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  • May 3, 2011


Syria & Israel: A Necessary Peace

Radiation Exposure Protection

Nuclear Power Plant Contingency Plan

Decommissioning Of Nuclear Power Plants

Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant- An Evolving Story

In Honor Of Saint Patrick

8.9 Earthquake Threatens Nuclear Reactor

Natural Gas Vehicles Costs

Grow Your Own: Modern Victory Gardens

Egypt In Transition

The "Artificial Sun," Fusion and Cold Fusion Power

The Supercentarians

Medical Concierge- Not For Everyone But In Demand

China & USA Relations--Crossroads

Blizzard Planning For U.S. Cities

Greenhouse Gas to Fuel in the Not Too Distant Future

Are There Naturally Based Modalities to Kill Cancer?

The Continent of Plastics

A First Encounter with College

The Benefits of Bartering for the Everyday Person


Afghanistan: Why The War's Not Working

Nobel 2010: A Look Back Into History's Favorites

Middle East 2010: Tangible Peace Through Technology Implementation

United States Federal Debt Compared To Other Nations

High Sugar Intake A Health Risk Factor

College Shock 2010

Future Requirements for College and the Trades

Patents: Get The Idea On Paper

Investigation Of Natural Resources From Gulf Oil Spill

Nuclear, Solar, Fusion Desalination Possibilities

Offshore Drilling, Disaster Planning Response

Accessing Free Health Care Now

Superlearning: Speaking To The Unconscious

After The Cleanup: Future Clean Energy Sources

2011 And Beyond: Contingency Oil Rig Disaster Operations

Oil Spill 2010: Disaster Recovery Plan Needed

Oil Spill 2010: Planning For Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Cleanup

NOAA, BP Work To Contain Oil Spill

Oil Spill 2010: Clean Up And Recovery Patented Ideas

Haitian Earthquake 2010: Scientists Theorize Likelihood Of Atlantic Tsunami

The Icelandic Volcano 2010: Hot Spot Under The Island

Obamacare: What It Means (3/2010)

Mars May Yet Hold Promise (4/2010)

Earthquakes Continue To Shake China Today

Earthquakes Today Rattle Baja, CA (4/2010)

Shallow-Focus Quake Forces Hawaii Tsunami Warning (2/27/2010)




Book Review: Transforming Human Awareness

Book Review: Tasting The Universe By Maureen Seaberg

Book Review: Super Body Super Brain

Book Review: The Next Great Awakening

Book Review: Wave Theory For Alternative Investments

Book Review: Joining A Community Of Readers

Book Review: Good Returns

Book Review: The Poltergeist Phenomenon

Book Review: The Problem With Money

Book Review: The Trinity

Book Review: What Investors Really Want By Meir Statman

Book Review: Planetary Transformation By Imre Vallyon

Book Review: The Immortality Edge

Book Review: Muscle Explosion By Nick Nilsson

Book Review: The Natural Wedding

Book Review: All The Laws But One By Chief Justice William Rehnquist

Book Review: The Chemistry Of Calm By Henry Emmons, MD

Book Review: Sanctuaried By Roger E. Hawkins

EMR: Leakage Of The Blood-Brain Barrier

Book Review: Healing Self, Healing Earth By Roy Holman

FirstLook: Your Best Body Now By Tosca Reno

Book Review: Building Social Business By Muhammad Yunus

Book Review: Too Big To Fail By Andrew Ross Sorkin

Book Review: Manual For Living: Reality

Boomergeddon: 20% Of The Population In 2050

Modern Connectivity: Human Development In A Digital Age

Book Review: Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Book Review: Cooking For Isaiah: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

FirstLook: Turbulent Times Leadership By Tom Connellan

Book Review: Technical Writing For Teams

Book Review: Mannie's Diet And Enzyme Formula

FirstLook: Running Out Of Water: The Looming Crisis

FirstLook Review: The Secret Language Of Your Body

Book Review: Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

Complementary Diabetic Treatments, Include Vegan Diet

Book Review: Business Intelligence Success Factors

Classic Review: The Wealth Of Nations By Adam Smith

Book Review: The Plundered Planet By Paul Collier

Book Review: The 30 Minute Vegan's Taste Of The East

Book Review: Sikander By M. Salahuddin Khan

Book Review: Healing Heart To Soul By Dr. Peter J. Rappa MD

Book Review: The Smart Woman's Guide To Heart Health

Book Review: Be Bodacious By Steven D. Wood

Book Review: The Whole-Food Guide To Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Book Review: Stone Soup By Bill Liao

Book Review: USMLE, Step 1, 2nd Edition

Only 11% Of Water On Continents Usable

Biofuels, Artificial Sun Will Be Game Changers

Cloud Computing Management: AMAZON

Parallax Does Propeller 

Marketing 2010: Rick Mathieson-It's Digital On-Demand

Review: Facility Piping Systems Handbook (McGraw Hill Pub)

Book Review: Hardcore Circuit Training For Men

6 Lessons For Weight Training From Michael Lipowski

FirstLook: The Language Of Emotions

FirstLook: Solar Power For Your Home

Eat Clean & Drop Weight

Gold Egg Investing 2010

Kinder Morgan (KMP) Transports 90 Million Tons Yearly

Celebrity Body On A Budget By Cornel Chin (4/2010)

Book Review: Thrive Fitness By Brendan Brazier (DaCapo/ 2009)

Book Review: True Compass: A Memoir By Edward M. Kennedy

Book Review: The Sweet Smell of Success By James Geiger, M.D.

Book Review: Living Well Emotionally by Montel Williams

FirstLook: The Undervalued Self By Dr. Elaine N. Aron (Mar 2010)

Firstlook: September University By Charles B. Hayes (2010)

Book Review: Comfort Living By Christine Eisner

FirstLook: Genius On The Edge By Gerald Imber, MD (Kaplan/2010)

5% Of Doctors Are Responsible For 50% Of Malpractice Claims (2010)

Book Review: Green Architecture By Osman Attmann

Book Review: The Little Green Book of Nutrition By Diane Mills

Book Review: Vegan Lunch Box Around the World by Jennifer McCann

Cancer Fighters, 98% Maitake Mushrooms Found Around Oaks

Book Review: Macrobiotics For Life By Simon Brown

Book Review: The Program: The Life-Changing 12-Week Method

Chinese Acupuncture: A 5,000 Year Old History

Book Review: Your Body: The Missing Manual By Matthew MacDonald




5* Product Review: Gaiam ALL-Grip Yoga Brick (Feb 2010)

Review: Homedics Shiatsu Massager

Restaurant Review: Bonefish Grill

Review: Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 5000

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