flow across our windows. This significantly cut back our progress to Sandusky, and by the time of the Sandusky stop, the train was creeping along like Solid Snake in a ventilation shaft.

It was between Sandusky and Toledo that we received the news: Amtrak had decided to give us up due to frozen track problems. Now, this isn't the first time I've been forced to deal with frozen tracks on the Amtrak, but I do have to wonder: Aren't there engineers available to take care of stuff like this in a timely fashion? The frozen vortex isn't an excuse. This is the Third Coast. It gets cold up here. Freezing weather is a fact of life, and yet, every time it happens, Amtrak does the Sun Belt-drivers-in-snow routine and clams up. You would think no one ever had to deal with cold weather before. We were going to be thrown off the Amtrak and placed on charter buses which would go on straight to Chicago.

As the train got closer and closer to Toledo, we were given constant reassurances – and also complimentary beef stew – by the crew that Toledo was only ten minutes away, and that we would soon be off the train and on our way. After this experience, I now officially believe Amtrak's ten-minutes away line is less a real measure of time than a way of keeping the passengers from rebelling and taking control of the train. We all knew the train could have been moving a lot faster than it was, and it really should have been. Yet, it insisted on rattlesnake shaking its way into Toledo, and those ten minutes must have been symbolic of something. Ten minutes until the next ten minute announcement, perhaps? I made conversation with the passenger in the seat next to me, who used a tablet to look up the precise location of Toledo. We were still 20 miles off when he did that. An Amtrak moving at even a halfway decent clip could have covered that in about 15 minutes.

During the snail ride into Toledo, I started to have my most vivid romanticized fantasies ever about bus travel. I had taken the Megabus from Chicago to St. Louis, after all, and it hadn't been so bad. Perhaps I was a wee bit rash? Surely a bus, no matter how delayed, could be better than this. Well, when we finally pulled into Toledo, it was past 4 PM, and I immediately made my way to the bus. I got on, took a seat, and slammed my shin against the plastic foot stand. While that might have been a recoverable injury, I sat down by my window, and all those vivid bus fantasies I had got shot to hell. It was cramped. I mean, it was really cramped. When another passenger got on and sat down next to me, it was even worse.

The worst part of this, though, was the fact that the bus driver kept climbing on and off the bus. There was no way this could have served any possible purpose. At one point, he climbed off in order to open up more luggage compartments for checked luggage. And who the hell knows just what he was doing the other times? The bus got delayed for at least a half hour waiting around for this guy to find the damned accelerator. At this point, I was now physically holding myself down to keep from going completely mad, probably scaring the daylights out of the poor passenger next to me. So I tried keeping myself calm in the most effective way I could think of: Whisky. It was a good thing I had thought to store my flask in my jacket pocket before hopping aboard the train.

After god only knows how much longer, the bus finally left Toledo, and the rest of the trip, while uncomfortable, proved to be efficient. Mostly, anyway; there was some snailing along just before the bus climbed onto the freeway. It took us another four hours to reach Chicago, but Union Station was finally sighted around 9 PM…. And we couldn't get to it because there was an ambulance parked in our zone. Although we were finally in Chicago, that held us up for another five minutes. It was only five minutes, and it was for a very good reason, but even so, five minutes after being crammed on a bus felt like an eternity. I had Cracked podcasts and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies to entertain me, but they didn't make me forget how much my muscles hurt.

Getting off the bus felt like an injury recovery, but you can bet that this is a story Amtrak is going to hear about. Especially once I found out from another tablet-wielding passenger that the following Lake Shore Limited train the next day left on time.

I travel almost strictly by train, so I went into this knowing full well what the experience was like. But Amtrak lost a lot of respect from me after this, and I don't know if I'll ever give it back.]]>
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<![CDATA[God of War Quick Tip by GargantuasGames]]>
Also some aspects of the game just feel flat out unfinished. Consider, for example Kratos' parry maneuver. From SOUL CALIBUR to ONIMUSHA, parrying attacks have always been an invaluable skill in hack and slash titles. In ONIMUSHA, it was essential to survival, since the Issen slash was the only way to kill enemies in a single blow as well as replenish large amounts of your health. When Kratos parries an enemy attack in GOD OF WAR, the action enters a dramatic slow motion phase like something really cool's going to happen, but there's no payoff. Kratos can deliver a quick counterattack with his chains, but it's not visually impressive and does just as much damage as your normal attacks. What's the point of building up excitement with the slow mo effect then?

That said, there are a lot of good things about from an entertainment. However I'm sure they've all been said already in many other reviews. Definitely worth a playthrough or two. I just don't think it's the infallible masterpiece people have made it out to be.]]>
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<![CDATA[ An Everyday New Year]]>
However, this whole New Year's-is-magic thing is something I'm never going to understand. The whole process only has relevance because it's so close to Christmas and, by proximity, it gets the shit advertised out of it. Yes, folks, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are more corporatized holidays, but unlike every other corporatized holiday, there's no real sound basis for it. Valentine's Day - which I outright rebel against - at least celebrates love. What's New Year's? A new beginning? If people were actually serious about the whole new beginning thing, they wouldn't be saving their self-improvements until then anyway. Even though I make resolutions, I know full well in advance what they're going to be and how they're going to help me reach a higher plateau. I don't create them on some wistful December 31 whim, yanking them from the air because that's what people are apparently supposed to do. Doing that is probably why so many people keep their resolutions for about two weeks.

So if you pull your resolutions out of the equation, just what the hell is this? Sometimes you get invited to a party. It's nice - hang out with your buddies, have a few drinks, stay up late, kiss someone at midnight. An all-around good evening, really.... And nothing you don't do at any point earlier in the year. Hell, for people in their 20's, that's basically the after-work schedule. The only difference I can spot is that you're a lot more uncomfortable on New Year's, because you've decided to trap yourself in some tight-ass tuxedo for no other reason than because, hey, that's what it is to be an adult, right? Also, you're boozing on overpriced champagne instead of beer, wine, or whatever cheap spirit is your signature.

It's a pricier night out is what it is.

I found myself at the Buffalo ball drop a few times, which was nice because the fireworks display at the Electric Tower is very beautiful and choreographed to the classic rock music that is the city's signature musical sound. The best New Year's Eve I've experienced in my life was on December 31, 1997. My family went to see the Buffalo Sabres that night, and we ended up watching Sabres goaltender Dominik Hasek tie the all-time record for number of shutouts in a single month when the Sabres beat the Ottawa Senators.

Besides all the hype, the calendar starts all over again, whoop dee do. The Earth starts another revolution around the sun, which is a meaningless statistic considering how much we bend and maul the calendar to fit our own personal convenience. Even the most accurate measurement of time on Earth, the atomic clock, is so accurate that it actually manages to overshoot the mark.

I prefer literally any other holiday. Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, Independence Day, Easter, May Day if this country ever grows enough of a fucking brain to start observing it.... New Year's is, to me, nothing more than another day in the life. I'll still happily accept party invitations, but don't expect me to get too worked up about how awesome the magic of New Year's is.]]>
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UFC 139


1.STEPHAN BONNAR VS KYLE KINGSBURY-in the opening fight of the main card we got this fight right here. The first round is great as both guys set a great pace and go straight at it. Both guys get nailed by some big punches and knees. As the round comes to a close Bonnar is on top after a takedown securing the round. The second round is all Bonnar as he gets the early takedown and stays on top for the remainder. The final round is just as dominate for Bonnar as he gets on top and keeps Kyle there, he gets the UD.

2.MARTAIN KAMPMANN VS RICK STORY-this was a fight I was excited about based on these two guys and their styles. The first round was just what I expected with both guys landed big and coming right at each other. They both do well in the second landing on each other a few more times but it is Kampmann that takes the round after a nice trip. He then continues to work for the arm-triangle from there. The third round would see a few good knees and strikes but it was mostly spent in the clinch. There were a few takedowns but Kampmann taking Story’s back at the end is what sealed the split decision for him.

3.URIJAHFABER VS BRIAN BOWLES-the first round in this one sees them exchange a few times but it is Faber that controls the pace and octagon. Towards the end of round Faber secures it with a takedown. The second round sees Faber start out strong landing a big uppercut and then drops Brian. From there he lands huge elbows and sets up a guillotine choke. Brian has to tap as it is deep and Faber rolls it into mount.

4.WANDERLEI SILVA VS CUNG LE-this was one of the fights I was looking forward to the most, in fact this and the next were two of the most anticipated matches ever for me. This fight pit two of the greatest strikers of all time against each other Cung Le is one of the best kickers in MMA history and Silva is a straight up killer the first round is excellent with Le showcasing those amazing kicks. He lands a huge spinning back fist that drops Wanderlei. They both land some many shots in this round with Cung controlling the center of the cage. But towards the end of the round Silva cuts Le with a straight right and starts to unload on him. The second round was just as great but this time around Wanderlei was a little more in control as Cung was slowing down. Towards the end of this round Wanderlei just lets loose with some deadly kicks and punches that rock Le. From there Wanderlei delivers some of the most vicious knees I have ever seen, he follows those up with a really stiff jab that sends Le back. He then proceeds to latch on the Thai clinch and lands another big knee. Cung shoots in desperately but is met with some hammer fists, the ref saves him from there and Wanderlei gets the big win. Cung went home that night with his face literally smashed as his nose was pushed to one side of his face, it looked nasty.

