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Healing Yoga: Aches & Pains Element: Yoga for Beginners The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Get Your Life Back, From M.E, CFS, Fybromyalgia, Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You
Be the Change: How Meditation Can Transform You
Be the Change explores a wide range of topics concerning meditation from why one should meditate through what science says about the subject to the type of meditation that might be right for you. The book is written as a narrative from the authors. Then, as the topics are discussed, a variety of stories, examples, and opinions break up these bits of texts. These excerpts are by a wide variety of individuals …
reviewed Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eatin.... September 11, 2009
Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to
Clean Food: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source with More than 200 Recipes for a Healthy and Sustainable You is a winner!    I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but I eat only whole foods and little meat (and only from animals that have been allowed to freely roam.)However, I am always searching for flavorful meat-free dishes--and this book is loaded with them!    There …
reviewed Element: Yoga for Beginners. April 28, 2008
Element: Yoga for Beginners
What matters about a yoga tape or CD is whether it makes you want to  get out the mat, kick off your shoes and do a bit of the practice. A   good electronic yoga teacher has the combination of clarity and enthus-  iasm that gets you on the mat.   Elena Brower is a yoga teacher in New York and she may have a   certain celebrity because of it. However, …
reviewed Element: Yoga for Beginners. April 11, 2008
Element: Yoga for Beginners
3.5 Stars.      There are elements of this yoga video that I absolutely love; there are also elements that I do not like at all.      The Highs:   The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and the music is perfect for both the activity and the setting.   The beginning of the DVD is relaxing; with the breathing and the stretching it does wonders …
reviewed Element: Yoga for Beginners. February 12, 2008
Element: Yoga for Beginners
Many reviewers have said this DVD is too advanced for beginners.    While I can see why they might think that, I have to disagree. As Elena Brower states in the beginning, viewers need to take things at their own pace and only do the movements to where they are comfortable. That said, I found it to be a great starter DVD, yet intense enough that even as one progresses, the yoga …
reviewed Element: Yoga for Beginners. February 03, 2008
Element: Yoga for Beginners
This yoga video presents a nicely paced beginner yoga class. The instructor speaks clearly and explains how the yoga practice can help your body and help balance your energies. The importance of breath is emphasized and the video is filmed in a nice setting near a beach. The camera angles do a good job of ensuring you can clearly see what Elena does with her movements and poses. I like the background …
The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts
The author provides a health profile which includes approximately  80% nutrition, 10% training and 10% genetic predisposition. The  strategy over time is to build lean muscle to increase the metabolic  rate. Light weight training can aid in this process. A pound of  muscle mass burns 25 times the calories as a pound of fat, according  to the author. …
reviewed Healing Yoga: Aches & Pains. February 04, 2005
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Healing Yoga: Aches & Pains
Pros: Relaxing, very simple postures for people of all levels of fitness     Cons: May be too simplistic for people familiar with yoga postures     The Bottom Line: If you want to relax and soothe minor aches & pains, this DVD can help. It isn't a cureall but can help to stretch and release tension from achey muscles.     I have begun working …
Create Your Own Sand Mandala: For Meditation,
"God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere." --Timaeus of Locris    Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle and is a sacred, symbolic diagram used for contemplation. In Buddhism and Hinduism, mandalas usually include images of Buddhas or deities. Yantra is a Sanksrit word for "instrument", and is meant to inspire inner visualizations, meditations, …
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