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Yummy Ice Cream Or Just A Gross-Out?! You Decide....

  • Jan 19, 2011
Ice Cream....It is a known fact that I love ice cream. I always said that I would eat any ice cream as long as it is...ICE CREAM! It just has that creamy deliciousness that serves us comfort food, dessert, and a snack. I love ice cream, and I always will, but a month or two back, I had an encounter with some of the weirdest flavors I've ever seen in a Japanese restaurant...they came special ordered! I guess I am a bit bolder than Zimmerman...Please take note that I only managed a bite or two of each flavor. We only had a little fun, but # 12 got me! Visit your area's Japantown for a sample....

Octopus Ice Cream
I love octopus in my sushi but this had the oddest texture I've ever come across in ice cream. It smells like octopus and it has that an odd oiley interior that can be testing. It isn't bad, but nope, I don't think I can eat more than two teaspoon-ful.
Shrimp Ice Cream
I love sweet amebi and I have to say while this was another weird one, I like this one better than the octopus kind. This one wasn't good though and tastes kinda like shrimp chips. But again, this is not for everyone.
Beef Tongue Ice Cream
Now we are talking! I love grilled beef tongue and I like it in stews and burritos! In ice cream, I am not sure. It feels rather "Tongie" (if there is such a word) It isn't as weird as the octopus and I kept thinking of melted beef jerky when I had a taste. Nope...this wasn't a winner
Wasabi Ice cream
Spicy as hell. I could only have half a bite....
Ramen Ice Cream
Noodles are a main course in Japanese cuisine so it would be natural for it to evolve into dessert. I kinda liked this one, tastes like tofu.
Garlic ice cream
well, garlic! This wasn't so bad. It did smell quite a bit though. It was rightly named.
Bacon Infused Ice Cream
...some call it pork ice cream. I love Bacon and I love ice cream. The one I had was actually not bad. It does have a salty aftertaste but definitely one of the better tasting ones I've tried in the lot....
Horse Meat Ice Cream
This was one of those things that was sold out and so I couldn't try it. They told me that it was quite a popular flavor. Not because it was good but someone had told me that because it was like "viagra" ice cream to some... ??
Sashimi Ice Cream
This one gives you a choice; you can have either tuna or salmon. I picked salmon just because. It does taste like sashimi but for some reason it had a bit of a kick. I kinda liked it.
Sweet Potato ice cream
I was actually looking for the spinach, Unee and the seaweed ice cream flavors, but they were out. Once again I was told that those were very popular. Sweet potato ice cream was the last flavor I tried, it tastes a little like the pie version and so I thought it was quite good; I liked this one a lot! Sorry, I didn't have the guts to try the Mayo ice cream....it just looked too oily! :(

What did you think of this list?

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August 26, 2011
Call me American, but ,yuck! I have had garlic ice cream at The Stinking Rose in San Francisco and that was okay, but most of the rest sound atrocious! And I could never eat horse period!!!
August 29, 2011
Karen, I am with you....I wanted to try almost anything at least once....
August 31, 2011
Not horse though, never horse!
May 18, 2011
Oh hell what makes people wanna make ice cream in these flavors?!?!? I would try them, just for the fun of it, but would probably need a bag next to me LOL Great list Woo!
May 18, 2011
you know woopaks never back down from anything LOL!
May 18, 2011
LMAO you are inspiring!!
January 29, 2011
I've had garlic ice cream!! It was at the Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills on my 21st birthday! It was definitely ice cream, but the flavor itself was just a bit off. It wasn't terrible, but it definitely made me ponder whether or not I should enjoy it, sort of like when you smell something good, but everyone else around you clearly finds it repulsive, hah. Thanks for the list! ^_^
January 29, 2011
you are welcome.
January 27, 2011
I love food and love ice cream, but some of these flavors make me a bit queasy :P Not a huge fan of the idea of fish or meat mixed in with ice cream, though the wasabi would be one I would try. Cool list idea!
January 28, 2011
Thanks, Bethany. The wasabi wasn't bad(but it was spicy) and I think the ramen one tastes a lot like tofu ice cream, so those are pretty edible :) I really did like # 12 though.
January 26, 2011
I would top the bacon ice cream with a dollop of the garlic! :D
January 28, 2011
garlic ice cream is actually not bad LOL!
January 20, 2011
Ahem... you've quite an exotic taste bud, LOL... I'm just curious under what kind of circumstances you were eating all these! ;-) I was thinking... may be you can move it to the Love Bites community later?
January 20, 2011
I was hanging out with a beautiful adventurous woman =P LOL! Oh, I have another one coming for your Love Bites COL.....and even "Inspirations" ;-)
January 21, 2011
January 19, 2011
Fun ice cream list. I LOVE garlic ice cream, lol! :)
January 20, 2011
really? no kidding. I guess it wasn't so bad.
January 20, 2011
LOL! Yup! So yummy...but then again...I love garlic. :D
January 19, 2011
Whoa! Ever hear of cheese ice cream? Made by magnolia! I'm about to write a review on an ice cream gross out, so watch out.... :P
January 20, 2011
Yes, I have and I've had a cheese ice cream sundae back when I was a kid. I am standing by for that review, milady D! Now I won't be able to sleep, give me a holler when you post it =)
January 29, 2011
I haven't slept since your comment....where that review at ? LOL!
January 31, 2011
lol, it's coming up! ;)
May 18, 2011
I am still wide awake and not sleeping.... O_O
January 19, 2011
LOL! And here I am just having become officially a vegan. No octopus dairy slop for me. =)
January 19, 2011
look at # 6 "Dracula Brand" LOL!
January 19, 2011
Dracula never sucked the blood out of an eggplant before.
January 21, 2011
Bunnicula probably did!
January 21, 2011
True. He ravaged the cabbages too.
January 19, 2011
Man I am not sure how many I would try, but to be honest if I were on the spot I could see myself at least taking a bite of each, maybe. Great list WP, one of the most interesting yet.
January 20, 2011
# 12 is actually good and # 7 wasn't so bad. Thanks, man.
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