5.DAN HENDERSON VS MAURICIO RUA-one of the biggest fights that should have happened in Pride FC finally happened here. This fight would end up being the most dramatic fight I have ever seen and honestly it may very well be the greatest fight of all time. This was the second non title five round main event in UFC history and what a great one it was. We get a great opening round as these warriors go straight at it. Dan strikes first landing a big right hand followed by a close choke attempt. From there he unloads land as Shogun is against the cage. Late in the round Shogun catches Dan but Dan wins the round in my opinion. The second round is just as great with Dan landing a huge right hand followed by a killer uppercut that sends Shoguns head popping up. But it is not enough and both men continue to do battle with Dan taking the round once again. The third round is one of the most dramatic as Dan lands an insane right hand that would have knocked anyone else out. From there he lands some shots that I am not kidding in saying would have KILLED lesser men. But Shogun fights through it and even goes for a leg lock and makes it to the end of the round with Dan taking it. This next round gives me goose bumps as it is so back and forth. Shogun lands a huge uppercut early and gets Dan down only for Dan to almost sink in a rear naked choke then the exchanges are amazing as one guy is landing huge only for the other to come back and land some of his own. In fact Henderson lands one of my favorite punches ever here. Then at the end of the round Rua gets the takedown and ends up in mount, Shogun with mount is death for anyone else. But here Henderson ends up reversing it and ending the round on top, it was insane but could have gone either way. The final epic round was all Shogun as he took Dan down and got mount on Henderson countless times. Dan would not be finished though as he kept fighting through it, that is crazy since it was a man like Rua on top of him. In all honesty if either one of these warriors were facing someone else this night they both would have finished those guys. In the end Henderson got the UD here but this is actually one of those times were no one was a loser here.

This was an excellent card with great fights and actually the greatest fight of all time. It was so dramatic and if you know the history of these guys you know any other people would have been stopped by them.


1.DANNY CASTILLO VS SHAMAR BAILEY-this fight only lasts a round, and almost a full round at that. This fight is all Castillo as he got to takedowns including a huge slam. From there he stayed on top the entire time and landing some big shots with seconds left to finish Bailey for the TKO win.

2.SETH BACZYNSKI VS MATT BROWN-this was a grinding first round with Seth mostly in control. It was a good back and forth battle with each guy going for a sub. The second round ends rather quickly as Seth sinks in a very tight guillotine choke. Brown tries with all his heart to escape it but ends up tapping.

3.MIGUEL TORRES VS NICK PACE-we get a good first round here with Torres going for a kimura that is defended well by Pace. Good back and forth with Miguel edging it. The second round was closer with both guys doing a great job fending off the other. The final round was mostly Torres who landed a bit more. Torres gets the ID here with 30-27 on all three judges’ scorecards.

4.GLEISON TIBAU VS RAFEAL DOS ANJOS-really good first round as both guys came to fight with each landing. The round could have gone either way depending on how you looked at it. The second round looked much like the first until the end of the round when Tibau unloaded on Dos Anjos. Anjos was rocked but stayed on his feet even as the punches came. The third round is a little more clear as well with Tibau coming out on top and taking the SD.

5.CHRIS WIEDMAN VS TOM LAWLOR-this fight is pretty quick as it goes a little past two minutes with Chris choking Tom out and putting him to sleep. This was a good showing for the man that would end the reign of The Spider.

6.MICHAEL MCDONALD VS ALEX SOTO-this fight didn’t even go past a minute as McDonald lands a killer right counter that drops Soto. He gets all over him from that and knocks him out cold moments later.

7.RYAN BADER VS JASON BRILLZ-this fight like the last two ends quickly and in the first. Bader knocks Brillz out with a glancing right hand. This was a good win for Bader over a tough guy.

This was a great night of fights and you get the behind the scenes and the countdown show as well as the weigh-ins as bonus features.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_139-232-1888824-242276-THE_MOST_DRAMATIC_FIGHT_OF_ALL_TIME.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_139-232-1888824-242276-THE_MOST_DRAMATIC_FIGHT_OF_ALL_TIME.html Thu, 5 Dec 2013 02:23:31 +0000
<![CDATA[Haters (Mean People) Quick Tip by stormtamer]]> the reviews. One out of several did not give the series lavish praise - the reviewer pointed out a couple of things she found objectionable, and because of this almost all of the replies were extremely nasty, to the point of calling her names.  I know this is par for the course, especially on large sites that encourage any sort of feedback on any given product, but it still gets under my skin that someone should be ridiculed just for voicing an opinion, and a valid one at that in my opinion. Granted, the person's concerns could be considered trivial compared to other anime featuring unquestionably questionable content, but still, why condemn the person for voicing those concerns?]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Haters_Mean_People_-232-1887951-241662.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Haters_Mean_People_-232-1887951-241662.html Fri, 8 Nov 2013 17:50:03 +0000 <![CDATA[American Horror Story - The Complete First Season Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Horror_Story_The_Complete_First_Season-232-1887412-241234.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Horror_Story_The_Complete_First_Season-232-1887412-241234.html Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:49:56 +0000 <![CDATA[ ENTER THE MURDER HOUSE]]>


When this show was first announced I very excited to see what it was all about. I liked the cast for it and eventually when the teasers were released I was all about it. I have always been a big horror fan and like most I am all about a good ghost story, especially a series. This is the first season of the show that would eventually be named "Murder house" for obvious reasons. I am happy to announce that this show was great as was the next season as is the current one now.

The first season is all about a family of three who move into an old house, a house with history and guests who don't want to leave. Father Ben, wife Vivien and daughter Violet are trying t start over in life after a series of setbacks. Setbacks such as Vivien giving birth to a stillborn baby as well as her husband cheating on her with one of his students, who may not be completely out of the picture. All seems well enough until they hear the stories of their new house, "Murder House" as the locals call it. Things start up from there as previous residents of the home seem to not be able to leave. The reason being that some where up to twenty people have died in the house.

This was an excellent show that kept me interested all the way to the very last episode. What made it even better was that I knew that I was going to get an ending since every season would be a different story. What better way to start out with than a haunted house tale. They way that the ghosts interact with the living in this show is great since they actually seem like real people who are still there. Now that is nothing new in this kind of story but the characters are very well written and acted as well.

Dylan McDermott [husband], Connie Britton [wife], and Taissa Farmiga [daughter] are excellent as the family that moves in. each has their own problems to deal with and portray here and as the lead cast members the majority of the show falls on them. Still everyone here throughout the entire season is great from the smallest role to all the supporting roles. The writing, direction, and the way the show was shot all match the performances on every level.

Now this show is not for everybody as some have called it a little risky, especially as far as the sexuality goes. I don't disagree with these people but none of it bothered me. For the most part I think it helped the story along, especially with McDermott's character. With this set you get an audio commentary along with many behind the scenes stuff. I do recommend this show to all horror or haunted house/ghost story fans. Season two is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray called "Asylum" and season three {Coven] is currently on TV.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Horror_Story_The_Complete_First_Season-232-1887412-241233-ENTER_THE_MURDER_HOUSE.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-American_Horror_Story_The_Complete_First_Season-232-1887412-241233-ENTER_THE_MURDER_HOUSE.html Tue, 22 Oct 2013 20:49:30 +0000
<![CDATA[GNC Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]>
GNC offers a myriad of products for a myriad of health uses.  There's quality products available to lose weight, gain muscle, improve sexual health, digestive cleansing, and so fourth.  They also have a great return policy where if you're not satisfied with something you bought, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it with a product of equal or lesser value as long as you return it within 30 days of purchase and bring your receipt.

GNC customers can also sign up for a Gold Card, which gives you discounts on products sold in GNC's stores (brick and mortar or online), and if you keep your eyes pealed for "one day only" sales online, you can sometimes take advantage of said online sale AND use your Gold Card to cut off a good chunk of the price on something you plan to buy.  I recently managed to snag a container of GNC Pro-Performance AMP Amplified Mass XXX for only $50 (including tax and shipping), whereas if I bought it online at the shelf price (including tax and shipping), it would have cost me around $83 (its price without tax or shipping is $76).

