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WWE: Shawn Michaels - My Journey

Set of HBK matches and interview

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  • Dec 4, 2010


I hate what went down at Wrestlemania this year with my favorite wrestler of all time Shawn Michaels being retired. Seriously leaving and not apart of a storyline I could not believe it, I wanted Taker's streak to end so bad. Although I must say that I was thrilled earlier when Bret Hart demolished Vince. The next night on RAW was crazy with Shawn giving his farewell speech, I can't believe it. So of course with this new release I had to review it and relive some of the greatest moments in Shawn's career. Now I know some people are going to look at this and say "5 star matches every time?", but to me especially now they all are. Shawn is the greatest of all time and it is sad to see his career come to an end.

I love how this DVD was put together. The interview segments were brilliant and well done. With most WWE DVD's like this it is just someone hosting it and giving an intro to each match. This time around they actually had a very entertaining sit down interview with Shawn. And unlike a lot of times on these he was not in character. He gave his true feelings and insights into the matches and moments from his career. Excellent format that I hope they continue to do.

1.HBK VS ONE MAN GANG-this is a really fun one right here that is short, but it is sweet. Shawn is basically in a squash match, literally. Shawn [spelled as Sean for this match] you could tell had a great time in this, fun match.5/5

2.MIDNIGHT ROCKERS VS BUDDY ROSE & DOUG SOMERS-this is one of the matches between these two, classic feud that went back and forth. The action is good in this one thanks to the Rockers, their double team tactics were great. The psychology of this match is great, some funny stuff in this one. Sadly the Rockers loose some how, but it is still fun.5/5

3.[AWA TAG TITLES] MIDNIGHT ROCKERS VS THE NASTY BOYS-this one was very back and forth which is something you may not expect from The Nasty Boys. But this was a very good match between the two with the Nasties of course doing everything they could to win. The Rockers proved to be to much with their double team onslaught, excellent match.5/5

4.ROCKERS VS THE BRAINBUSTERS-this one is very much one of the best matches on the entire set. The Rockers actually dominate a lot of this match taking it to the veterans. Still The Brainbusters [half the Horsemen] lay into these two every chance they get. It is a great technical match up with The Rockers coming out on top via DQ.5/5

5.ROCKERS VS HART FOUNDATION-much like the last match this one is two of the greatest teams in wrestling history going up against each other. Excellent match pitting technique and power against tandem double teams and quickness. Bret and Shawn of course are against each other in this but this was before the legendary beef. Great match that I deem another classic.5/5

6.[I-C TITLE] HBK VS BRET HART-the early battle between these two would continue but in singles action this time. Bret was the I-C champ and Shawn wanted it, this was a fast paced match. There was reversal after reversal with both guys showing their speed and athleticism. A lot of high impact moves mixed with some technical stuff and you have this classic, The Hitman walks away with the title still around his waist.5/5

7.HBK VS BRITISH BULLDOG-this one right here is a rare match from RAW in 95 right before Shawn was going to face Kevin Nash at Wrestlemania. Shawn was the heel then and Bulldog [RIP] was the baby face. This is another excellent match with a lot of back and forth action, I miss those days. HBK of course takes it after some sweet chin music. Also this is when Sid was with Shawn as his body guard.5/5

8.[I-C TITLE] HBK VS SID VICIOUS-this was after Sid turned on Shawn after Wrestlemania and HBK had became the I-C champ. Shawn was always the best at wrestling Sid because he brought good matches out of him. Sid is a huge guy that really needed some one like Shawn in there with him. The match is great with HBK once again beating a giant.5/5

9.HBK VS 123 KID-this match was between two real friends, although not in the story line. Two of the greatest athletes in pro wrestling history put on one of the best shows in RAW history. Excellent back and forth action with each hitting all kinds of high spots. But of course it is the greatest of all time Shawn Michaels who walks away with the victory.5/5


1.HBK VS MANKIND-extremely happy this match is on the set because the RAW matches are harder to come across. This is one of the best matches in the history of RAW, definitely one of the most entertaining. This was right before DX really took off with HHH, Chyna, and the late Rick Rude all making their way down to the ring. Every time Shawn faced Mankind he went a little more hardcore and aggressive. A lot of great action including HBK dropping a great elbow on Mick while he was on the announcers table. Excellent match and one of my favorites on the set.5/5

2.[EUROPEAN TITLE] HBK VS BRITISH BULLDOG- This is the legendary night that Shawn won the European title from Bulldog and the DX era really kicked into high gear. This match is full of non stop action with Bulldog pressing and slamming Michaels all over the place. HBK resorts to some quicker moves and stays a little more light on the feet, but Bulldog stays on him. After a while Rick Rude, Triple H, and Chyna make their way down to ring side, once there they interfere. It is this interference that leads to the shocking changing of the title to HBK beating Bulldog in his home town. There are some really iconic shots of DX after the match that live on in various highlight reels. The Hart Foundation make their way out after the match to save Bulldog, but my question is where were they during the match when DX was interfering.5/5

