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UFC 94: St-Pierre v. Penn 2

2 Disc set of one of the most infamous nights in MMA history

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  • Jan 17, 2011
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This was the event that would showcase the biggest fight in the history of the UFC as the rematch we all wanted BJ Penn taking on the man who he really beat the first time GSP. If you know me or have read the review I did for their first fight you know how I feel about that fight. Well once again BJ was cheated but more on that later, as far as the DVD release goes it is really kinda disappointing. There is absolutely no mention of "Grease Gate" at all even though this huge fight turned into one of the most if not most controversial fights in the history of not only the UFC but the sport of Mixed Martial Arts as well. Also they did not include the first ever UFC Primetime special that was on Spike, and they pulled an Elite XC and put all the prelims on disc two.


1.CLAY GUIDA VS NATE DIAZ-the opening fight on the televised card starts out excellent with Nate picking Clay apart on the fight only to be dominated on the ground and slammed. This is also one of the few times if not the first time I have seen a full nelson in MMA, Clay uses it to get side control. The second round goes to Clay as well as he just stays on Diaz at all times and other than two throws that actually keeps Clay on him Nate does nothing really. But to be fair Diaz does not get hurt and tries some submission attempts. The final round is much closer than the first two as Nate starts to really let loose with some nice combinations. But Clay stays on him gets take downs and ultimately gets the split decision.5/5

2.KARO PARISYAN VS DONG NYUN KIM-Kim really dominates the whole round buy just out working Karo on his back and on the ground. Even when Kim is on his back he is winning this fight. The second round is much closer as Kim controls the first half while Karo makes a come back in the last half. The final round is even closer and is very back and forth but Karo takes a split decision.5/5

3.STEPHAN BONNAR VS JON JONES-extremely entertaining round and a very dominate round for Jones as he just takes the fight to Bonnar. Jones is one of the most exciting fighters I have ever seen. The second round sees Bonnar fair a little better but Jones still is putting it on him. The third round was much better for Bonnar as he does more damage in the third but Jones takes the decision.5/5

4.LYOTO MACHIDA VS THIAGO SILVA-this fight only lasts one round with Lyoto controlling this fight with his elusiveness. He sticks and moves and picks Silva apart in this battle of undefeated fighters. Lyoto literally ends this fight at the bell and takes home another victory.5/5

5. [WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP] GEORGE ST-PIERRE BS BJ PENN-this was supposed to be the fight of the century that was going to be the biggest war of all time. Instead it turned into the most controversial fight of all time. In the first fight I really feel that BJ won that fight hands down if you go back and score it but only one judge agreed with me. In fact Bruce Buffer who is the announcer told BJ that was the hardest decision that he ever had to read because he believed BJ won that. Still I liked GSP and even though I feel he lost it was close enough that if BJ lost at least it was to him.

Well here in this fight after the first very even round GSP dominates Penn and when we were watching this live we all knew something was wrong. My brother even called it and said something wrong went down in between rounds. Turns out that a day or two later video was leaked of GSP getting greased by his corner which is very illegal because then BJ's jiu-jitsu becomes ineffective. The grease made it to slippery for BJ to apply anything and if you go back and watch the fight now you can see his legs just slid right down GSP's back anytime he tries something. Footage was also leaked of UFC President Dana White and other fighters catching GSP in the act and Dana is heard saying "George is in trouble, the commission caught him using grease". GSP slips in and out of BJ's guard with ease even though Penn has a legendary guard, even Rogan called that. Add in that BJ went up in weight for this fight and mix that with the endless amounts of energy he exerted trying to use his jiu-jitsu on a greased opponent and it is more than understandable why the doctor and his corner called the fight. I recommend all watch the "Grease Gate" video.

As for the fight the first round was excellent and keep in mind this is pre greasing and all, GSP tries the clinch game and tries with out luck to take BJ down. BJ lands some nice shots as does GSP but he really wants that take down which he does not get. The round ends very even as both go back to their corners this is were the first greasing begins; they even show a little on this DVD. Notice in GSP's corner he is getting the grease put in his face [perfectly legal] but then his corner man very sneaky like puts the grease all over his chest, shoulders, and back. All places in which he can slip out of BJ's submissions and guard. In the second round BJ lights GSP up with nice shots so George clinches and finally gets that take down. But it is here that you see BJ's legs just slid down GSP's back, even when BJ pulls rubber guard his legs are sliding all over the place. If you know this game especially when utilized early in a fight when there is not very much sweat you are holding that leg in place, there should be no movement because you take out that side of their body. Here even in rubber GSP is sliding all over the place, it is disgraceful on GSP's part. Between these rounds for a split second you see GSP's corner man hiding the grease and putting it into his pocket, cheating once again as the grease him again. The third round looks just like the second with that grease helping Pierre slip in and out all over Penn. Through out this fight you can see GSP's back shining and not from sweat, it's pathetic. In this round Pierre's cheating continues as eve after 4 warnings not to hit the back of the head which is also very illegal he still does it. It is no wonder that the doctors and BJ's corner stops this fight after this round.