If you're looking to buy products that are aimed at helping you improve certain aspects to your health, GNC is certainly a place to check out.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-GNC-232-1887283-241150.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-GNC-232-1887283-241150.html Sat, 12 Oct 2013 22:42:56 +0000
<![CDATA[ The Commercial Death Star; the World's Most Useless Shopping Mall]]>
Main Place Mall is plopped right smack in the middle of downtown Buffalo as part of a complex nicknamed Buffalo Place. It has a covered walkway leading into the next-door Liberty Building, and it takes up most of the block from Church Street to Lafayette Square, sitting conveniently on Main Street's lightrail line. To understand the preservation committee's eternal worrywarting, you have to understand what that part of the city contained until Main Place Mall was built in 1969. The Erie County Saving Bank Building was there, a magnificent architectural piece which drew influences of European-style castles. There were several other beautiful buildings sitting on the block too, the traditional architectural styles of which can still be seen on certain blocks of Main Street today.

The history of Buffalo is similar to that of most other Rust Belt cities. The city exploded thanks to its ideal situation right at the tail end of the Erie Canal. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Buffalo was the eighth-largest city in the United States, and one of the richest. The place was an industrial giant with an enormous steel base, and over 70 percent of the grain that got shipped anywhere in the world ended up passing through Buffalo at some point because of Buffalo's collection of grain elevators - the world's largest, many of which still exist. Buffalo got hit hard when the St. Lawrence Seaway opened and many of the traders who had to go through the Erie Canal were able to bypass the city completely. There was also the whole suburban White Flight trend that started hitting in the 50's and 60's. Everything started deteriorating, and the city officials, in their everlasting brilliance (note: that's written with the highest possible level of venomous sarcasm), started wiping out everything in their paths in the name of slum clearance and urban renewal. Some of the prettiest buildings in the entire country got the axe, and were replaced by structures which I suppose might have fit some definition of "modern" at the time. The newer buildings on the Buffalo skyline are ass-ugly. Brutalist architecture became a way of life to the 60's developers, and it's all punctuated by the 40-floor One HSBC Center, which is the tallest building on the city's skyline, the most prominent, and the most likely to be mistaken for a giant refrigerator box. It might be the ugliest building on Earth. PS: It's also largely abandoned these days. Most of the major tenants have run off - including HSBC itself, which occupied 75 percent of the available space in the building. 97 percent of the building will be vacant by the end of this year. There's a reformation and renewal project in the works for the place which might spring it back to life, but it will unfortunately not involve razing the place, so hopefully the aesthetic remake will at least make it blend better with the rest of the city, or at least not make glancers want to gouge their eyes out.

Main Place Mall was one of those attempts at renewal. It's a shopping mall which was intended to bring everyone from the suburbs back into the city for their weekend cash-throwing contests. It failed. Man, did it EVER fail.

Main Place Mall looks like the Death Star. I think it's technically defined as a piece of late-century modernist architecture, but it really doesn't look like it contains any of the standard giveaways of modernist style. In other words, if you're looking for something Wright might have designed - Wright being one of the headmasters of architectural modernism as well as a guy who designed a couple of houses in Buffalo - Main Place Mall ain't the place to start. This place looks much more like a brutalist building made out of metal: It looks heavy and angular, the side beams look like exposed steel beams, and the assembly could easily be mistaken for large slabs. Fitting, because Main Place Mall basically IS a large black slab. Main Place Tower, which is attached to the mall, looks like a giant version of the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

If you're a first-timer in the Buffalo city limits, Main Place Tower is the only part of the building where the entrances are marked. So it's the only way you'll know you've found Main Place Mall if you've never seen the place before and somehow missed any online descriptions or directions: "If you're walking along the lightrail line and you reach an ugly black slab, you've found it!"

Buffalo Coffee Roastery and Gino and Joe's pizzeria both have direct entrances from the outside of the mall, which is good, because that means you can visit them both without having to actually set foot in the mall itself. Buffalo Coffee Roastery makes delicious coffee and baked goods. Its main function is just to serve as a coffee joint - instead of a full-time cafe, like a lot of other coffeehouses today - especially if you don't plan on staying, because the only seats there are along the walls - there are no proper tables. The coffee is quite delicious, though, so it's very convenient to grab an order as you wait for the lightrail to stop by the Church Street station. Gino and Joe's is an oddball pizzeria by merit of the fact that it serves New York City-style slices instead of the Buffalo-style which is made by absolutely every other place in the city, save Pizza Hut or Domino's. It's damn good pizza, though, and at under $3 per slice, quite reasonably priced.

You now know of the only two places in Main Place Mall worth checking out. There are two floors in Main Place Mall, but no place else worth visiting unless you:

a - Have an unchecked fetish for footwear. I'm not talking about the unique stuff, either; I mean plain, old, average, everyday, ludicrously overpriced footwear. There are a few footwear stores in Main Place Mall, including a Foot Locker and a Payless.

b - Are in dire need of an emergency newsstand or dollar store. There's one of each.

c - Work downtown and want a conveniently located Key Bank or food court. Let's face it though, Buffalo is a strict Bank of America city now, despite once being the official capitol of North America for HSBC. And Bank of America is accessible in the next-door Liberty Building.

There are a couple of other stores, but basically there's nothing in Main Place Mall worth visiting. Now, I know what you're thinking: It's a shopping mall, Nicholas! Even if the retailers are bland, it would still be easy to visit the place and grab a new suit shirt should something happen to the one I'm wearing! Just go into the JC Penny's or Macy's or.... Hold it. Shut up. Let me stop you right there. I don't disagree with that sentiment. But when I said there's nothing in Main Place Mall worth visiting, you were probably thinking the emphasis was on the "worth visiting" part, like a lot of other people would. That's not the case. My emphasis was actually on the "nothing." My little bullet listing up there wasn't an emphasis; it was a summary of stores that are open in the entire place. I think there's also one clothing store, and I know there's a place for Buffalo-unique collectibles and T-shirts and a place to buy chocolates. Those are all on the first floor. However, it's very easy to get to similar places all throughout the city - Buffalo collectibles are easily located on nearby Elmwood Avenue, sweets can be found anywhere within the nearby Elmwood Village and Allentown neighborhoods, and as far as the clothing store goes, even people in the suburbs probably live within easy distance of a strip mall with clothes stores in bunches.

Yes, the majority of the first floor is empty space. There are a large number of closed storefronts, most of which have been that way for a long time. The really depressing part, though, is how much of that space is NOT actual storefront. Anyone who frequents shopping malls is aware of the fact that malls have a habit of placing plain whitewall over spaces that haven't been rented out to tenants in a long time. A good chunk of the first floor consists of that if it's not closed storefront.

The second floor, however, is even worse. Outside the food court, there are no stores whatsoever. Just a hulking balcony. In the worse old days, there was a walkway to the building across the lightrail line, but that building has somehow managed to become even more useless than Main Place Mall, and so it's now completely close - which means the entrance to the walkway is also boarded up. The eastern side of the second floor has closed storefronts. The western side? Entirely whitewall.

The one part of Main Place Mall which would make Main Place Mall worth a visit - besides Buffalo Coffee Roastery and Gino and Joe's - would be the food court, but only if you happen to work downtown, and even then it's pretty inessential. About half of the food court is whitewall. One of the food court restaurants is Gino and Joe's - the very same place on the first floor, serving the very same food at the very same prices. Everything else is there just to satisfy hunger pangs. The food there does the job. It's not exceptional, but it's probably the only reason Main Place mall is still open.

Buffalo Coffee Roastery and Gino and Joe's need to be given their own spots. Once that happens, Main Place Mall needs to be demolished. Aside from those two places, the only halfway decent thing I can say about Main Place Mall is that, with One HSBC Center just a couple of blocks down the street, it doesn't look quite as ugly as it is. Some Buffalo tourism sites advertise Main Place Mall as one of the city's premier shopping centers. That's a bigger lie than any of our local politicians is even capable of telling.]]>
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<![CDATA[Buildings in Buffalo, New York that Look Like They Could be from Star Wars]]> Listening to any architecture expert yakking incessantly about the marvels of architecture in the city of Buffalo, New York, one can almost hear the voice of Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother: "Fun fact! Did you know Buffalo is one of only two cities in the United States to feature architecture from Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, HH Richardson, AND Frederick Law Olmsted? The only other American city with that combination is Chicago!" And, 'tis true. Very few other cities can boast the kinds of architectural heritage contained within the Buffalo city limits. 


If you were to drive down the thruway above downtown Buffalo taking the occasional cursory glance over to see what you're missing, your primary reflex would be a look of awe. Unfortunately, it's not a good kind of awe. The later buildings of Buffalo have a way of standing well above the good architecture, and those later buildings seem to have all been built at a time when Buffalo city planners were obsessed with the 50's and 60's version of what the future would look like. The result is a series of prominent monstrosities whose presence gives Buffalo one hell of a butt-ugly skyline. Some of the buildings look like they can be spotted as set decoration in the background of the Star Wars movies. Now, I'm one of the biggest Star Wars fans you'll ever meet. Star Wars is famous, beloved, and popular for many reasons, but its displays of futuristic buildings is definitely not one of them. 

