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Some of My PET PEEVES and Some Things I HATE!

  • Jan 3, 2010

Everyone has things that just irritates, annoy and hate them. I am very tolerant but there are things that just angers me and sometimes provoke a feeling of temporary rage.

fair weather friends
Friends who are only around when it comes to parties and good times. These people aren't the ones you can count on and may just gossip behind your back at the first opportunity. Be careful not to reveal any secrets to these people.
Talks that can damage another's character and the damage done can never be reversed. There is NO SUCH THING as good gossip and bad gossip. Everyone should respect everyone's privacy.
Pretending to be something one is not is one of society's biggest flaws. Politicians are a prime example since they got this concept down to an artform. However, everyone plays the hypocrite at times, to spare someone's feelings and to be polite.
A disease that comes from the over-indulgence of sweets. I have a sweet tooth, but I know I have to lay off sweets to keep from getting this disease; it keeps me from enjoying the good stuff.
Envy leads to many different bad things such as gossip, heartache and betrayal. One emotion man can do without. Don_B_Jealous is the name of the envious man. Although when channeled properly, it can drive people to work harder as to compete and finally to advance oneself.
This led to the collapse of the Global economy as well as many evil acts of violence. Why can't people be happy with what they have? However, greed can also be used to better oneself, as it may lead to one's success.
The Vamp
What in heaven's name were they thinking?! a dildo based on the Twilight movies?!
MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)
They ruined so many movies that they lost the purity of the art form. Who runs this organization?
I don't want anyone to decide who, what or when I want to watch, listen and read something. Of course I agree to regulations and parental controls but that's about as far as it should go.
Michael Bay
Liked his work with THE ROCK and THE ISLAND But After "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" he now made my list of pet peeves...
Paris Hilton
Who let this talentless woman have a reality show and some B-grade movies?!
Make-up Sets
Why do some women need to put on too much make up?! I don't mind lipstick and the occasional make up for a ball but not in a baseball game. I hate having to kiss someone and the make up gets on my lips...natural beauty rules!
The never-ending rise of cable prices is just so testing and annoying. They need a competition so us as consumers can have a choice and we have a right for a better price.
I know this isn't just a pet peeve but it is something I have to deal with most of my life whether directly or indirectly. Hey, even my own race sometimes discriminates against one another; just because someone has more money or a little different doesn't mean they have to be treated that way.
Causes heartache and pain. Why does this disease have to exist?!
Plastic Surgery
Hm. Ok, ladies, I still can't understand just what is all the obesession about cosmetic surgery?! I hate silicone breasts and nip tucks..

What did you think of this list?

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July 09, 2010
Another great list from you - # 1, 2, 3, 6, 11 and 14 are pet peeves of mine also. As far as the plastic surgery goes; yes there are many women who go entirely overboard with it, and it's ridiculous, but men need to remember that it is THEM who make some women feel they are not attractive unless they look perfect. Don't get me wrong: I have never had any surgery, and will not ever because I am happy the way I am and if my man doesn't like me the way I am, tough sh**, but I think it's GREAT you find the plastic surgery a pet peeve. If all the men in the world thought like you, there would be less insecurity in women. (Except for Paris Hilton who is useless in all ways) LOL
July 10, 2010
Hi, Brenda. I like women--all natural, no games, strong and confident that they want to be with me without needing to be with me. I know what you mean, it seems like a lot of folks have been brainwashed to think in a way that suits what they want. Paris Hilton is indeed useless LOL!
January 04, 2010
Haha what a good list. Seriously funny!

Also, you probably know this already, but you don't have to give up sweets if you're afraid of diabetes! Just make sure you avoid high fructose corn syrup. The cookies and candy made with cane sugar are just as delicious and not as deadly to your pancreas :)
January 04, 2010
really? Thank you so much for the tip! That is so great to know!
January 04, 2010
Yeah! Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joes if you have one...or just maniacally check ingredient labels like I do lol.
January 04, 2010
good idea. I do check ingredients for sodium nitrate which I want to avoid. So I get the hotdogs w/out this ingredient at Trader Joe's. Man, I need to ask you some serious stuff!
January 04, 2010
Yeah, that's definitely a weird one that sneaks its way in! My rule of thumb is to not eat anything that I couldn't explain (IE sodium nitrate. Whereas I could easily tell you what "flour" is :D ) OR to go with a product with a short ingredient list. Some products have a list that runs down the entire side of the box! After making these changes to my diet I've felt the best i've ever felt. So much more energy!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!!! I've eaten the entire gamut of foods and feel like I've learned a whole lot about nurtrition and health in the process...and I love sharing!! :)
January 04, 2010
will do. I hate ingredients that I really don't know what they are too. I also cut off fast food and I usually cook now and I've maintained my weight just by doing that. I will definitely message you if I have questions. I'm a bit older now so I need to watch what I eat. :-)
January 04, 2010
I'm annoyed by made up words like "frenemy" too...and with lazy dummy spellings like "grrlz" or however they do it. It takes just as many letters. It's sad people try to use words thry don't know how to spell like "walla" when they "voila"--forgive me not using the accent mark, I don't know how to do that.
January 04, 2010
Yeh. I know. I guess it works since there's already a data point.
January 04, 2010
Thought provoking indeed! Although most on the list don't bother me as much. I'll have to look deeper to see what truly bothers me. Hmm, may be a list in future :-)
January 04, 2010
we're waiting. But you are just so full of optimism to find a pet peeve.
January 04, 2010
Optimistic? Haha... wait till you see my list!
January 03, 2010
I dig a couple of things on this list >.>  Rest of it though, I wholeheartedly agree.  Now that I've seen your list of pet peeves, I'd love to see a list of stuff that you love! :D
January 03, 2010
Somehow I knew someone would ask me about that. :-) We'll see. Me and Trashie were messaging each other about personal experiences and I wound up in a pessimistic mood and I ended up making this list. Someone fixed some of the data points, (thank goodness) I was having a few glasses of wine when I made this list and I guess I was in a rant mode LOL!
January 04, 2010
Oooh, that'll do it :P And yup, I updated a few of these data points to the more commonly used names, or at least according to Wikipedia. It's easier to create a wiki that way, like frenemy is on there, for instance, but not fair weather friends, for some reason.
January 04, 2010
You are just so awesome!
January 04, 2010
alright, I promise to come out with my 'LOVE' list. LOL! Sharrie's been asking for a poem from me (oh no!)
January 03, 2010
Cool list. What have you got against the vamp? LMAO! Who invented that thing anyway?!
January 03, 2010
c'mon...a TWILIGHT dildo?! . That is disturbing....
January 03, 2010
don't forget to check out the comic book review I dropped.
January 04, 2010
But who makes these things, really? I've heard of weird fan memorabilia before, but sex toys inspired by a stupid teen novel is new. Not an improvement either.
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