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LUNCHERS Who Make My Day (Part Two)

  • Jan 30, 2010
Sometime last year, I made a "Lunchers Who Made My Day" list that consisted of the people that I have chatted, read reviews (at least 25 from each member), and who I thought were the ones who make a community such as this succeed. Well, the site is growing, and I have to say that somewhere between that time when my first list was conceived, I've met several new folks in this wonderful site. I kind of like this "Part two" list a tad more mainly because the majority of the members (with the exception of 3 members) on this list are the ones I've met, chatted with and talked to in this exclusively in this site.
J.R. Johnson (jrjohnson)
This member is the man behind idea of "Lunch.com" Everyone knows J.R. It would be a travesty not to have him in a list like this. While He doesn't review that much and so busy running the show; he is the one responsible for having this site up and running. Stay tuned, there will be some more surprises according to him.
Samantha (djevoke)
She is fun, witty and great to talk to online. She hates Valentine's day (he-heh) and has a very balanced profile with reviews that consists of many topics and products. I heard she is a great dancer too. (maybe even a better dancer than Orlok?) LOL!
A friend of mine whom I met in amazon. Took me a year to get him to finally join. A master of anime, wrestling and horror movies. Opinionated, bold and honest.
A fellow fan of Asian cinema, he was nice enough to comment on one of my reviews. But Asian cinema isn't all this man is all about. He has currently stunned me with his reviews on several landmarks. Look at the cool photo...he is just cool!
Sharrie (Sharrie)
Her profile is so full of travel adventures and she is so fun to talk to online. She likes teasing and her funny remarks just put a smile on my face. The only Luncher who made me go "GGrrrrrr..." LOL!
James Beswick (jbeswick)
I learned a lot from James. Be it tech or movies, his write ups are real entertaining. It is also a pleasure chatting with him about movies. If you look at his reviews, this guy must have a great sense of humor!
Bethany (Bethany_K)
One of the most fun reviewers in the site from whom I've learned a lot about. Her write ups on sports, health, tech and other stuff are really informative and fun to read. She is a rare breed...she taught me a lot about new tech and even sports.
Julian Landau (Husher315)
Love his Blu-ray reviews and his movie reviews are exceptionally well written. We may have some/occasional different tastes in movies but I learned a lot from him.
Melissa Aquino (MelissaAq)
Anyone who taught me how to still indulge in sweets (chocolates) without the fear of diabetes is one awesome lady! She is also patient enough to help me with one of my projects. Melissa rules!
A fellow San Franciscan, Patty is showing the site the beauty of the city through her reviews of little known but awesome Bay area spots. I try to stay away sometimes because her profile just makes me hungry and the dangerous thing is, the restaurants are close to where I live! She is friendly, nice and fun to chat with!
Love her anime reviews! I met her since she was kind enough to comment on one of my reviews and I have since learned a lot from her. I look forward to getting to know her better!
Donna Linn (DonnaL1)
Last but not the least...Donna! She was kind enough to comment on one of my philosophical musings and while some of my bros said that I was getting 'sappy', she was supportive enough to send me messages to keep me going. I can tell that Donna is a kind, well-mannered person in the way she talks and she has her own internet radio show too!

What did you think of this list?

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August 12, 2010
Wow, I never made a list before! Thanks! :-D
February 23, 2010
There are so many MORE people here on this list.  This is some pretty cool stuff.  I just might do a list like this myself but I'd have to do something unusual with it.  We shall see in the future.
February 23, 2010
Yup. I managed to follow and chat with more people since the last time I made this list. It is just so fun to discover what other things interests people!
February 23, 2010
I WANA BE ON A LIST. Oh wo is me. lol
February 23, 2010
Just wait, Jonathan...I may just do a "Luncher Profile" on you LOL!
February 23, 2010
Haha, lol, I might make a list like this once I meet a few more lunchers. cheers.
February 08, 2010
Woo! I'm so flattered. Thank you so much for your kind words! I promise to keep the interesting reviews coming:) And thanks for all you contribute here at Lunch. You're one-of-a-kind!
February 10, 2010
You deserve it! I owe you for that "Boxee" write up and all the other stuff! You're a pretty rare breed yourself, Lady Bethany!
February 07, 2010
Awww...thanks Woo! I just love ya to bits!  I don' t HATE V Day...I just think it should be every day ;p You are the best...and I think somehow we should arrange a dance-off between me and Orlok- we could post the videos on here and have people rate them hee hee!
February 10, 2010
Hmm...I think I'll create a data point for you and Orlok dance showdown! LOL That is a great idea! I do agree with you on V-day, which is why we're staying home this year..
February 11, 2010
LOL..sounds good!
February 04, 2010
For real!?!?!?!?!?!?, it took me almost a year to get me in here.......Your right school work really got me twisted in order for me to be on this wonderful site ;-) Like the others had stated I will also like to thank you for the Shout out Woo-Woo. I'm so happy that I have met you cause I've learned a lot form you particularly from your Asian flix's. Your such a great guy. XOXOXOXOXO
February 04, 2010
I luv you too! where you been? I've dropped several reviews for movies I know you'll like...
February 04, 2010
Well I'm in a middle of a new semester right now so my hands is tied. But I'll try to squeeze in a review this week. I'll definitely check out your reviews too.
February 03, 2010
I love this idea! Thanks for the shoutout! :P
February 04, 2010
great way to promote members who contribute a lot!
February 02, 2010
Great idea for a list! I'd have to agree with you on all counts - - these are among our most fantastic members, for sure : ) Thx Woo!
February 02, 2010
Thanks, Melissa! I'm trying to go around and check up on more members but time is limited! I hope to include more members for List part three ;-P
January 31, 2010
GGrrrrrr... LOL... Zzzzzzz....LOL
January 31, 2010
see? you're making me do it again... ;-P
January 31, 2010
U're so cute, hahaha...
January 31, 2010
January 31, 2010
Nicely done. I was wondering why Deej wasn't on your first list. Glad to see you've included anyone who got left out last time around.
January 31, 2010
Yeh I wasn't really chatting with too many people last time, so I made it a point to sometimes go around to see what everyone is all about (while some of them also found me).
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