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/Lists-232-3244-Buildings_in_Buffalo_New_York_that_Look_Like_They.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/Lists-232-3244-Buildings_in_Buffalo_New_York_that_Look_Like_They.html Thu, 19 Sep 2013 23:29:43 +0000


I am a big fan of the Royal Rumble and in fact it is my favorite of the big five PPV's [I am including King of the Ring, oh how I miss you]. Any way this year's was a good one with some highly entertaining moments. Along with the Rumble itself we get three title matches so it was a fun event.

1.[LAST MAN STANDING WORLD TITLE MATCH]ALBERTO DEL RIO VS BIG SHOW-the first match of the night was the World Title match. But before it started we got to see the legendary Bret Hart talking with Del Rio backstage. Then we get into this hardcore match which was an entertaining brawl. They would use whatever they could get their hands on to beat down the other. The biggest moment of the match would have to be Del Rio getting chokeslamed onto a table. It is where it happened that made that something special. I liked the ending here as I was wondering at the time if Del Rio won how would he do it. Their first last man standing match on Smackdown ended with Del Rio trapping Show under a table to keep him down. Here he would tape his feet around the ropes leading to his victory and keeping the belt.

2.[TAG TITLE]TEAM HELL NO VS TEAM RHODES SCHOLARS-the second match would see the unlikely tag champs taking on the highly arrogant challengers. This was a good match in which the heel team pulled off the usual heel tactics and worked over the smaller Bryan. It had a good pace and some nice action from both sides. Kane used his strength to overpower Cody and Sandow that and Bryan submission skills lead to them taking home the victory.

3.ROYAL RUMBLE-as usual the Rumble match was fun and featured many memorable moments. Kofi continued his new Rumble gimmick which is how can he be thrown out but still stay in, which is cool. There was also the surprise entrants like The Godfather and Y2J of course. Dolph looked great here since he is the HBK/Mr. Perfect of these days. All the action was fun and moved a good pace with Cena coming out on top again and going to Mania against The Rock.

4.[WWE TITLE]CM PUNK VS THE ROCK-this was a really good match and best of the night for sure. These two worked well together and kept the action going with brawling all over the place. The counters here are great as well and Rock is hilarious of course. I was so behind Punk here and wanted him to win so bad so when the lights went out and Punk won a little bit later I was very happy with the outcome. But Vince came out and restarted the match at Rock's request since he knew the Shield had put Rock threw the table. This lead to some The Rock getting the title once again in his career, I like The Rock but the wrong man won in my opinion.

This was a good Rumble in my opinion as every match was entertaining. I do not like that Punk lost the title but unfortunately that was not my call. All the non Rumble matches were really good and the Rumble itself had some fun moments as always. The event was not as great as the old school Rumbles but as far as the last Rumbles are concerned it was good.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2013-232-1883078-240639-ANOTHER_FUN_RUMBLE.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2013-232-1883078-240639-ANOTHER_FUN_RUMBLE.html Tue, 17 Sep 2013 22:19:49 +0000
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Just like many other communist dictatorships, North Korea puts up the façade of it being a paradise for everyone, especially the working class, but the monstrously ugly truth is that only the "elite" in North Korean society reap the promised benefits by the government.  Practically everyone else lives in the most horrid of poverty where its common to see people starving to death in the middle of village roads.  Even worse, there's plenty of political prison camps that are so deplorable, even the most nefarious Nazi and NKVD officers would be shaken up a little by the sheer cruelty at the hands of the North Korean government.  The North Korean government ultimately crushes any form of dissent with their extremely hideous "guilt by association" policy, where the family members of individuals accused of political crimes are sent to these concentration camps.

While the day may not happen in my lifetime, the day North Korea's regime gets toppled and its ultimately detestable leadership gets their comeuppance will be one of the best in human history.]]>
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Ah the mid 90's, was there ever a better time period for wrestling fans. WCW was finally getting up there in ratings against the WWF and competition was in the air. It was in fact that same competition that I speak of that lead to everything you are going to see here on this release. The WWF had at the time only the five major Pay Per View events that we all knew and loved. The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring, SummerSlam, and of course the Survivor Series but that was soon about to change. WCW was starting to add more PPV's to their schedule so the WWF had to compete. Their answer was to create a two hour [at first] PPV called "In Your House". These events would be held in-between the "big" events. Eventually they would drop the "In Your House" from the title but we all remember those days for the good and the bad. This is the first volume of the "best of" and is hosted by Todd Pettengill.

1.BRET HART VS HAKUSHI-the first match on the set was also the first match on the first IYH PPV. This was Bret's first match of the night as he would go on to face, trick [fake leg injury], and beat Jerry Lawler later that night. First though he had to get through the "modern day kamikaze" Hakushi. This was a good opening match for that PPV and a good choice for this set. Hakushi was a different kind of opponent for Hart as he was more of an aerial based wrestler with his attacks. There was some great action here from moonsaults to both men going to the outside from a suplex. Hakushi and his manager Sinjin were not above trying to cheat to win but it would not be enough as Bret was able to get the win with a victory roll. Also it was cool to here Vince and Dok Hendrix [Michaels Hayes] on commentary, that takes me back.

2.[I-C TITLE]JEFF JARRETT VS SHAWN MICHAELS-one of the best matches that is always overlooked by fans when it comes to both guys. This match took place at the second IYH event and was probably the best match on the card. Both guys looked great here as did the Roadie who would get involved and even cost Double J the match at the end. Jarrett tried to stale the match many times going to the outside and then back in to break the count. Also it is funny when Vince's mic goes out and Lawler has free range for a short period of time. In the end HBK hits some sweet chin music on JJ and takes home the I-C title as a late B-Day present for at the time a record tying third time.

3.[I-C TITLE]DEAN DOUGLAS VS RAZOR RAMON-this match took place at the fourth IYH and was Ramon's second match of the night after competing in a tag match earlier in the evening. Dean had been awarded the I-C title shortly before the match due to HBK forfeiting the title due to injuries he received after he was jumped outside of a night club [this really happened]. So Dean had to immediately defend the title against Razor and both men delivered a good match. I for one have always been a fan of Douglas especially during his ECW days. I think he is very underrated as is this match since I still think it was one of the best of the night. The match is mostly Ramon with Dean getting in some good moments from time to time. That is of course everything except for the finish which seemed out of place. After a back body drop Razor drapes his arm over Dean for the three count but Douglas was able to get his foot under the rope, but the ref did not see it. The best thing about it was the guy with the black hair in the front row, his reaction still cracks me up. And I miss Lawler as a heel commentator.

4.[HOG PEN MATCH]TRIPLE H VS HENRY GODWIN-this match was back when Triple H was Hunter Hearst Helmsley and before the rest of his body caught up with that nose. Also in should be noted that Hillbilly Jim was the special referee for this match. This took place at the fifth IYH event and was a good match over all. You would think a match like this would be a pure brawl but you would be wrong. Yes it did have its brawling moments but it was more than just a fight at times. Of course over all this match was made to be the fun comedic match of the night. Hunter gets the win after sending Godwin into the pin. But afterwards he would also be thrown in even after he was slopped on.

5.[WWF TITLE]BRET HART VS BRITISH BULLDOG-also taking place at the fifth IYH this is one of my favorite matches form the early IYH events. These two had a classic in 92 at SummerSlam and when this was live on PPV I had no doubt that this would be as well. As I thought this was an excellent match and probably the best on that card and one of the best on this set. These two just had great chemistry from their tag matches to the singles. The match would see Bulldog control most of it really putting a beating on Bret and busting him open. But Bret stayed in the fight delivering some big moves such as a superplex. Bret would avenge that SummerSlam match with this one pinning Davey and retaining the title.

6.[WWF TITLE NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH]SHAWN MICHAELS VS DIESEL-the first match that the two had with the roles reversed as far as baby face/heel goes, and unlike last time HBK came to win. This was the classic no hold barred match between the two where Diesel [Kevin Nash] used Mad Dog Vachone's [not sure I spelled that right] fake leg as a weapon. This was for the time in WWF was a pretty hardcore match, I say for WWF because at the time ECW was alive and well. But for this company this was a great hardcore match before this was the norm in the company. There is a lot of good action in this match and the best friends turned enemies angle was working real well even after it started way back in 1994 between these two. To anyone who says Vince doesn't care about his wrestlers [at least some of the time] should check this one out. I never really noticed it before but when Nash goes to power bomb HBK into the table notice how Vince tries to grab the video monitor out of the way but it pops up into the air. Shawn wins this one after some sweet chin music is played for Nash. This match took place at the "Good Friends Better Enemies" IYH.

