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reviewed Golden Boy (Anime OVA). September 23, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Golden Boy (Anime OVA)
I’ve watched so many depressing material the past few weeks that I thought it was time for me to have a change of pace. I wanted to have some stupid fun and some laughs; this is where director Hiroyuki …
reviewed Texhnolyze (Anime). September 12, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
There are anime features that are intended to be action entertainment, many are made for fun, while some that serve up fan service and then there are some that really try to push the boundaries of storytelling. …
reviewed From Up On Poppy Hill (anime film). September 05, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
From Up On Poppy Hill (anime film)
Just a few days ago, multi-award winner and Japanese anime maestro Hayao Miyazaki had announced his retirement (I know he was semi-retired as a director for some years now), and while most anime fans …
reviewed Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (.... August 18, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail (Season Three)
It has been well established that I believe that director Sunao Katabuchi’s “Black Lagoon” is one of the best action-oriented anime series that I have seen. Those who watched it will …
reviewed Black Lagoon - Season One. August 15, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Black Lagoon
                                When it comes to action-oriented …
reviewed Another - Complete Collection (Anime .... August 09, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Another- Complete Collection (Anime)
Horror Anime often have a sense of familiarity when it comes to character designs and story structure; nonetheless there has been a few that reached that level of suspense that somehow made such things …
reviewed Dusk Maiden of Amnesia- Complete Coll.... July 18, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (Anime Series)
Manga-anime series adaptations has been a common exercise in Japan. There are those that succeed, and those that don’t, because the manga series had not been concluded before the airing of the anime …
reviewed Fate Stay Night- Collection Two (Anim.... June 24, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Fate Stay Night- Collection Two
The Holy Grail Wars begin to reach its epic conclusion. After Saber’s defeat of Rider, Shirou (Noriaki Sugiyama) must know dig even deeper to the secrets behind his father’s death and admit …
reviewed Blade of the Immortal- Complete Colle.... May 26, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Blade of the Immortal- Compete Collection (Anime)
“Blade of the Immortal” was one of the more successful manga series that ever made it to U.S. production published by Dark Horse comics. It was a critically acclaimed series and of course, …
reviewed IRON MAN: Rise of Technovore (2013 An.... April 17, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
IRON MAN: Rise of Technovore (2013 Anime film)
Marvel Anime: Iron Man was based on Marvel Comics Characters and definitely took more inspiration from the highly popular live-action movies starring Robert Downey Jr. The series wasn’t terrific, …
reviewed Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. February 25, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
The Street Fighter video game franchise may be one of the most successful video game franchises in history. It had spawned numerous video game sequels, countless remixes, an anime series, an American …
reviewed Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime.... February 18, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime Film)
Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli are household names when it comes to Japanese anime and animated films in general. They have always managed to capture the essence of Japanese folklore-ish tales around …
reviewed Origin: Spirits of the Past. February 10, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Origin: Spirits of the Past
People who have been exposed to a good number of anime series or films would know to give the Japanese credit where credit is due. You would have to admit that the large number of Japanese anime have …
reviewed Blade of the Phantom Master (anime film). February 05, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Blade of the Phantom Master S.A.V.E.
Manga/Manhwa-to-anime film is almost a done deal when it comes to Japanese and Korean comic book series. Such as the case once again with “Blade of the Phantom Master” (Shin Angyo Onshi translated …
reviewed Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion. January 08, 2013
posted in ASIANatomy
Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion
Based on a series of novels written by Tow Ukubata which was later adapted into a manga series, “Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion” is the second part of an intended OVA trilogy directed …
reviewed Blade The Anime Series- The Complete .... December 13, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Marvel Anime: Blade- Season One
Marvel comics and Japanese anime have been two of my favorite entertainment mediums. So It was a good bet that I would be checking out any production that would combine the two. I enjoyed the anime series …
reviewed Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 5-8 Collection. December 02, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 5-8 Collection
True, when I reviewed the first 4 volumes of “Hellsing Ultimate” (click on link to see review) last week, I really wasn’t sure where and how it was going. There was a lot of foreshadowing …
reviewed Hellsing Ultimate: Vol. 1-4 Collection. November 26, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Hellsing Ultimate: Vol. 1-4 Collection
The manga by Kouta Hirano in the late 1990’s was so well-received that of course as with any other manga series that achieves success, it has been adapted into an anime series even when the manga …
reviewed Resident Evil: Damnation. September 27, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Resident Evil: Damnation
The Resident Evil video game franchise has somehow grown into something that can be called under ‘iconic status’ since the first game debuted in 1996. Capcom introduced and defined the survival-horror …
