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A review of the fine art of reviewing.

  • Nov 14, 2009
  • by

Oh what fun Lunch is providing me.
Years ago as a kid, I would take my mothers typewriter and get busy clacking away my thoughts on a movie I had just watched.
Showing no real journalistic ability, I kept my little "critiques" folded away in a little book for my own private viewings.
I would break it out, occasionally, when I would have some friends over for a movie night. Having quite the extensive collection of video tape, (that's right...tape), my friends could read up on what movie's I had and pick one for viewing.
Dorky, yes I know.
But have I claimed anything less?

Now, jump a few light years into the future. The internet has grown at a phenomenal rate, allowing it's users to pour their thoughts out into the ether for everyone to read.
Finally, I can share my thoughts and ideas with the entire planet. 
And it be grand.

So now, if I love or hate a movie, you'll know about it. 

I would read a critics review in a newspaper or online and more often than not, disagree with them. How many times have you gone to a movie, based on a very positive review, only to walk out dazed and confused, wondering what the hell were they thinking?
Or the reverse, check out a flick that has been bashed to near death, only to discover that it struck a chord with you and made you smile.

Movies, art, music, food, wine...all these things that people talk about are an immensly personal experience. One man's trash is another man's Holy Grail.
But it sure is fun sharing your thoughts. To generate some kind of feedback, especially on a forum such as this, is proving to be a little addictive. 
I feel compelled to revisit old movies I haven't seen in years, so that I can write about them with a fresh perspective. To share my opinion, my passion, with people whom I will never meet, but who care about the same things.

Now I don't propose to have any particular skill at writing. I put words down as they pop into my head. There might not be a nice narrattive flow to my writing and there WILL be grammatical/spelling errors.
But what the hey, as long as you get the general idea of what is floating around in this sponge like vessel I call a brain, out and into yours...then my objective is complete.

I appreciate the power of the net. The people, putting their voices and opinions out there to be heard, so that others can learn something new.
Things have sure changed from the day of the smoke signal.
Imagine trying to blog using a can on a string?
Anarchy. There would be strings EVERYWHERE.
The chances of being strangled while inadvertently listening in on a private converstation would be astronomical.
Yes indeed, the internet is a lot safer.
Except for the viruses.

Anyways, I was sitting at my computer today and this is what popped out of my sponge and onto the screen.
I'll more than likely come back to this at a later stage and update as my brain knowledge expands.
As for now, I'm hungry.

Nothing like the power of thought to work up an appetite.


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November 14, 2009
Welcome to Lunch! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the weeks and months ahead. Sounds like you are a frustrated writer like a lot of us. Lunch is a great way to express your opinions and share your ideas. So don't be shy. Get to it!
November 14, 2009
Nice!  Don't you love living in the internet age?  And with sites like Lunch, everyone can become a critic of some sort and get feedback on their critiques!  By the way, I moved this review over to Reviews on Lunch, so that it can be with all the others on the same topic.  You can give those a read, they're pretty interesting, too!

Now go get yourself something eat :P
November 14, 2009
Now I'm hungry.  Well, I suppose I'll check out some new content now... even though it's a little late (or early depending on how you look at it) here.
November 18, 2009
anytime is a good time to eat! It's what you eat not when you eat according to physicians......uh-oh.is.that.a.donut? ;P
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Random thoughts from an overcrowed mind.
About the reviewer
I'm a bit of a movie buff. Ok, understatement. I LOVE movies. Will sit through just about everything. Classics, horror, comedy, action, drama, chick flicks (to a degree). If it's filmed, I'll watch it.   … more
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