7.[WWF TITLE]SHAWN MICHAELS VS MANKIND-I remember watching this match and really being worried that Shawn may not keep the belt, because at the time Mankind was a whole new breed in the WWF. I had watched Mick before in WCW and ECW [who were in the house that night] and was well aware of what he could do. But I relaxed and knew Shawn would overcome this obstacle, still though this was the same guy [Mankind] that took it to the Undertaker so I knew it would be interesting. The match its self was great and very entertaining, the action in this match was very well paced and did not over do anything. It seemed to me that the story of this match played out very well and the Undertaker, Vader, & Psycho Sid appearances just added to the atmosphere. There were a lot of high spots in the match of course like the super kick off of the chair or both wrestlers falling from the top turnbuckle onto the table. Shawn takes a DQ victory for this unique match. This was not really a hardcore match or a traditional wrestling match but kinda a hybrid of the two, very unique feeling to this one. This is one of the most physical matches on the set and ever. This match brought out an aggressive side of HBK that we had not seen since he put Marty through the glass, this is one of my favorite matches on the set. This match took place at the "Mind Games" IYH.

8.STEVE AUSTIN VS TRIPLE H-the future of the company was competing right here in one of their earlier matches. Both were heels at the time which made the contest even more interesting in my opinion. Austin was scheduled to face Savio Vega and continue that feud but he was injured. The match itself was great with both men looking great and getting in a great opening contest for that event. This match took place at the "Buried Alive" IYH [more on that later]. Hunter was going to be facing former friend Mr. Perfect the next night on Raw. Perfect decided to go down to ringside and take Hunter's girl. This not only lead to Austin winning the match after a stunner but prior to that and encounter between Perfect and Austin.

9.[BURIED ALIVE MATCH]UNDERTAKER VS MANKIND-the first ever buried alive match featured two of the best from the WWF. This match was more of a fight and brawl than anything else. They would battle in the crowd, ring and even at the burial site. This was one of the most fun feuds in the WWF and this match also introduced the short lived Executioner character. Taker wins the match but Ex nails him with a shovel and along with Mankind and other heels of the time buries Taker alive. The horror movie like ending with Taker's hand is still great.

10.[WWF TITLE FINAL FOUR MATCH]BRET HART VS VADER VS UNDERTAKER VS STEVE AUSTIN-this match came about because Steve Austin had been eliminated at the Royal Rumble by Bret Hart. The refs did not see it so he came back into the ring eliminating Hart, Taker, and Vader to win. This of course could not be allowed so this Final Four match was established to crown the new WWF champ since HBK had to let the title go. This was a fun match with all four guys going at each other's throats, or should I say eyes. Vader gets bloody and nasty looking on his left eye. They could eliminate each other battle royal style or by the traditional pin or submission. Thankfully Bret Hart won the match and the title after some great action. Unfortunately he would drop the belt the next night on Raw to Sid, my brother and I are still upset by that.


1.HART FOUNDATION VS KEN SHAMROCK, LOD, GOLDUST, & STEVE AUSTIN-one of the best matches on the set. This match is full of legends and some of the best to ever lace the boots up. This took place at the "Canadian Stampede" IYH event in Canada so you know who the crowd was behind. This match was full of drama and had great atmosphere around it. There were countless great moments in this match and every time someone from the Hart Foundation lands a punch or anything the crowd came alive. I will say though that I loved when Owen came back down after he was sent to the back, the crowd loved it. This match was full of brawling as well as classic tag team maneuvers such as the original Foundation laying out some moves. The ending was great and the aftermath was a great moment for the Hart family.

2.SHAWN MICHAELS VS UNDERTAKER-this match was from the often forgotten IYH "Ground Zero" event which is still one of my favorites. This is one of the craziest matches these two ever had and is up there with every match they have had since. This is a crazy fight and brawl from the beginning and a good while into the match you finally hear the bell. That is right the first part of this match wasn't even officially part of the match. Taker really takes it to HBK here for costing him the title at SummerSlam. When the match finally starts it stays mostly Taker but Shawn showcases why he is the best of all time in my opinion. One of the best matches the two ever had and that is saying something. I love how the refs keep getting knocked out so the wrestlers have to come out to break them up. Of course this leads to Taker diving over the ropes to still get at Shawn, this might be my favorite match of the set.

3.[NON SNACTIONED MATCH]STEVE AUSTIN, OWEN HART, CACTUS JACK & CHAINSAW CHARLIE VS TRIPLE H, NEW AGE OUTLAWS & SAVIO VEGA-still to this day one of the most fun matches of all time. I still wish it would have been DX & the New Age Outlaws but Shawn was injured and thus Savio took his place. This like the last just starts out as a brawl with weapons galore everywhere thanks in most part to the hardcore legends. Eventually the ref gets control and it turns into a tag match. It is at this point that one of the greatest and funniest moments ever happens. Steve Austin has a trash can in his hands and just launches it at Billy Gun as he gets into the ring. You have to see that moment to get it, it is hilarious. This match featured all the big feuds going into Wrestlemania so it was an important event. The ending comes when Austin stuns the Outlaws and gets the pin. Afterwards he stuns Chyna.

4.[WWF TAG TITLES]MANKIND & KANE VS UNDERTAKER & STEVE AUSTIN-great tag match right here as the tag champs were going in against a team that no one was sure could work together in Austin [WWF Champ] and Taker [future challenger]. The story here was great with Austin and Taker getting into it at various times and refusing to tag each other. Of course the tag champs Kane and Mankind worked together very well and took it to the challengers. Of course as it would turn out it would not be enough as Taker tombstoned Kane for the win. This was a great match that makes me want to go back and watch that whole IYH [Fully Loaded] and the SummerSlam that followed.

5.[I-C TITLE]KEN SHAMROCK VS MANKIND-man I really miss Shamrock I realize that now. I have been watching him since the first UFC event. So when he came into the WWF I was super excited [despite the feud with Dan Severn never materializing. This was a fun back and forth match with both men looking great here. This was a nice mix of brawling and in ring action. Mankind tapped up his middle fingers for this match like he had done in the past looking to apply the mandible claw. Little did he know that he would be using it on himself after Shamrock locks on the ankle lock. He does this in order to knock himself out. In doing so Mankind looses the match but does not give Ken the satisfaction of seeing him tap to the ankle lock. This was at the "Judgment Day" IYH.

6.[WWF TITLE LAST MAN STANDING MATCH]THE ROCK VS MANKIND-taking place at the St. Valentine's Day Massacre" IYH and was another hardcore brawl between these two. These guys had some great matches and chemistry and this was more of the same. They battled all over the place and used every weapon they could get their hands on. That included the announcer's table, and speaking of that The Rock had a great moment here doing some commentary for his own match. These beat each other until they both could not answer the count leaving it as a draw and Mankind still with the belt.


1.BRET HART VS STEVE AUSTIN-the first bonus match was between "The Hitman" and "The Rattlesnake". These two always delivered when they got together and I still remember this match. Not as remembered as much as their other encounters but this was still a good one. Bret really tried to work Austin's knee over including doing his figure for on the post. That is still one of my favorite moves from Bret ever. Austin of course would fight back leading to the Hart Foundation getting involved. Austin wins the match due to a DQ at the "Revenge of the `Taker" IYH.

2.[WWF LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE]TAKA MICHINOKU VS BRIAN CHRISTOPHER-this took place at the great D-Generation X IYH and was the finals of the new Light Heavyweight Championship tournament. At the time the WWF was trying to bring in the faster littler guys and counter WCW's Cruiserweight division. I was so excited for this match because I had been loving the tournament leading into this. Thankfully it did not disappoint as booth men brought their A games here. Taka was obviously the quicker of the two and it showed with all of his high flyer maneuvers. Brian of course was the stronger and beat on Taka when he had the chance. The funny thing here was hearing J.R. and Lawler go at it over if Brian was King's son or not. But anyways after a great back and forth battle Taka gets the win and the new belt.

3.[WWF TITLE]SHAWN MICHAELS VS KEN SHAMROCK-like the last match this one took place at HBK's own PPV "D-Generation X". He would be defending the title against Ken Shamrock who I am a huge fan of. I had been watching Shamrock since the first UFC so I was a bit torn. But this is pro wrestling so I had to go with Shawn. This was a great match with Shawn doing all he can to survive Ken's onslaught. The WWF was making Shamrock look great here so HBK had help from Triple H and Chyna. This was a great match with Ken getting the win by DQ but it was the ending that most people remember with "The Black Heart" Owen Hart returning.

4.X PAC VS D'LO BROWN-two of my favorites were going at it here during one of the best feuds of the time, which of course was DX vs. The Nation of Domination. This was a non title match since D'Lo had stolen the European title. This was a great contest with back and forth action that would see D'Lo take the win. This was a good match and a good bonus match.

This was a fun set and really brought me back. It was cool to see Todd back again hosting this, I always liked that guy. The match selection was a good one especially for a first volume. I really hope we get a second and even a third if possible, I think there was enough events to do that. It would be cool to see an IYH anthology like the big events, I don't see it happening.
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<![CDATA[Barilla Meat Sauce Gemelli Italian Entrée Microwavable Bowls Quick Tip by woopak_the_thrill]]>
Not sure if this can be classified as a TV dinner, but 1 minute in the microwave and it is ready. The sauce is a little sour but not bad; the pasta well....pretty decent for what it is. I just have one minor complaint, there was hardly any meat.