reviewed Starship Troopers: Invasion. August 30, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Staship Troopers: Invasion
Man had always been in a struggle against bugs. I mean, these days we’ve had to create bug sprays, insect repellents and even some ways to electrify some little flying critters. The book “Starship …
reviewed Trigun Badlands Rumble. August 03, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Trigun Badlands Rumble
I never really got into the anime series “Trigun”, not because I thought it was bad (I cannot make this call since I only saw a few episodes) but I just had other things on plate when the …
reviewed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. June 19, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Time travel movies can be a little challenging for filmmakers to execute. Most films usually spend a considerable amount of time trying to establish its groundwork, and by then, the whole time stream …
reviewed Marvel Anime: Iron Man - Complete Ser.... June 04, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Marvel Anime: Iron Man - Complete Series
Marvel Comics and Japanese anime. Two of the most awesome mediums of entertainment. When Marvel signed with Sony (Japan) and Madhouse studios to create several anime series, I had my hopes up for the …
reviewed Marvel Anime: X-Men - Complete Series.... May 28, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Marvel Anime: X-Men - Complete Series
Japanese Anime and Marvel Comics. Two of the most awesome things in entertainment. I have always been curious when “Marvel Manga” was published in the U.S. in the 2000’s to know just …
reviewed Mardock Scramble: The First Compressi.... March 14, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (Director's Cut) (2012)
Inspired by a series of novels by Tow Ubukata which was later on adapted into a series of manga, director Susumu Kudo is primed to jumpstart a new anime franchise with the first part of an OVA movie trilogy …
reviewed Broken Blade: Complete Collection. March 12, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
Broken Blade: Complete Collection
I love Japanese mecha anime. This was why I took a chance with director Tetsuro Animo’s “Broken Blade” aka. “Broken Blade: The Time of Awakening” - Gekijouban Bureiku bureido …
reviewed First Squad: The Moment of Truth (2009). March 05, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
First Squad: The Moment of Truth (2009)
I’ve often said that Japanese anime have always had the guts to do what other animated works are often reluctant to do. Yes, sometimes, anime may go over the top; but if you are a fan of the medium, …
reviewed Redline (2009). February 20, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw director Takeshi Koike’s “Redline”. I mean it is the type of anime that has a simple plot, outrageous characters, vehicles with bombastic …
reviewed High School of the Dead. February 12, 2012
posted in ASIANatomy
High School of the Dead
I wasn’t really expecting much when I saw the first season (12 episodes) of “High School of the Dead” and being based on the manga series by Daisuke Sato and Shoji Sato, I have to admit, …
reviewed TO (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo). October 16, 2011
posted in ASIANatomy
TO (Three-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Combo)
Being a small fan of “Vexille” and the recent CGI anime “Appleseed” film franchise, I immediately was drawn to purchase the TO film collection since it had been produced by the …
reviewed Supernatural: The Anime Series. October 07, 2011
posted in ASIANatomy
Supernatural: The Anime Series
I have always been a long-time fan of the TV series “Supernatural” and I was quite overjoyed when CW (without original series creator Eric Kripke) decided to go for another season this year. …
reviewed Summer Wars. June 10, 2011
posted in ASIANatomy
Summer Wars
My friend @Madpenguin highly recommended the anime series “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” to me some years ago and that anime proved to be something that defined the magic of Japanese animation; …
reviewed Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance. June 01, 2011
posted in ASIANatomy
Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance
To get some background on this new Quadrilogy called ‘The Rebuild of Evangelion” by HideakI Anno please read my review of Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone. To make things short this new …
reviewed X - The Movie. April 11, 2010
posted in ASIANatomy
X - The Movie
   The 1996 film “X” was based on the unfinished manga that later on inspired an animated series 5 years later. The film was written by “Clamp” and directed by Shigeyuki …
reviewed STORM RIDER: CLASH OF EVILS. March 28, 2010
posted in ASIANatomy
   You can consider this animated film as “Storm Riders 1.50” since it is a direct sequel to 1998’s “Storm Riders” and is a “fix” for fans before the …
reviewed Astro Boy (movie). March 21, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
   Those who are familiar with Japanese anime and manga would no doubt be familiar with ASTRO BOY (aka. Tetsuwan Atomu) since the character has been around since 1954. The character appeared …
reviewed Ghost in the Shell 2.0. January 28, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Ghost in the Shell 2.0
   Introduction: One of the best animated films I have ever seen is a Japanese anime called KOKAKU KIDOTAI, otherwise known as “GHOST IN THE SHELL” (1995). This is a review of the …
reviewed Mushi-Shi the Movie. December 11, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
Mushi-Shi the Movie
   Don’t let the American translation “Bug-master” of its title fool you, writer/director Katsuhiro Otomo’s (Akira) “Mushi-shi” has nothing to do with bugs. …
reviewed Evangelion:1.01 You Are (Not) Alone. November 21, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
Evangelion:1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
   Fans of the fantastic anime series NEON GENESIS EVANGELION will no doubt embrace “EVANGELION 1.0: You Are Not Alone”. The film is the first series of four films titled the “Rebuild …
reviewed APPLESEED EX MACHINA (aka. Ekusu Makina). September 24, 2009
posted in ASIANatomy
     Appleseed Ex Machina is a sequel to 2004’s Appleseed; produced by John Woo and directed by Shinji Aramaki, the duo comes with an entertaining futuristic thriller adapted from …
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