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Tiger Woods Sex Scandal

A car accident that Tiger Woods was involved in in late 2009 with information of his affairs leaking out soon after.

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Sports stars are rarely paragons of virtue!!!

  • Aug 30, 2010

First, I have never played golf in my life!  Second, I am a retired army officer, an adjunct professor in history and have studied philosophy in graduate school.  So, why am I weighing in on Tiger Woods.  Throughout my life I have become disappointed in observing in American society how many young people have idolized professionals in the sports and entertainment fields.  Kids have posters of their favorite athletes and entertainers on their bedroom walls, and not of people who have made real contributions to society; such as, Einstein, Madame Currie, Dr. Jonas Salk, Gandhi, etc.  In addition, it is only too often that one of these idols becomes embroiled in some type of criminal activity, or unethical behavior.  As a parent I certainly don't want my daughters to turn out like Paris Hilton, or Lindsey Lohan, or the too many to numerate football and basketball players that are "packing" weapons and are in bar fights or domestic disturbances. 

Now, I am no saint; however, I have never been arrested, or embroiled in extra marital affairs. Here is the crux of my complaint with Tiger Woods and the other multitude of sports stars and entertainers.   I strongly believe that how a person lives their life is their business, so long as they are not breaking the law or harming others.  My caveat is that if you want me to stay out of your life, than you stay out of mine!!!  Specifically, don't try to make money off of your status as a sports star or entertainer by making commercials and endorsements for products that you want me to buy. More importantly, and this one really "burns" me, do not complain about the press coverage you get when you "screw-up."  After all, Tiger Woods and the others want the publicity, (Woods and others pay  publicists to generate publicity for themselves) but I find it hypocritical when they ask the press and the public to leave their "private" lives alone.  Of course the public is going to be interested in salacious details about Woods'' life because he and his publicists have been nurturing this "clean-cut" ideal of him in relation to his meteoric rise as a professional golfer.  And, for what reason?  So he can make millions on product endorsements!!!  So, when his sordid life turns into a "Greek tragedy," the press and the public will pry and want to know more.  Mr. Woods, quit trying to make money off of your name and skills as a golfer and just do your job, like the millions of Americans do everyday, and we will leave you alone!!!

By the way, I really wish parents would look to raise their kids into believing that although it is fun to play ball, watch sports, listen to music, and watch movies, don't try to grow up and emulate these people.  Few of us are skilled enough to compete at the professional level, you better make plans for a more "mundane" job. 

There is only one sports figure that comes to mind quickly who is deserving of children's respect and adoration.  Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox, probably the greatest hitter in baseball, but does not hold the record for most hits or most home runs.  There is a good reason for this.  Two times at the height of his baseball career, he was called upon his country to serve as a Marine Corps pilot, both in WW II and the Korean War.  Both times he was in the prime of his baseball career.  By the way, one of his physical traits that made him a great hitter made him an excellent pilot.  Ted had 20/10 vision.  He could see the enemy planes before they saw him, the most important edge in a dogfight.  This is the reason that during the Korean War, John Glenn of  future NASA fame made Ted his wing man!   Ted served over five years in the Marine Corps uniform instead of a Red Sox uniform.  Here is the kicker, never once in his life did he complain that he could have broken records or made more money on endorsements if only he did not have to serve his country!!! 

So my hats off to one sports star, "thank you for your service Ted Williams!!!  By the way this comes to you by way of a life long NY Yankees fan.

Sports stars are rarely paragons of virtue!!! Sports stars are rarely paragons of virtue!!! Sports stars are rarely paragons of virtue!!!

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September 02, 2010
A fantastic piece. What can we expect when a fair majority of elite athletes are coddled and "handled" from their early teens and clearly told that the rules don't apply to them and agents and universities routinely scout future talent at the Middle School level.
September 02, 2010
Thank you for the compliment. You add excellent points to the argument.
August 31, 2010
Great points! You have a great way of phrasing things we already know.
August 31, 2010
Michael, thank you for the compliment.
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*steps up onto soap box*   Why is it my business who Tiger Woods is, has or has ever had sex with? I know the answer is that this is America and Americans love to be up in people's bedrooms. And why are so many people saying it's his fall from grace. A god on the golf course, maybe, but he's just a very rich dude . If you are one of those people who assume that because somebody gets paid an insane amount of money to sing, act, play sports, run governments exceptionally well (in most cases), …
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Tiger Woods,   If you are reading this, I just want to send you my love and support.  I do not think what is happening to you is fair nor do I think that it is anyone's business.  I hope that you can stay strong through this and realize that you can shine through this difficult time.  There are so many people out here who agree that the media has exposed your situation way too much.  I beleive that none of what has been said about you or written about you makes you …
Quick Tip by . December 05, 2009
We fawn after celebrity and spend money and time on it, then feign shock when it explodes in our faces. Silliness.
Quick Tip by . December 03, 2009
Affairs don't justify domestic violence, if that's what happened. Women commit DV as often as men. 1/3 of serious injury victims are male.
Quick Tip by . December 03, 2009
Could you imagine what we could accomplish if we spent this much attention on the issues that TRULY matter?!?
Quick Tip by . December 02, 2009
It'll only be forgotten if our country didn't make celebrities out of the women involved in sex scandals. Unfortunately we do.
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On November 27, 2009, Tiger Woods was taken to hospital after an early morning car accident near his home, reportedly in serious condition. Woods was leaving his home around 2:30 a.m. (EST) in his SUV, a 2009 Cadillac Escalade, when he collided with a fire hydrant and a tree down the street. The Florida Highway Patrol said that the crash was not alcohol-related, but continued to investigate. Woods was released from the hospital in good condition; his agent said that Woods was fine, and had been treated for facial lacerations. The airbags in his SUV did not deploy which suggested that he was not travelling above 33mph. On November 29, Woods issued a statement saying the car accident was his fault, but is a private matter. He praised his wife Elin for getting him out of the car. Details about what caused the accident were not revealed. Two days before the accident, The National Enquirer had published a story that alleged that Woods had had an affair with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel‎, which she denied. Woods said, "the many false, unfounded, and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible".

On December 1, 2009, Woods was charged by the Florida Highway Patrol with one charge of careless driving. The fine is $164 and 4 points on his driving license.[35] The Florida Highway Patrol indicated that upon payment of the fine, the case is closed.

Also on December 1, Woods announced that he would not be attending his own ...
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