Good if you are in a rush.... better than Cup O'Noodles but I prefer Hot Pockets on the go.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Barilla_Meat_Sauce_Gemelli_Italian_Entr_e_Microwavable_Bowls-232-1881283-240315.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Barilla_Meat_Sauce_Gemelli_Italian_Entr_e_Microwavable_Bowls-232-1881283-240315.html Fri, 6 Sep 2013 06:19:06 +0000
<![CDATA[ Yahoo! It's Run by its Namesake]]> yahoo.com. Later, I opened two more Yahoo! accounts, one for fun and another for business.

Come the next few months, I'll be closing down the two that remain open. This is going to include knocking out my Yahoo! Sports account, which my fantasy football league runs through. Why? Because I'm sick of the way Yahoo! has been destroying itself from the inside.

For my first few years with Yahoo!, everything was fine. There was nothing particularly special about the account, by to me, email is email, and it has a couple of functions: Send mail. Receive mail. After those, everything else is superfluous. Yahoo! at first did that. It wasn't especially spectacular about it, but it functioned. Then after awhile, Yahoo! began engineering changes which were supposed to make the account more efficient.

The way Yahoo! went about the changes was silly. First, whenever I logged on, they would offer me the chance to switch to the new format. Did it matter? Nope, not since they would be switching formats on a certain date no matter what I wanted. If they were going to make the switch no matter what, why even bother interrupting my email with what's basically a full spam page offering the switch in the first place? Why not just go ahead and do it, since it apparently takes mere seconds anyway?

The change to the current format was supposed to make Yahoo! faster and more efficient. To their credit, it IS faster and more efficient, but only when it decides it wants to work. That's the real gamble nowadays. About half the time, the email page doesn't even load. And often enough when it does, I get nothing but error messages. Provided the whole page loads and I can actually look at emails, I open up my email and then THAT page either comes up blank, refuses to load, or pops up an error message. There appears to be a problem loading my message list. Gee, ya think?

Have I an email or two to delete? Yes, in fact I usually have to delete emails pushing two dozen. Sometimes the Yahoo! system is so buggy that even after deleting them all, they'll all mysteriously reappear back on my page like Penn and Teller were pulling some prank.

When I try to back out of a page after reading an email, I do it by clicking on my inbox icon because simply hitting the back icon has frequently resulted in my getting booted from Yahoo! Mail altogether. If I want to, you know, send a message to someone else, well, it the errors aren't coming more often than not, they certainly feel like they are. I'm trying not to send attachments over Yahoo! anymore because I fear what kinds of shit will happen to them in transition.

To be fair to the spam filter, it does catch most of what it's supposed to catch. It also works a little TOO well sometimes, and I find myself flipping through the spam mail regularly because it also catches several messages that I WANT to receive. Not spam messages I like to read for amusement, but little updates from sites that I frequent and in some cases have subscribed to. Meanwhile, some spam still finds its way through to my regular email list. Also, the email lists don't let you use proper up and down arrows now.

The final straw was that Yahoo! now sees it fit to apparently place spam emails from their advertisers at the top of my email lists sometimes. I can't get rid of them, since they're from the people supporting Yahoo! Although they only put one at the top of my message lists for now, how long before these things completely take over and I have to scroll down before getting any of the messages I wanted to see?

Yahoo! really is an excellent name for this email system. It feels like it's being run by a bunch of luddite yahoos. I'm done there within the next few months, after I figure out how to switch all my accounts.]]>
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<![CDATA[Flat Earth Society Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]>
Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of freedom in the Western world, but I sometimes think that stupidity like this should be punishable by law.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Flat_Earth_Society-232-1880810-240264.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Flat_Earth_Society-232-1880810-240264.html Thu, 5 Sep 2013 04:02:42 +0000
<![CDATA[Keebler Simply Made Cookies, chocolate chip Quick Tip by woopak_the_thrill]]> When I was a kid, I was cheap and did not know much, so I used to like Chips Ahoy....so I figured I'd try this product out.

Keebler's cookies does sound healthier as it does not have high fructose corn syrup. According to the label it is made from natural ingredients such as wheat, milk, soy and butter, and I believe it from its texture. It may be a little "crumbly" and crunchy, but it just means that it used no artificial bonding agent.

You can definitely taste the choco chips and cookie dough. Not a cookie meant to be with 'fresh from the oven' goodness but this sure works as a munchie. I am going into this bad boy right now and my friends seem to like it.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_Simply_Made_Cookies_chocolate_chip-232-1879463-239986.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_Simply_Made_Cookies_chocolate_chip-232-1879463-239986.html Wed, 28 Aug 2013 13:57:46 +0000
<![CDATA[ On Pasture at the Hunting Range]]> Baseball-fever.com, and my first message board from Netjak, where I wrote for seven years.

The most useful message board I've ever been a part of is called Islamica. Their address is Islamicaweb.com, and they have a Facebook group to boot. I've made genuine friends there, and I also found my first apartment in Chicago there. Unfortunately, the place hasn't been without its problems: Its been given over to random, meaningless changes over the years which - while they made the place far more efficient - shut the place down for long periods. Unfortunately for Islamica, peoples' lives don't revolve around message boards, and the last shutdown a couple of years ago was terrible even by their standards. The result was a wholesale ship abandonment which rendered the once-active board almost completely stagnant. It couldn't have come at a worse time for me, because I moved back to my hometown of Buffalo, New York, a hub of bad memories and burned bridges where I could have really benefitted from a few (read: very, very many) new legs up.

I needed to find a new message board where I could connect with people, and quite by accident I stumbled into The Buffalo Range at buffalorange.com. Seemed perfect: Powerful local connections, wide range of topics, forum for buying and selling, members who seemed to know what they were talking about. The key word in that there sentence would be "seemed," though, because it wasn't like I was allowed a thorough scouring of the message board before getting locked out. That's right - outside onlookers aren't actually allowed a widespread glance at the material getting posted. I would think being allowed unlimited free looks would be kinda, sorta important because, you know, outsiders decide whether or not they want to join by what they see written in the fucking forums!

I put that odd little quirk behind me and opened an account anyway. Unfortunately, how open my account there really is remains a matter of the kind of linguistic debate which nets good corporate lawyers the big bucks. Now, to what little credit I can give The Buffalo Range, they didn't make me wait 4000 days to get the activation receipt. They sent it right off the bat. That, however, is still a strike against The Buffalo Range because they're still using the archaic email activation method before you're allowed to do absolutely anything else there. The activation emails contain two links…. Neither of which ever worked. One would take me to a blank screen, while the other failed completely. This left me in a rather precarious position: My account was neither opened or closed.

First order of business after something like this happens? Why, you stop back in the message board and let the administrators know something is up, of course! Obviously, the first department to visit was the help department, but, like way too many "help" departments, they had nothing but a pair of three-question faqs which all flew way right of the problem that I was having. So the next step was to contact them directly. It's a great convenience that they have "registration problem" as one of their subject lines, but it doesn't excuse the fact that after several complaint emails I sent, I never, ever heard from the administrators. Never. Not once.

It didn't stop the website from keeping constant touch with me, though, as if there was never any problem. I received a plethora of emails from The Buffalo Range, none of which ever addressed my problem. So I just said fuck it.

That all happened some two years ago. The Buffalo Range, though, never seemed to be discouraged from sending me emails. Recently, I chose to write them again, because not only are they bothering me, they're bothering me with a frequency that's actually increasing. I have no idea what else to do to handle these guys, because their clutter is bugging me. I can't send their emails back to them, so all I can do is tell everyone else how they treated me.

This is a damn shame, because the forums look like they're pretty well put together, and I haven't ruled out being a member. But for that to happen, they need to get over their apparent customer service hangup. Maybe I'll think better of The Buffalo Range if they're able to do that, and end up rewriting this whole review. Until then, though, this is one buffalo on a hunting range with a giant target on its back.]]>
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<![CDATA[Yelp Quick Tip by BaronSamedi3]]> http://www.lunch.com/Awesomeness/reviews/website/UserReview-Yelp-163-1333935-239195.html http://www.lunch.com/Awesomeness/reviews/website/UserReview-Yelp-163-1333935-239195.html Mon, 5 Aug 2013 12:17:20 +0000 <![CDATA[YouTube Quick Tip by BaronSamedi3]]> http://www.lunch.com/Awesomeness/reviews/website/UserReview-YouTube-163-1333930-239194.html http://www.lunch.com/Awesomeness/reviews/website/UserReview-YouTube-163-1333930-239194.html Mon, 5 Aug 2013 12:10:51 +0000 <![CDATA[TNA Lockdown 2013 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Lockdown_2013-232-1877664-239129.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Lockdown_2013-232-1877664-239129.html Fri, 2 Aug 2013 10:37:45 +0000 <![CDATA[ LOVED THAT ENDING HERE IN TEXAS]]>

