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  • May 7, 2012
WWE Unforgiven 2003


This was the sixth Unforgiven if I am not mistaken and happened in a state I once spent many moons in, Pennsylvania. It would be the event that would see Triple H finally beaten for the World title and when Shane O Mac took a big leap of faith.

1.[ TAG TEAM TITLE TABLE MATCH]THE DUDLEY BOYZ VS LA RESISTANCE & ROB CONWAY-the first match of the night was going to be a six man tag match but Spike was attacked and injured. So Steve Austin made this for the tag team titles. This was an excellent choice for an opening match as tag matches usually work out that way. The action was good here and picks up as it goes eventually transforming into everyone in the ring at once. The action picks up once the tables come out and La Resistance and Conway take rides threw tables.

2.SCOTT STEINER VS TEST-this match was for the services of Stacy Keibler and if Scott were to lose he would work for Test. As one would expect this was not the best match of the night but still it was good. The story here really made this match for me and Stacy's involvement throughout added to it. This may have been their best match in the feud, I'd have to go back and watch them all. This is a power vs. power matchup with each trying to show the other up. The ending made sense with Stacy dictating the finish by accidently laying out Scott. He then eats a big boot from Test and test gets the victory.

3.SHAWN MICHAELS VS RANDY ORTON-this was the Legend vs. Legend killer match and may be my favorite of the night. The match moves at a quick pace with HBK really taking control. Ric Flair's involvement is great throughout the match. Some people didn't like the ending but I thought it was great for both guys really. Shawn lands the sweet chin music and gets the three count but Flair puts Orton's foot on the rope. This makes the ref restart it and Randy gets the victory right after.

4.MOLLY HOLLY & GAIL KIM VS TRISH STRATUS & LITA-this was Lita's first match back in a while and this was also when the women's matches in WWE were good on a regular basis. This was a good match with some good back and forth action but of course Trish and Lita get the win after Lita does her moonsault. I remember I was all about Molly and Gail winning.

5.[LAST MAN STANDING]SHANE MCMAHON VS KANE-this was a crazy math right here but any time Shane is in a match you can bet it will be. He like his dad will take crazy bumps and do crazy spots to entertain. Kane is the powerhouse but Shane looks really good throughout this match. His coast to coast is a highlight but it is his jump that people remember from this. Too bad Kane moved and got the win since Shane was only in this match to avenge his mother Linda.

6.[I-C TITLE]CHRISTIAN VS CHRIS JERICHO VS RVD-another really good match with all three guys looking good here. Each man gets in his own spots and because it was a three way match the action moves at a fast pace. These are three of my favorites ever so I knew this match was going to be good. At first Christian and Y2J had an alliance but that would not last. In the end Christian keeps the title in a really good match.

7.JERRY LAWLER & JIM ROSS VS AL SNOW & COACH-this was the match to see who would be the commentators for Raw. Most of the match is spent between Lawler and Snow and rightfully so since they are the wrestlers. Coach has more time than Ross but it is Ross that gets the biggest reaction from the crowd when tagged in. Y2J hits Ross with a dropkick from behind to cost him and Lawler the match.

8.[WORLD TITLE]TRIPLE H VS GOLDBERG-this was the match that would be title vs. career, if Goldberg lost he was done. But the thing was Triple H could lose the belt by pinfall, sub, count out, or even DQ, so that added to the intrigue of the match. Now this is far from a classic match and not either mans best match but it is not as bad as some say. At the time I thought this was going to be a great match and it turned out to be a good one. The action is all about the power moves from both men really and Triple H breaks out the sledgehammer. Still Goldberg nails him with the spear and then the jackhammer, from sledge to jack, I like it.

This was far from the best event of that year but it still had some good matches on it. Plus it would lead to many other things happening storyline wise. Over all I liked this event and would recommend it to any wrestling fan. Besides it has HBK in it so it all good with me.


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May 08, 2012
classic PPV! where is Goldberg now?
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This was far from the best event of that year but it still had some good matches on it. Plus it would lead to many other things happening storyline wise. Over all I liked this event and would recommend it to any wrestling fan. Besides it has HBK in it so it all good with me.
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