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Bloodsport : ECW's Most Violent Matches

WWE 2 Disc set featuring the bloodiest machtes in ECW history

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  • Dec 20, 2010


1.{TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP}-CACTUS JACK, MIKEY WHIPWRECK VS PUBLIC ENEMY-this match is not as violent as some other matches may be but it is very memorable because of the ending that every one wanted but did not expect. They go back and forth with Mikey actually getting in some moves. As they battle Mikey gets the pin and wins the titles with Jack, a surprise ending at the time that had the crowd going crazy.3.5/5

2.SANDMAN, TERRY FUNK VS CACTUS JACK SHANE DOUGLAS-this one is a little more violent and a lot of fun as well. The action in this one is great as both teams try to destroy each other with two ECW legends and two hardcore legends all come together for this one. Terry and Sandman take this one after a hard fought contest, I really enjoy this one.4.5/5

3.IAN ROTTEN VS AXL ROTTEN-now this one is very violent as these two brothers go at it in a death match with glass glued to their tapped up hands. There is plenty of gore and blood in this one so it is right up ECW's ally. There is some outside interference from other familiar faces; Axl takes the win after a very bloody affair.5/5

4.REY MISTERIO JR. VS PSICOSIS-this one right here is a classic no doubt as these two legends battle it out all over the place. This Lucha Libre style match was a good change of pace to the crazy things going on in ECW. But they added in that hardcore element to an already exciting style. In this match you had to pin your opponent and then count them out to 10. The action in this one is none stop and all should enjoy it, Rey gets the win in this great contest.5/5

5.SHANE DOUGLAS VS CHRIS JERICHO VS 2 COLD SCORPIO VS PITBULL #2-this was for the ECW TV Title as Y2J defended it against these three killers. This full of all kinds of action and it last a while before the first elimination occurs. Jericho who is the champ surprisingly is the first one out. It does not take longer after that elimination that the next occurs when 2 Cold Scorpio bites the dust so to speak. Then it comes down to the two rivals, Shane and Pitbull. After all of this one of the most memorable moments in ECW history happens in my opinion involving a female, some pitbulls and some tables. The Franchise ends up taking this one after a hard fought battle and is awarded the TV title, great match.4.5/5

6.TOMMY DREAMER VS BRIAN LEE-this match was a weapons match meaning every weapon was legal and featured one of my favorite wrestlers of all time Tommy Dreamer taking on the Brain Lee. This is a very violent match with all kinds of weapons put to use on one another, and even though Dreamer takes this one it does not work out for him. In one of the best moments from the company Dreamer is choke slammed onto four tables. Great, exciting and fun match right here.5/5

7.ROB VAN DAM VS SABU-this is another really fun match between two of the biggest legends from ECW. These two really go at it doing any and every thing to each other even though they miss a few spots. Still they go all out doing things I could never ever do putting on a great match. This was a stretcher match that Sabu would eventually end up winning.4/5

8.TERRY FUNK VS SANDMAN VS STEVIE RICHARDS-this is a classic from the first ECW pay per view called "Barley Legal". These three went at it to decide who would get a title shot after this match that night. There is a lot of crazy things that happen in this match with a lot of action. But it is the old man named Terry Funk who gets the win after a hard fought battle.5/5

9.RAVEN VS TERRY FUNK-this was the match right after that last one for the ECW title as one of the best takes on an old man. Raven was basically unstoppable and no one expected Terry Funk to win this match. But in true under dog fashion he upsets Raven and becomes the new ECW champion. Great match.5/5


1.SABU VS TERRY FUNK-this was the only barbwire match in the history of the company, and for good reason. These two literally got ripped apart by the wire and at one point they were so tangled in it that they could not move. It was even wrapped around Funk's throat, this is a classic.5/5

2.BEULAH MCGILLICUTTY VS BILL ALFONSO-we follow that last one with another classic but for a different reason. This was not a classic in the typical way but because it was so violent in the short amount of time it took place, and because it was between these two. This one is very entertaining and the lady takes it.5/5

3.TAZZ VS BAM BAM BIGELOW-once again we are treated to another masterpiece or at least in my opinion because I really enjoy this one. These two battle it out in the rematch and much like the first go crashing threw something. This time instead of the ring it is the entrance ramp. Tazz takes this one but not before taking some damage himself.5/5

4.TAZZ VS SHANE DOUGLAS-Tazz returns to defend the ECW title against the man he took it from and once again we are treated to a classic. Both guys are excellent in this match and even make their way out of the building and go every were. Both give a great performance and pull out every thing they have with Tazz coming out on top once more.5/5

5.DUDLEY BOYS VS SPIKE DUDLEY, BALLS MAHONEY-this is another one that is completely wild as these four guys seem like they will battle to the death. There is a lot of action in this one with all kinds of weapons being used. It ends after a flaming thumbtack table, poor Mahoney has to get slammed threw that. This is another really entertaining match.5/5

6.MIKE AWESOME VS SPIKE DUDLEY-this match was basically Mike beating on Spike for the entire match. Spike would get in some really good shots through out but it was not enough. Another really entertaining fight that shows what ECW was all about. Excellent finish in this one for sure.5/5

7.RHINO VS SANDMAN-this is a pretty good match between these two ECW legends, Rhino in particular is a favorite of mine. The action in this one is good and well paced, another entertaining match put on by these two. The ending to this one is cool.4/5

8.SUPER CRAZY VSYOSHIHIRO TAJIRI VS LITTLE GUIDO-this is absolutely one of the best matches on this set for sure. These three put on one great show putting on a wonderful display of skill. This was a three way elimination match that would see Super Crazy win, but trust me when I say he earned it.5/5

9.TOMMY DREAMER VS C.W. ANDERSON-this was a phenomenal "I Quit" match at least in my opinion on ECW's last pay per view event. One of the greatest ever Tommy Dreamer would go all out against C.W. in this hardcore match. Dreamer would take the win but only after a hard fought battle, there is a great commentary track to this match with Tommy.5/5

10.MIKE AWESOME VS MASATO TANAKA-this match is the classic that was put on when the WWE put on one last event for the company. At "One Night Stand" these two would do battle in one of the greatest matches in the history of the company. These two got a standing ovation and even had the haters from WWE cheering in this match. Awesome takes it in spectacular fashion.5/5


11.GANGSTAS VS PUBLIC ENEMY-this match pits two of the most popular tag teams in the history of the company against each other. This is another worthy addition to the set with action all over the place. Public Enemy gets the win in this bloody tag match.5/5

This is an excellent DVD set full of non stop action and classic bouts from the legendary ECW. Luckily I was there on the East Coast when this was going down so it will always be a personal favorite of mine. I highly recommend this DVD to every body out there.


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December 24, 2010
It's real sad that WWE and now TNA Impact have tried milking the bones of ECW's corpse. I liked this DVD but sadly the "spotfest" matches over and over lose they're appeal if seen too much or back to back. I wasn't around for ECW the first time, only catching a little of it on TNN a little bit. It looked good. Awesome and Tanaka doesn't get old though. Love the "L" shaped dent in the chair after Awesome clocks Tanaka in the head with it the THIRD time.
February 19, 2011
Yeah I feel the same way but at least those guys are still getting paid
December 23, 2010
I miss the days of the original ECW--they were wild and action-packed! Nice one!
February 19, 2011
Indeed they were
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This is an excellent DVD set full of non stop action and classic bouts from the legendary ECW. Luckily I was there on the East Coast when this was going down so it will always be a personal favorite of mine. I highly recommend this DVD to every body out there.
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