This was the second PPV event of the year for TNA and was also in the wonderful city of San Antonio Texas. This was a good event that I think was better than the first one of the year but still not as great as what could have been. Of course the main event and ending was EXCELLENT and you know I loved it.
1.[3 WAY X TITLE MATCH]KENNY KING VS ZEMA ION VS CHRISTIAN YORK-great opening match that would see your typical high spots in an X match. That of course is not a bad thing because it is expected and to be honest the X Division has not been anywhere near what it used to be. So it was fun to see a match like this which had a great moment involving all three guys and the top rope. King keeps the belt here in a well earned victory, all three looked good here. I was not surprised that King and Ion did well here but I was happy to see York step his game up after he looked so sluggish at Genesis.
2.JOEY RYAN VS JOSEPH PARK-decent match right here with two guys I like. Park has been great especially with his facial expressions with this new lawyer character. Then of course we have Ryan who in my opinion has not been used properly. The match is pretty good and the crowd was with Park all the way here. He gets his first PPV win here after dropping down on Ryan for the pin.
Right here we have a backstage segment with Bully Ray, Brooke, and Hulk Hogan. I mention only because I really liked Hogan’s speech here, it felt real.
3.[KNOCK OUT TITLE]VELVET SKY VS GAIL KIM-this was actually a better match than it gets credit for. Of course this match was more about building Kim’s feud with a certain referee for this match. Still the match was good with Sky retaining her title
4.ROBBIE E VS ROBBIE T-I actually liked this match much more than I thought I would. Sure it is not a great match and it may be the worst on the card but I still enjoyed it for some reason. Of course it could have been seeing E get demolished in the end by T, T with the win as if you didn’t know. This was your typical little/big guy team that split because of the little guys’ arrogance. I liked this better when HBK and Nash did it in 94.
5.[TAG TITLE]AUSTIN ARIES & BOBBY ROODE VS BAD INFLUENCE VS CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ-I really enjoyed this match right here as it was nonstop action. The crowd was really behind Chavo and Hernandez for obvious reasons. All three teams did an excellent job here as did the ref. I bring that up because he kept control for a good majority of the match. That is rare in these kinds of matches but of course things get a little out of the ref’s hands towards the end. I am a fan of all these guys and knew they would deliver. Daniels and Kaz as well as Aries and Roode were excellent in their heel roles here. Chavo and Hernandez looked just as good, Hernandez in particular seemed like he picked his game up here. They really got the crowd going. I also like how Roode and Aries kept the belts, it was a good finish. I loved Chavo hitting everyone with those suplexes.
6.[CAGE MATCH]KURT ANGLE VS WES BRISCO-the first cage match of the night would pit Kurt Angle against Aces & Eights member Wes Brisco. Now I am a fan of this faction and have actually been enjoying the storyline. With that said I am a huge fan of Kurt Angle so I was a little torn here. But if it came down to it personally I wanted Kurt to win but story wise they needed to make A&E look strong. Now while Wes looked good here it was Kurt who really controlled the match. His German suplex off of the top was great and I liked the ending here. Kurt had nailed the ref and turned him inside out so he was out of it when Kurt made it out of the cage. This lead to D-Lo attacking him and putting him back inside the ring and pulling Wes out, of course the ref then turns to see Brisco outside of the cage. That is a win for A&E.
7.[LETHAL LOCKDOWN]TEAM TNA VS ACES & EIGHTS-my boy Mr. Anderson started things off for A&E doing battle with Magnus for the first three minutes. Most of this matchup would see Magnus in control but they were both down when Knux [Knox] made his way to the cage. Of course he and Anderson dominate Magnus until Samoa Joe is the next to enter. At this point the former tag champs work very well together with the tandem moves. Garett Bischoff was next up for A&E and he basically falls victim to the team of Joe and Magnus as well. A&E take control shortly before Eric Young makes his way to the cage and lights people up. Devon is next in the cage and helps put A&E back into control. James Storm hits the cage and tears into A&E even hitting the “last call” on Knux. Team TNA looks great at this point but then enters D.O.C. giving the numbers advantage back to A&E. but all things turn TNA’s way once Sting hits the cage with his bat and lays everyone out. After that he distributes weapons to all his teammates. At this point A&E takes an insane beat down and TNA looks totally dominate. But things shift gears once the bad guys get their hands on the weapons. It looks like more of a natural thing when A&E are dominating with the weapons. Things get more intense of course and we even get a giant tower of doom, the crowd loved it. Not long after this Eric Young gets the win after coming off of the top of the cage with an elbow. This allows TNA to win the match and although I like everyone on their team I feel like A&E should have gotten the win to put the angle over more.
8.[STEEL CAGE TNA TITLE MATCH]JEFF HARDY VS BULLY RAY-with the history these two have had I knew that this was going to be a good match. This match was all about the speed of Hardy against the power of Bully. This was a highly competitive matchup as it went back and forth. Now we all knew that Ray was going to turn heel and join A&E but he made us all wait. When they first hit the cage he and Hardy joined forces to fend them off. Once that was over with they went back into it as daddy and daughter Hogan made their way to cage side. It wasn’t too long after that when Aces & Eights returned, this time Ray didn’t side with Jeff. Devon made his way into the cage and tossed Bully a hammer, Ray of course to my great delight nailed Hardy with it. This lead to him winning the title and announcing he was president of Aces & Eights. I loved the promo he cut afterwards and the scene of people throwing trash in the ring.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Lockdown_2013-232-1877664-239128-LOVED_THAT_ENDING_HERE_IN_TEXAS.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Lockdown_2013-232-1877664-239128-LOVED_THAT_ENDING_HERE_IN_TEXAS.html Fri, 2 Aug 2013 10:37:19 +0000
<![CDATA[TNA Genesis 2013 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Genesis_2013-232-1877662-239127.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Genesis_2013-232-1877662-239127.html Fri, 2 Aug 2013 10:27:11 +0000 <![CDATA[ THE FIRST EVENT OF THE YEAR WAS NOT A CLASSIC BUT WAS GOOD]]>

This was the first PPV of 2013 and of the new schedule since TNA did away with monthly PPV’s. That was a great move in my opinion and I wish that the WWE would follow TNA’s lead.
1.[TAGT TITLE]CHAVO GUERRERO & HERNANDEZ VS JOEY RYAN & MATT MORGAN-Chavo and Hernandez started strong in the opening and first title match of the night. Ryan was cocky from the start and it cost him as his opponents really dished it out on him. Quick tags and double team moves had them winning early until Ryan turned it around and could get the big man in. That would be how the match played out, Morgan would look great in there and Ryan would cause them to lose momentum every time he would start to get cocky. This was a fun opening match with Chavo & Hernandez looking really good throughout. It was cool to see the big men go at it and Chavo is always great. The Champs [Chavo & Hernandez] keep the belts in a good opening match. Also that power bomb that Hernandez delivers looked awkward.
2.SAMOA JOE VS MR. ANDERSON-good match right here as Joe had blamed Anderson for the beat down on Kurt Angle on Impact. Joe looked strong here until his knee came into play as it was hurt. Anderson of course would work on that but Joe would fight back even diving to floor onto Anderson. This was a more physical match as is Joe’s style but Anderson looked good as well. Towards the end Joe is distracted as he is looking to finish Anderson by an Aces & Eights member on the outside, Knox. This leads to a “Mic Check” from Anderson and the three count for the win. This continued the is Anderson with them thing TNA had going at the time.
3.KENNY KING VS CHRISTIAN YORK-pretty good match right here that was for a shot at the X Division Title held by RVD. The thing was that the title match would take place right after this match, so no rest for the wicked I guess. While this is a number one contender match I have to say I don’t think it should have been. The fans were not really into as much as other matches plus it moved kinda slowly. For an X Division match it moved a bit slow is what I mean, York in particular. While the action was back and forth I felt King looked better here, although I did like how York won this.
4.[X TITLE]RVD VS CHRISTIAN YORK-after losing the match previous to this King left York laid out which made things a bit easier for RVD. Now I can tell that they did this to give York some sympathy from the crowd to help put him over. You know he won one match has to wrestle another right afterwards and has fight one of the greats after getting laid out. They are trying to put him over as a warrior and such, which is cool but the fans were not into as much. Of course RVD is good here and the match was better than I was thinking it would be. RVD wins this one after a five star frog splash of course.
5.DEVON VS JOESPH PARK-this was a decent match between the two and I get why. This was Park after he had some training in the story so he would only be so good. Of course we have the moment in which he sees his own blood and snaps. This is where the action picks up but once he snaps out of it he gets rolled up and Devon gets the win.
6.[GAUNTLET MATCH]VELVET SKY VS ODB VS MISS TESSMACHER VS MICKIE JAMES VS GAIL KIM-this was a match to see who would get the next title shot and was under the gauntlet rules. Kim and Miss Tess were up first and put on a good show with Kim coming out on top after some back and forth. Next up for Kim was ODB who basically dominates the match until she is eliminated after Kim throws her off of the top rope. That gives us Mickie James up next who does well but is still defeated not to long after entering the contest. The last person to enter the match was of course Velvet Sky who really makes quick work of Kim.
7.JAMES STORM VS CHRISTOPHER DANIELS-next up was a match that would determine a number one contender for the TNA title on a future Impact. I really enjoyed this match and Daniels has been one of my favorites since forever, from TNA to the Indies and whatever. The action here is good with both men delivering and some good spots mixed in. I loved that Daniels got the win here after Kaz takes a super kick from Storm. Foot on  the ropes, it’s all good in my book.
8.STING VS D.O.C.-this match got started off with Sting really bringing it to D.O.C., so much so that Aces & Eights came out to but a quick beat down on him. From the there the actual match starts and honestly it is a bit slow and sloppy at times. Mainly a brawling type of match with a few moments of familiar spots. Those of course being the stinger splashes and scorpion death drops. It is always cool I guess to see Sting win by death drop but it would have made more sense for him to win by the scorpion death lock. Why would that makes more sense you ask, well because during the match he worked on D.O.C.’s leg. I know other people have mentioned this as well.
9.[3 WAY TNA TITLE MATCH]JEFF HARDY VS BOBBY ROODE VS AUSTIN ARIES-the best match of the night which really isn’t surprising given who is in it. Now I love Roode and Aries but I have never liked Hardy. Even when he first appeared in the WWF and even had Michael Hayes as a manager I could not stand him. I just don’t like his style or something but that isn’t to say that he can’t wrestle. He can indeed and has been a part of many a great match. The match starts off with Jeff doing well against the duo of Aries and Roode. But eventually he succumbs to the teaming of the two. For most of the match the two team against Hardy and really beat on him. There are great moments of course with all three getting their moments to shine. It would be Roode to be eliminated first after he unsuccessfully turned on Aries. After Aries tears into him both he and Hardy pin Roode. From there Hardy makes the big comeback and delivers a few twists of fate including one on the apron. This of course leads to a Swanton and the win for Hardy. Now this is one of the reasons I can’t stand him, he is very Hogan like with his finishes. It seems like every time he wins it is a twist of fate [big boot to the face] followed by a Swanton [leg drop]. Could just be me but it just seems that way.
This was a good event overall but it was a little on the average side. Not every match was great but I didn’t really hate any of them. Did I expect more from this event going in, yes I did but I liked the event. The main event was probably the best match on the card which any main event should be.