3.[WWE TITLE] CASKET MATCH - HBK VS UNDERTAKER-man I can remember this match like it was yesterday especially because it is the match that almost ended HBK's career. During this match he is back body dropped onto the casket and hurt his back. After Mania that year he was gone for four years, almost never coming back. Great match although every heel at the time basically comes out to help Shawn. Still HBK and Taker always had classic matches. Still HBK pulls it out and forces Taker to loose his second casket match at the Royal Rumble [remember 1994], also love the burning casket at the end.5/5

4.HBK VS CHRIS JERICHO- some people have said that this match is overrated while others have said it was a classic, I tend to agree with the latter. I remember watching this and thinking man this feels like Wrestlemania, this one felt like a big time match. For any one who watches these knows that Wrestlemania is the one event where even the under card feels like big time matches, not every time but they are supposed to. This match is great and has a lot of near falls as both these superstars go at it, their story line going into this was great and it showed in the pay off. Their styles in this match were similar but it made for a very interesting story and some classic moments. Both deliver a lot of punishment threw out the match that seems like it could end it, I thought Jericho had it at one point. But luckily HBK pulls it off in a way I have to admit I did not see ending this match, classic.5/5

5.HBK VS RIC FLAIR-two of the greatest ever go at it in this one as HBK takes on the man he wanted to be when he was young. This is with out a doubt a classic because of the level of psychology in this match. The way they both go off each other in this match with the back and forth showing each other up. Excellent match that has a great alternate commentary with Shawn and Michael Cole, love the ending even though Shawn gets screwed by Randy Orton. The alternate commentary with Shawn and Cole is great because you get to hear the behind the scenes with HBK and Ric.5/5

6.HBK VS KURT ANGLE-absolutely one of the greatest matches in not only Wrestlemania history, WWE history, but one of the best ever in the wrestling business. The magic that these two created in that ring that night was amazing, I still get goose bumps watching it. The back and forth action and near falls add to the excitement and the ending is absolutely great. Kurt may have officially one this match but in the fans mind no body lost. I wish they would have left in the standing ovation that both got, and the one Shawn got after Kurt left the ring.5/5


1.[BOOT CAMP MATCH] HBK VS TRIPLE H-any time the superstars go to wrestle for the troops over seas I can give nothing but respect. I remember watching this live of course and thinking man what a great thing to do for all those soldiers. Shawn and HHH tear it down on this one and the troops love it, this was a great main event from that show. Great match for a great cause, entertaining our troops, and of course HBK comes out on top. This one also features the alternate commentary with HBK and Cole and of course is great to hear.5/5

2.[FATAL FOUR WAY] {WWE TITLE} HBK VS JOHN CENA VS EDGE VS RANDY ORTON-this is absolutely one of the most fun matches on the set because these guys put on a great show for the fans. There is a lot of great action from all guys during this match and all four are some of the best ever. Shawn of course is the best ever and it is Shawn that ends this match, I love the ending of this match even though HBK does not get the title. The end of this match is one of the most fun endings ever.5/5

3.[WWE TITLE] HBK VS RANDY ORTON-another great match in which two of the previous four go at it with some rules in place. In this match Shawn could not use his super kick but if Randy got disqualified he lost the title. A lot of good action in this one but one hesitation from HBK leads to his downfall.5/5

4.[UNSANCTIONED MATCH] HBK VS CHRIS JERICHO-another very entertaining match with Shawn getting a little more aggressive. There is a lot of high impact spots in this one including going threw a table. There is even a fire extinguisher that is used by Shawn as he goes all out on Y2J.the end of this one is perfect story telling and Shawn pulls it off nicely, excellent addition to the set.5/5

5.HBK VS UNDERTAKER-of course any one who watches wrestling can tell you that this is possibly the greatest match in the history of Mania. It is also one of the greatest matches period, and that means of all time. I remember watching this one live and thinking man these guys are stealing the show. I was super tense, excited, and basically in awe of the performance these two put forth. They told an excellent story in the ring that night and the psychology was brilliant. The action was amazing and it looked like Taker almost killed himself at one point. Excellent match that is one of the all time greats, classic.5/5

So there you have an excellent look back at the greatest superstar in wrestling history, my favorite of all time Shawn Michaels. You know what else is great about this, my mom got to meet him one time. As you may or may not know I lost my mother recently but back 1999 or 2000 she got to meet him and shake his hand at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio Texas. When she saw him she asked if he was Shawn and of course he was, and being the excellent person she was she talked to him and shook his hand. The thing about it is she knew he was my favorite and could not wait to through it in my face. Of course I was jealous and she loved it, so did I. Miss you mama


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December 05, 2010
whatever happened to Martie Genety?
February 19, 2011
He stays in trouble and it costs him his job every time
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A great set on the greatest ever, HBK. If you are a wrestling fan this is a must own with alot of great matches and a great interview.
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