I honestly have lost all respect for GSP because a guy that is as good as he is does not need to cheat. But I can see why he did because Penn is a master and when these guys first fought after the first round Pierre actually said he was scared of Penn. This fight also shows what is wrong with these so called fans who even after all this stuff was released to the public they say it was ok for GSP to cheat. They all have turned on Penn saying he is wrong to be mad about Pierre cheating, WHAT? These "UFC FANS" as I like to call them [not a knock on the UFC I just use that to describe these new age only like brawls fickle fans] are not true MMA fans. Any one who knows anything about this sport or Jiu-Jitsu knows how GSP cheating affected BJ's game. His cheating is absolutely pathetic and disgrace to Martial Arts he should have been stripped of his title or at the very least have had this fight thrown out as a no contest or BJ wins on DQ or something.

The UFC.com feature is really good on this disc especially for Penn and Pierre as it spends a lot of time on them.


1.MATT ARROYO VS DAN CRAMER-a great first round between these two as they play chess on the ground for most of the round. The second round was a little different as not to much was going on but good enough. The third round was a mix of the first two but Cramer takes the win.4/5

2.JAKE O' BRIEN VS CHRISTIAN WELLISCH-the first round is excellent as both of these guys swing for the fences and also take this to the ground. The second round was just as good as the first with some ground work, take downs, and some nice hands thrown. The third round is a little slower but still they go at it and O' Brien gets the decision victory.4.5/5

3.CHRIS WILLSON VS JOHN HOWARD-the first round is good with both guys doing their best to win this fight, some good slams and punches. The second round was good as well with a great leg kick and some good strikes. The third round showcases so excellent sweeps by both fighters but John Howard gets the judges nod.4.5/5

4.MANNY GAMBURYAN VS THIAGO TAVARES-we start out with a very good round with Thiago controlling the majority of the round but Manny tries so nice submissions, but only ends up slammed. Another good round with Manny finding himself on top this time for the majority of the round. The final round is a fun one as the both deliver some heavy blows, one of which rocks Manny. Thiago takes a unanimous decision victory in this one.4.5/5

5.JON FITCH VS AKIHIRO GONO-this is a good fight with a somewhat dominate round for Fitch by staying on Gono's back for a lot of the round. Fitch controls the second round as well from the top, on his back and even goes for an arm bar. The third round is another dominate one for Fitch as he takes the decision victory.4.5/5

This was actually a really good event but the main event tainted it with the so called champs cheating ways. I can't believe that the UFC just let GSP get away with this, illegal is illegal no matter who does it. I have seen people do much less in lesser fights and get kicked out of the UFC, GSP's actions are not only a disgrace to the UFC, and himself, but also to Martial arts as a whole.

The special features on this disc are the weigh-ins and a nice behind the scenes feature. Like I said nothing on Grease Gate or the Primetime special.



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January 17, 2011
a friend burned me a copy of this...I heard it was pretty underwhelming, looks like I heard correctly.
February 19, 2011
Check out that video at the end of the review, it is crazy how GSP cheated.
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Quick Tip by . January 17, 2011
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One of the most infamous nights in MMA history as GSP is caught cheating in-between rounds during his main event fight with BJ Penn [greatest fighter ever]. The event as a whole is excellent but the 2 Disc DVD release is a bit of a letdown.
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UFC 94: St-Pierre vs. Penn 2 was a mixed martial arts (MMA) pay-per-view event promoted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on January 31, 2009. The card featured five televised MMA bouts, as well as five un-aired preliminary bouts. It was the second UFC event of 2009 and took place on the weekend of Super Bowl XLIII.

The main event featured the UFC Welterweight Champion, Georges St-Pierre, successfully defending his title with a 4th round technical knockout (TKO) over UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn. This represented the first time two current titleholders competed against each other in the UFC. Penn also sought to become the first fighter in the UFC to concurrently hold two championships in two separate weight classes. The contest was heavily promoted, featuring a publicity tour to Canada and Hawaii, as well as the introduction of UFC Primetime, a preview show that cost $1.7 million to produce. The co-main event of the evening was a battle between two undefeated light heavyweights sporting 13–0 records in Lyoto Machida and Thiago Silva. Machida was victorious via 1st round knockout and became the next challenger for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

The contest between St-Pierre and Penn was a source of significant controversy. During the fight, members of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NSAC) noticed Phil Nurse, one of St-Pierre's cornermen, applying petroleum jelly (brand name Vaseline) to his fighter's back, which is illegal under NSAC ...

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