http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Genesis_2013-232-1877662-239125-THE_FIRST_EVENT_OF_THE_YEAR_WAS_NOT_A_CLASSIC_BUT.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-TNA_Genesis_2013-232-1877662-239125-THE_FIRST_EVENT_OF_THE_YEAR_WAS_NOT_A_CLASSIC_BUT.html Fri, 2 Aug 2013 10:26:23 +0000
<![CDATA[Keebler El Duende Cookies, Coconut, Quick Tip by woopak_the_thrill]]>
All gone...within 6 minutes in the office. Highly addicting as a munchie.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_El_Duende_Cookies_Coconut_-232-1877653-239117.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_El_Duende_Cookies_Coconut_-232-1877653-239117.html Fri, 2 Aug 2013 01:29:36 +0000
<![CDATA[Keebler Jumbo Dark Fudge Sticks Quick Tip by woopak_the_thrill]]>
I ordered this Jumbo dark fudge sticks by Keebler to try them out. I am not a food critic or anything, but it does taste like fudge. If I had to describe the way it tastes, I would say that it tastes almost like a cross between one of those limited edition Girl Scout Nestle crunch bars and Kit Kat. The texture is pretty smooth and it isn't too sweet. It has that cookie crunch that I liked.

Each bar comes individually packed for freshness and it comes in a box and I like that. Overall, pretty good and I recommend it for a quick snack if you are craving something sweet.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_Jumbo_Dark_Fudge_Sticks-232-1877570-239043.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Keebler_Jumbo_Dark_Fudge_Sticks-232-1877570-239043.html Wed, 31 Jul 2013 20:28:00 +0000
<![CDATA[Tilted Kilt Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]>
Some of my favorite foods there are the chicken strip basket, calamari, garlic butter fries, "Kilt Burner" wings, and Brownie Guilt dessert.

If there's a Titled Kilt near you, take your friends with and you'll have a great time.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/eatingout/reviews/d/UserReview-Tilted_Kilt-589-1484110-239031.html http://www.lunch.com/eatingout/reviews/d/UserReview-Tilted_Kilt-589-1484110-239031.html Tue, 30 Jul 2013 21:42:36 +0000
<![CDATA[Patriot Guard Riders Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]>
Because the WBC are essentially harassing the families of fallen soldiers, it makes me extremely happy that the PGR has done a lot to hinder those subhuman vermin in the WBC from harassing said grieving families.

To the PGR, thank you for protecting the honor of our fallen soldiers and their families from the WBC.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Patriot_Guard_Riders-232-1751082-239019.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Patriot_Guard_Riders-232-1751082-239019.html Tue, 30 Jul 2013 04:38:27 +0000
<![CDATA[ All the Dead News to Spin]]> Deadspin.com by now. Sports enthusiasts have known about this semi-under-the-radar site from Gawker Media for years - according to Wikipedia, since its launch in 2005, Deadspin has managed to accrue almost 600 million visitors. It wasn't until January 2013 that Deadspin hit the mainstream airwaves, though, upon breaking the big story that University of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o's girlfriend didn't really exist. So, one might assume, this Deadspin place must be a real beacon of real news and journalistic integrity to the sports-loving community!

Well, actually, that was one of just a couple of times Deadspin really did raise itself to a standard of actual journalism. Deadspin is NOT a journalistic website, and it's writers, for the most part, don't even pretend otherwise. The site founder was Will Leitch, one of the most frustrating sportswriters on the planet. Generally, I like Leitch's work a lot - Leitch is one of the very few sportswriters who doesn't carry a preening air of self-righteousness when it comes to discussing steroids, and is a real voice of fans when he insists that fans have made their peace with cheating athletes. He had the guts to call bullshit on the Olympics and insist that all our sports-cheering instincts should have us rooting against the United States. On the downside, Leitch is a whiny, bitchy purist when it comes to sports loyalties - he insists it's wrong for a fan to turn against his team if his team moves out of its city. Also, despite being a pretty informed guy, he insists on making horrid jokes about how this or that black athlete isn't really black. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt when he writes shit like that, but he doesn't seem to notice that people better educated than me aren't granting him the same courtesy. Leitch is from the small town of Mattoon, Illinois, and his attempts at humor at the expense of race make him look like a stereotypical redneck.

Yes, Deadspin does frequently post recaps of the day, but those aren't in-depth covers. In his book God Save the Fan, Leitch insisted that Deadspin was started as a site to bring sports back to fans. Perusing Deadspin, it's easy to think he meant casual fans. You know, fans who will only ever go to games to be seen, and not care anything about the team they claim to follow. Deadspin does highlight videos more than real coverage, and a lot of what they give you consists of sports-related anecdotes, rumors, and videos from Youtube. The stories come from anonymous tips, readers, and other sports blogs.

The result is whole stories that read like bullet points. Today is July 27, 2013, and the stories for today include "Royals' David Lough Forgets What a Hit Looks Like," "Usain Bolt Makes his Entrance on a Rocket, Because he can," and "Debris Kicked Up by Rally Car, Hits Man in Crotch." There's also a pro-weed commercial shown at a NASCAR race, something about never being Royals, and some ridiculous waste of time which takes you to three links with stories about Tim Tebow. (All three links, by the way, are to posts in the comment section of that same "article.") All of this came from the last two days. In other words, Deadspin is stuff for sports fans who never left their entitled college douchebro phase.

The shame of this is that Deadspin can give us some truly useful information when the writers believe in what they're writing about. It's one of the few sports website to repeatedly speak out against the use of public money for sports funding, and their articles on the subject contain a lot of detail and thought. They've also traced the amount of yearly Sportscenter coverage devoted to every sport, and ESPN is one of their frequent targets. Their semi-annual features can also be just plain fun to read: It's becoming a Deadspin tradition to mock every individual NFL team before the season begins, and they also had a series of features complaining about baseball stadiums.

Deadspin isn't helped out by its format. There's no article archive or index. It started out as a plain, regular old blog, and even though the layout was changed earlier this year, you still have to repeatedly hit links in other articles to get to a subject you want to read about.

Deadspin is great when it's good. But it keeps attention through more quantity than quality. Everything it does is done better by Bleacher Report.]]>
http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Deadspin-232-1490706-238978-All_the_Dead_News_to_Spin.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Deadspin-232-1490706-238978-All_the_Dead_News_to_Spin.html Sat, 27 Jul 2013 19:26:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Sam's Choice ground beef Quick Tip by stormtamer]]> http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Sam_s_Choice_ground_beef-232-1876072-238880.html http://www.lunch.com/whatcanisay/reviews/d/UserReview-Sam_s_Choice_ground_beef-232-1876072-238880.html Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:16:02 +0000